The Ancestor Of The Villain Who Seizes The Body Will Have Many Children And Good Fortune At The Beginning

The Ancestor Of The Villain Who Seizes The Body Will Have Many Children And Good Fortune At The Beginning


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Transmigrated Protagonist
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When he woke up, Ling Tian found himself transmigrated into the world of the novel,

Seized the body of the Sacred Land villain ancestor,

Disdainful of the offspring offending the destined protagonist for the sake of beauty,

In a few years, the other party will attack the sect?

The next second, the "Many Children and Many Blessings System" was successfully bound.

Take a concubine and give birth to a new heir, and you can get high rewards!

This system is so cool, Ling Tian immediately put it into practice!

"Congratulations to the host for taking a concubine and the destiny protagonist Qingmei. Reward: ten times the speed of cultivation!"

"Congratulations to the host, the empress of the concubine dynasty, the reward: the Ancient Sacred Body!"

"Congratulations to the host of the Concubine Demon Sect Saintess, the reward: the Supreme Double Cultivation Method!"

"Congratulations to the host for taking a concubine..."

A few years later, I saw that all the beauties I liked had transformed into the shape of my ancestor.

The protagonist of Destiny has a mental breakdown!

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