The Beast Master At The Beginning, The School Beauty Took My Bait

The Beast Master At The Beginning, The School Beauty Took My Bait


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In the world of high martial arts, ferocious beasts are everywhere, but humans also have the opportunity to awaken their talents.

Some people awakened S-level flame talent and swept through thousands of armies, while others awakened F-level power enhancement and remained unknown.

However, Fang Yuan has awakened the "God-level Beast Control System", which allows him to obtain pets' talents and upgrade them.

He also obtained a god-level bait that can sign a contract with any powerful creature.

Who would have thought that with just a turn of the head, the school belle would mistakenly eat the god-level bait.

"Yao Shou, spit it out!!"

"I really just want to control the beast!"

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1 God-Level Beast Control System6 months ago2 Yu Muqing’S Visit6 months ago3 Spit It Out! !6 months ago4 The Collapsed Yu Muqing6 months ago5 Sss-Level Talent: Kingdom Of Ice!6 months ago6 The Principal Was Shocked! Who Awakened His Talent In Advance! ?6 months ago7 Second Pet Quota6 months ago8 Teacher, Have You Ever Heard Of A Talent For Controlling Beasts?6 months ago9 The Collapsed Yu Muqing! King Level Potential!6 months ago10 The Awakening Ceremony Begins! All Eyes Are On You!6 months ago11 Talent Awakens! Strength Surges!6 months ago12 Second Pet!6 months ago13 Encounter With The Demon Slayer! The Second Talent!6 months ago14 The Nine-Tailed Fox Will Never Give In! Unless……6 months ago15 I’M Not A Waste Who Only Knows How To Bleat.6 months ago16 Flaming Red Lips!6 months ago17 What Is Your Relationship With Yu Muqing?6 months ago18 Lao Zhang Was Shocked! Is The Beast Control Characteristic Activated?6 months ago19 Gate Of Void!6 months ago20 He Will Choose The Flaming Hell! ?6 months ago21 I Don’T Want To Be Your Pet!6 months ago22 Yu Muqing’S Choice! The Whole Audience Was Shocked!6 months ago23 Kill The Flame Snake In Seconds! The Unexpected Discovery Of The Little White Fox!6 months ago24 Attack Of Yu Muqing!6 months ago25 Invitation From Kyoto Martial Arts University!6 months ago26 The Joint Entrance Exam For Top Martial Arts Universities! ?6 months ago27 Crazy Harvest!6 months ago28 A-Level Talents! Flame Armor!6 months ago29 Frozen Flame! Everyone Was Shocked!6 months ago30 I Only Used Half My Strength!6 months ago31 If He Continues Shopping, He Will Eliminate Everyone! !6 months ago32 It’S So Scary, I’M A Waste!6 months ago33 First Level Warrior? Who Is The Real Genius! !6 months ago34 Nine-Tailed Fox Evolves!6 months ago35 Reunion! Yu Muqing’S Grievance!6 months ago36 Yu Muqing: I Will Never Take Pet Healing Medicine!6 months ago37 It Smells So Good! The Moment Of Social Death!6 months ago38 The Beast Tide Appears! The Nine-Tailed Fox Looks Like A Demon King!6 months ago39 Flame Tiger! King Level Potential!6 months ago40 I Will Only Demonstrate Once!6 months ago41 The Third Talent!6 months ago42 Yu Muqing: Oops! I Became A Maid!6 months ago43 Is Back! The Principal Was Shocked!6 months ago44 This Is The Monster You Conquered! ?6 months ago45 The Principal’S Gift6 months ago46 The Teacher Flew Out Of The Window! ?6 months ago47 Magic Weapon! Time Ring!6 months ago48 What! ? Five Thousand Points! ?6 months ago49 She Is Already A Semi-Mature Pet6 months ago50 The Doubts Of The Six Giants Of The Demon Slayer Division!6 months ago51 Being Powerful Means You Can Do Whatever You Want!6 months ago52 Warrior Center6 months ago53 Easy To Handle!6 months ago54 You Want To Be Certified As A Second-Level Warrior! ?6 months ago55 Lao Zhang, Your Student Is Popular!6 months ago56 Ss-Level Talents! Eternal Black Flame!6 months ago57 You Don’T Want To Be Carried All The Way Back By Me, Do You?6 months ago58 The President Of Martial Arts University Arrives In Person! ?6 months ago59 Use The Ares Mecha As An Admissions Ambassador! ?6 months ago60 This Is How Sword Flying Is Used! ?6 months ago61 He Hung My Student Up And Beat Him!6 months ago62 He Is A Dual Talent Awakener! ?6 months ago63 Second Level Warrior! ? People Are Numb!6 months ago64 The Second Portion Of God-Level Bait!6 months ago65 Reproduce Ss-Level Talent!6 months ago66 Damn It, Spit It Out!6 months ago67 Rare Creatures! Conquer The Little Tree People!6 months ago68 Gravity Reset! Swallow Evolution! !6 months ago69 The Guards Were Shocked! It's Mr. Fang Yuan! !6 months ago70 These Monsters Were All Killed By Fang Yuan! ?6 months ago71 Go To The Demon Slayer Division Headquarters!6 months ago72 Inside Information? Eat Melon And Eat It On Your Own Head!6 months ago73 Discovered! The Gazes Of The Five Regional Leaders!6 months ago74 The Five Leaders Were Shocked! How Did He Do That!6 months ago75 I Won’T Really Become This Little Bastard’S Pet, Right?6 months ago76 Choose A Weapon! How Come He Is So Rich! ?6 months ago77 Are You Crazy? Dare To Force Your Way Into Sikong Liuying’S Office! ?6 months ago78 Woman, You Are Playing With Fire!6 months ago79 Enter The Blood Pool! Strength Surges!6 months ago80 Taboo: Peking Opera Facial Makeup!6 months ago81 Hong Tao’S Shock! He Became Stronger Again!6 months ago82 Aim In The Air! ? This Is A Big Sniper In The Starry Sky!6 months ago83 The Mysterious Death Of A Warrior!6 months ago84 But I Haven’T Warmed Up Yet!6 months ago85 The Blood Mosquito Queen Is At The Mercy Of Others6 months ago86 Entering The Gate Of The Void! Invalid Silence!6 months ago87 War Starts! Fang Yuan's Explosive Appearance!6 months ago88 Go Deep Alone! Ling Zhan Was Shocked!6 months ago89 Sikong Liuying: My Blood Pressure Is Full!6 months ago90 Ice Susanoo! The Whole Place Was Silent!6 months ago91 Just The Master’S Order6 months ago92 The Man Who Came From The Light6 months ago93 Demon Slayer’S Collapse, Is He Crazy? ?6 months ago94 Beat Three Levels In A Row! The Demons Were Shocked!6 months ago95 Trouble In Heaven! The Abnormal Movement Of Forbidden Objects!6 months ago96 Belief Creates God! Monster, Take My Stick!6 months ago97 Have Taboo Items Become Licking Dogs? Sikong Liuying Was Shocked!6 months ago98 High-Level Meeting! Super Level Demon Slayer!6 months ago99 The Missing Extraordinary Monster! Cage Space!6 months ago100 The Fear Of The Ape King! You Are The Devil!6 months ago