The Beginning Is Broken And The End Is Complete, And I Am One With Kiana

The Beginning Is Broken And The End Is Complete, And I Am One With Kiana


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Lin Yuan traveled to the world of collapse and became the Herrscher of the End, and was one with the *shoe bug Kiana.

As a result, he was forced to start a shameless cohabitation life with beautiful girls Mei, Jizi, Banya, etc., and save the world by the way.

Kiana: Please, another me! This is my lifelong request!

Lin Yuan: The lifelong request is for me to help you take the exam? No! (Looking at the blank test paper in front of him with disgust)

Kiana: Please, please.

Mei: Kiana, what's wrong with you, ah, don't, don't touch there!

Jizi: This result... Is she really still Kiana?

Xilin: Damn it! How can I snatch the control of Kiana's body when Lin Yuan is there?

Destiny, the world snake: I am afraid that only Kiana is the last hope for us humans to fight against collapse.

While the whole world is shocked by her own strength, only Kiana knows that all this is because of the man in her body.

Lin Yuan, we will be together forever, right?

(Daily text, lots of sweetness and a little bit of knife.)

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Chapter 1 Kiana And I Are Of One Mind!16 days agoChapter 2 Kiana-Chan, I Am Your Lu Mingze!16 days agoChapter 3 Um, Can You Help Me With My Homework?16 days agoChapter 4 It Would Be Great If Anti-Entropy Could Come To Your House And Cause Trouble16 days agoChapter 5 How Can I Put It, This Figure... Is Really... Amazing!16 days agoChapter 6 Stupid Kiana Will Be One Hour Late16 days agoChapter 7: My God, All My Homework Was Done In Vain, Right?16 days agoChapter 8 When Guests Arrive, The Host Should Show Perfect Gestures16 days agoChapter 9 Reloading The Bunny, Fire16 days agoChapter 10 The Person I Miss Finally Comes16 days agoChapter 11: Kiana, Give Me Control Of Your Body16 days agoChapter 12 Theresa, Cocolia: You Bastard, You Are Bullying Me Too Much!16 days agoChapter 13 This Is The Power Of The End!16 days agoChapter 14 Walter: This White-Haired Guy Is Trying To Create A Contrast With Me, Right?16 days agoChapter 15 Another Me, You Won’T Die, Will You?16 days agoChapter 16: Kiana: Class Leader, I Will Take Revenge, Ah No, Repay You16 days agoChapter 17: So I Will Be Sleeping In The Same Bed With Mei In The Future?16 days agoChapter 18: Shopping War! Lady Theresa Pays For All The Purchases!16 days agoChapter 19: Practice Makes Perfect, Kiana! You Are Noble, You Are Amazing16 days agoChapter 20: Let You Choose Couple Underwear, Not Sexy Underwear16 days agoChapter 21: Valkyrie Dress Up Operation! Begin!16 days agoChapter 22 Damn! Even If It's Your Boyfriend, You Wouldn't Use It Like This.16 days agoChapter 23 Kiana Is Not Stupid!16 days agoChapter 24: Kiana: They All Say I'm Stupid, But I'm Actually Quite Smart16 days agoChapter 25 Waiter: Are You Here To Cause Trouble? My Other Self, I Love You So Much!16 days agoChapter 26 Qi Meina: I Want To Take A Bath With Mei!16 days agoChapter 27: Wuliangta Jizi! The Ordinary Life That Should Have Belonged To Jizi (Part 1)16 days agoChapter 28: Wuliangta Jizi! The Ordinary Life That Should Have Belonged To Jizi (Part 2)16 days agoChapter 29 Sleeping? How Can You Sleep At Your Age?16 days agoChapter 30: Canghai City In Crisis! Team Five, Action!16 days agoChapter 31 Five Hundred Years Later, Archaeological Experts Excavated Kiana’S Mouth, And It Was Still Hard!16 days agoChapter 32 Lin Yuan, This Prosperous Age Is What You Wish For!16 days agoChapter 33 Ich Liebe Dich, Lucky Magic Code!16 days agoChapter 34 A Real Man Never Looks Back At The Explosion! Kiana: Me Too!16 days agoChapter 35 Bronya, Do You Want To Duel With Me? !16 days agoChapter 36: With Mei Here, She Has The Power Of A Hundred People!16 days agoChapter 37: Attack The Moonlight Throne! Fight! Valkyrie!16 days agoChapter 38: Raiden Mei, Tyrannical! Go To Hell, Bastards!16 days agoChapter 39 Silence Is Cambridge Tonight! I Am So Brave!16 days agoChapter 40 Requesting Support From The Development Road! Save Me! Save Me16 days agoChapter 41: Driving Without Proper Regulations Brings Tears To Loved Ones16 days agoChapter 42: Moonlight Throne! Palm Technique Descending From The Sky!16 days agoChapter 43: Bronya's Chip Is Rebuilt! She Will Be A Smiling Loli From Now On16 days agoChapter 44: Kiana's Frustration! Babylon's Dream!16 days agoChapter 45: A Suffocating Dream! Xilin's Same Despair16 days agoChapter 46: Where Did This Wild Kid Come From? Why Is He Stealing Other People’S Bodies?16 days agoChapter 47: The End Vs. The Ruler Of The Void! The Collapse Of Heaven And Earth (Part 1)16 days agoChapter 48: The End Vs. The Ruler Of The Void, The Collapse Of Heaven And Earth (Part 2)16 days agoChapter 49: The Frightened Kiana Wakes Up From Her Dream!16 days agoChapter 50: Hacking Into The Destiny Database! Training Begins!16 days agoChapter 51: The Arena! Distinguished Guests! Heroes From Past And Present16 days agoChapter 52 Cecilia, This May Be The Only Chance In This Life16 days agoChapter 53: The Snake Comes From The Shadows! Cecilia And Kiana's Duel!16 days agoChapter 54 Lord Kevin! A Gift From The World Serpent!16 days agoChapter 55: Kiana, It’S Time To Go Home...16 days agoChapter 56 Goodbye, Cecilia!16 days agoChapter 57 Otto? Let The Bullets Fly For A While!16 days agoChapter 58 The Valkyrie’S Table!16 days agoChapter 59 Another Me, Today, I Will Cook A Meal For You Myself!16 days agoChapter 60 What Kind Of Fish Is This? I Don’T Think It’S The Fish’S Fault16 days agoChapter 61 Bronya Is Also A Loli Who Can Laugh!16 days agoChapter 62 At This Moment, The Storm Is Coming!16 days agoChapter 63: King Of Hell: Something Is Flashing Outside The Door (Please Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe To All!)16 days agoChapter 64: Angry Xilin! Duel With Rita!16 days agoChapter 65: Rita, After Having Fun For So Long, It’S Time For You To Let Me Have Some Fun!16 days agoChapter 66: The Fourth Herrscher Becomes A Pufferfish! Storm! Global Storm!16 days agoChapter 67: Honkai Fission Bomb! The Battle Between World Snake And Otto!16 days agoChapter 68: Mei, It’S Okay, I Will Protect You!16 days agoChapter 69 Lin Yuan: So, Are You A Dm? (Please Subscribe! Subscribe To My Account! Subscribe To All Accounts!))16 days agoChapter 70: Kiana’S Waist... Is Really Amazing!16 days agoChapter 71: Yulan Dell! Kiana! Two Sisters Coming Together?16 days agoChapter 72: Will The Maid Rita Also Live In The Same Room With Me?16 days agoChapter 73 Reward! Sense Of Community! Let The Maid Rita Bathe Me!16 days agoChapter 74 Xilin: Hahahaha…The Queen Is Back! Ants, Be…Bang!16 days agoChapter 75: Xilin's Training Plan! But It Was Kiana Who Got Hurt, Wuwuwu...16 days agoChapter 76: Kiana: Hmm? Why Is There A Leak?! The Happy Life Of Little Angel Xilin16 days agoChapter 77: Underwear Party? Beach Vacation!16 days agoChapter 78: Crazy! Bikini Valkyrie Mei, Orchiddale, Theresa, Here We Come!16 days agoChapter 79: Mei’S Touch Is So Good!16 days agoChapter 80: The Valkyrie Exam. If I Don’T Do This, I Feel Like Ants Are Crawling All Over My Body.16 days agoChapter 81 Goodbye Cecilia! Kevin Kaslana Is Here!16 days agoChapter 82: Heaven Is Furious, The Gods Are In Twilight, Thousands Of Stars Are Burned, And All Things In The Universe Are Extinguished.16 days agoChapter 83 Your Name... Kiana... Lin Yuan (This Is A Very Important Chapter, Please Subscribe!)16 days agoChapter 84 Let's Kiss! When Quarreling Can't Solve The Problem (Please Subscribe To The Full Version!)16 days agoChapter 85 Ich Liebe Dich, I Love You, You Are The Fool! (Please Customize16 days agoChapter 86 So...Are We Going To Take A Bath Together? (Please Order The Whole Thing...)16 days agoChapter 87: Lu Zhiqi Is Here! Are You Here To Make Trouble? (Please Subscribe To The Full Version)16 days agoChapter 88 Kiana: I’Ve Never Fought Such A Rich Battle!16 days agoChapter 89: Respect The Teacher And Respect The Tao. Kiana, Shoot A Few Shots At Ji Zi First!16 days agoChapter 90 A-Level Valkyrie! Semester Graduation Trip! I Am Your Father?16 days agoChapter 91: Kiana's Diary! One Person's Confession! World Snake Invasion!16 days agoChapter 92: Oran Dell Appears! Snakes Emerge From The Shadows! Humans Destroyed!16 days agoChapter 93 Lin Yuan! Are You The Sixth Brother? Kiana's Hilarious Journey! What Else Do You Want?16 days agoChapter 94: The Fall Of The Immortal Blade! The Most Magnificent Battle! (Be Sure To Subscribe, Dears, Begging You To Subscribe!)16 days agoChapter 95: Lip-Service Friendship With Kiana! (Please Don't Skip This Chapter, Please!)16 days agoChapter 96: A Date Between Two People In Changkong City, The Quantum Sea Opens Again!16 days agoChapter 97: Kiana's First Time! The Lord Of The World Serpent Returns! (Please Subscribe, Subscribe In Full!)16 days agoChapter 98 A Crazy Night With Kiana! Siegfried Shows Up!16 days agoChapter 99: Any Time, Any Place, Super Aili, Committing Crimes Against The Wind! (Please Note The Top Comment Area)16 days agoChapter 100 Hey! Ellie! Let's Go Together! (Please Subscribe, Subscribe In Full!)16 days ago