The Blind Date Started With Ye Wenjie, I Felt Numb When I Was In The Three Body

The Blind Date Started With Ye Wenjie, I Felt Numb When I Was In The Three Body


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Traveling through the Trisolaris world in 1965, Ye Wenjie and Lin Feng were on a blind date at the beginning. Fortunately, Lin Feng awakened the civilization searcher, which can search for various science fiction civilizations in human fantasy in previous lives, including Inception, Ace Agent, Never Ending, Black Hole Frequency, Ready Player One, The Wandering Earth and other civilizations, allowing Lin Feng to obtain Unimaginable power of technology.

Using the dream stealing device, Lin Feng started a civilized dialogue with an ant in the dream world, witnessed the rise of the ant civilization in the micro era, and witnessed the horror of pheromone technology.

Lin Feng: Any weak civilization is likely to usher in an unprecedented technological explosion. Xiaoye, look, under your feet is the human text spliced ​​together by hundreds of thousands of ants: Lord.

Ye Wenjie: General Chang Weisi, I am Ye Wenjie, commander-in-chief of ETO. I had a conversation with you in the past.

Shi Qiang: Let me go, super soldier serum? I am Captain Shi Qiang.

Wang Miao: My flying nano-blade is not worth mentioning.

Luo Ji: The wall-facing plan is simply too weak. I, Luo Ji, apply to become the captain of the Space Pilot.

Zhang Beihai: Earth, advance four!

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Chapter 1 1965, Civilized Search System5 months agoChapter 2: Going On A Blind Date With Ye Wenjie And Being Shocked To Learn About The Three-Body World5 months agoChapter 3 The Terrifying Three-Body World, Lin Feng’S Fear5 months agoChapter 4 The First Civilization Searched, The Civilization Of Inception5 months agoChapter 5 The First Conversation With Ants, The World Of Ants5 months agoChapter Six: The Beginning Of Ant Civilization, Ant Naming Technique (Please Collect It!)5 months agoChapter 7 Destiny Ant Nest, Queen Ant Lays Eggs5 months agoChapter 8 The Second Lottery Civilization, Ace Agent Civilization5 months agoChapter 9 Reporter Bai Mulin, Silent Spring, Ultra High Frequency Radio Telescope5 months agoChapter 10 Lin Feng’S Shock, The Ring Of Destiny5 months agoChapter 11 Talk Again And Steal Ant Pheromones (Please Collect It!)5 months agoChapter 12 Listening To Ants, Ants 12: Don’T Communicate, Don’T Communicate, Don’T Communicate5 months agoChapter 13 Human Pheromone Bubbles, Smart Amnesia Watches5 months agoChapter 14: Clown, Insight Into People's Hearts5 months agoChapter 15 Scientist Ruan Wen, Reading Pheromone5 months agoChapter 16 Ruan Wen’S Dilemma, Lin Feng’S Pheromone Mark (Please Collect It)5 months agoChapter 17 The Power Of Marking Pheromones And Real-Time Synchronization Of Information5 months agoChapter 18 Ruan Wen’S Speculation And Sudden Crisis5 months agoChapter 19 Spy Assassination, Information Bubble In Ruan Wen’S Brain5 months agoChapter 20 ‘Come Here...’, Xu Hongtao Was Arrested5 months agoChapter 21 Questioning, Cadre Lei Zhicheng (Please Collect It)5 months agoChapter 22 Conversation With Ruan Wen, Lin Feng: We Are Bugs, Bugs In The Gutter!5 months agoChapter 23 Ant Civilization? Ruan Wen: Biology No Longer Exists! (Please Collect)5 months agoChapter 24 Ruan Wen Joins The Scientific Boundary And Goes Home From Work5 months agoChapter 25 Lin Feng’S Shock, The Destiny Of Ant Nest Civilization Sets Sail (Please Collect It)5 months agoChapter 26 The Lord Will Come, The Ant’S World Disc Theory5 months agoChapter 27: Civilization Jump, Pheromone Technology Explosion, Lin Feng Becomes Numb (1)5 months agoChapter 28: Civilization Jump, Pheromone Technology Explosion, Lin Feng Becomes Numb (2)5 months agoChapter 29: Conversation With Ant Scientist, Lin Feng’S Plan (Please Collect It)5 months agoChapter 30: The Surprise Brought By The Ant’S Life, The Mengsu Disk, And The Theft Of Pheromone Technology5 months agoChapter 31 A New Day, Aunt Wang Comes To The Door (Please Collect It)5 months agoChapter 32 The World-Destroying Flood, The Destruction Of The Destiny Ant Nest (Please Collect It)5 months agoChapter 33: Accepting The Heritage Of Civilization, Civilized Grave Guard Ants5 months agoChapter 34 Testing The Communication Disc, Tang Hongjing5 months agoChapter 35 The Third Civilization Search, Never-Ending Civilization, Nzt-485 months agoChapter 36: No. 42 Paola Hutong, Ye Zhetai And Shao Lin (Please Collect It)5 months agoChapter 37 Conversation With Ye Zhetai And His Wife, Yang Weining Comes To Visit5 months agoChapter 38: Finally Meeting Ye Wenjie, Lin Feng’S Three-Body Thought Experiment (Please Collect)5 months agoChapter 39 The Rational Ye Wenjie, The Confused Ye Wenjie (Please Collect It)5 months agoChapter 40 Dream World, Dream Maker Ye Wenjie5 months agoChapter 41: Three Days In The Sky, Reality Awakens (Please Collect)5 months agoChapter 42 Ye Wenjie Joins The Boundary Of Science, Lin Feng’S Holographic Glasses5 months agoChapter 43: Three Days To Become An Astrophysical Scientist, Guiding Ye Wenjie To Deduce The Laws Of The Dark Forest5 months agoChapter 44: Three Civilization Extractions To Create An Ant World And A Scientific Border Base Concept (First Order Requested!)5 months agoChapter 45: The First Gathering On The Border Of Science, Black Technology On The Border Of Popular Science (Please Order First!!)5 months agoChapter 46 Ye Wenxue, The Abnormality Of The Tyran Queen (Please Order First!)5 months agoChapter 47: The Second Era Of Ants Begins, Lin Feng Rises To Investigate (Please Order First!)5 months agoChapter 48: The Situation Of Hong'an Base, Black Hole Frequency Civilization, Black Hole Frequency (Please Subscribe!!)5 months agoChapter 49 Ye Wenjie’S Dream, Eto In The Dream, Commander Ye Wenjie (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 50, Dream Gunfight, Third Level Dream, Era Of Chaos (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 51: The Dream Trisolaran World, The Magnificent Holy City, Queen Ye Wenjie (Please Order First!)5 months agoChapter 52 The Magical World Of Pheromones, Pheromone Scientist Ye Wenjie (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 53 Ruan Wen’S Fanaticism, Analysis Of Holographic Technology (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 54: Lei Zhicheng’S Olive Branch, Goodbye Bai Mulin (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 55: Extreme Environmentalists, The Tyranids Dynasty Sets Sail (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 56: Ruan Wen’S Teacher, Kang Hetai’S Shock And Fear (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 57: The Micro-Era War Begins, And War Technology Explodes (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 58 Differences In Dimensions, The Information Computer Of Ants’ Lives (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 59: Information Era? The Fate Of Ants Is Darkened: The Lord Will Come To Punish Sins (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 60: Melancholy Ye Wenjie, Lin Feng: Focus On Science, Sublimate Yourself, Nano Bug Bomb (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 61: Entering Workshop No. 7, Time Flies (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 62: One Month Of Changes, The Super-Era Base Is Completed (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 63: Cool Scientific Frontier Base, Commander Lin Feng, Surreal Technology (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 64: Super Large Dream Three-Body Game, Research And Development Of Dream Technology (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 65: Pheromone Weapons, Information Computers At The Boundary Of Science (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 66: Extreme Environmentalist Bai Mulin, Evans Salvation Society (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 67: Captain Chang Weisi, The Philosophy Of The Evans Salvation Society: Abandoning Technology (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 68: The First Battle On The Scientific Frontier, Pheromone Blockers And Drone Fireflies (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 69: Ghost Hits The Wall? Chang Weisi’S Materialism Collapses (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 70: Pheromone Memory Extractor, Bai Mulin The White Mouse (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 71 Investigation, Mysterious Border Organization (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 72 Ye Wenjie’S Doubts, Lin Feng’S Theory Of Dimensional Technology (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 73 Bai Mulin’S Abnormality, Pheromone Countdown (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 74: Seeing Through People’S Hearts? The Shock Brought By Bai Mulin (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 75 Bai Mulin’S End, Chang Weisi’S Decision (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 76 Workers' Stadium, Lin Feng Builds An Information Interaction Network (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 77 Chao Wen Dao! ! ! (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 78 Ye Wenjie’S Decision, Lin Feng, Production Director Of Hong’An Base (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 79: Capturing Ye Wenxue, Ye Wenxue Was Shocked (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 80 Putting A Stamp Of Thought On Ye Wenxue, Dream Base (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 81 Hong'an Base Model, Technology Mastered By Lin Feng (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 82 Three-Body Physics, Resident Evil Civilization, Perfect T Virus (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 83: Scientific Frontier Listening Room, Physicist William Hawkins (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 84: William Is Targeted By The Military, An Ant Thought Experiment (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 85 The Collapse Of William’S Faith, Electromagnetic Information Waves At The Boundary Of Science (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 86 Target: Biological Military Base, Pre-War Mobilization (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 87: Invasion Of Biological Military Base, Technological Crushing Of Scientific Boundaries (1) (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 88: Invasion Of Biological Military Base, Technological Crushing Of Scientific Boundaries (2) (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 89 The First Biological Military Base On The Scientific Frontier (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 90 Umbrella Base, Ant Information Age (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 91: Inspecting Hong’An Base, Zhang Jianjun (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 92: Deducing The Future, Lin Feng Establishes The School Of Future History (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 93 Daxinganling, Hong'an Base (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 94 Lin Feng’S Arrangement, Nanobugs And Nanoflying Blade Technology At The Boundary Of Science (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 95: In January, Hong’An Base Will Be Put Into Use (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 96: Red Bank’S Humming To The Universe, The Era Of Crisis Plan And The Future Reinforcement Plan (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 97: Return To The Boundary Of Science, Artificial Intelligence Becomes Popular (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 98: A New Scientific Boundary, Perfectly Controlled Nanobug Technology (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 99 Dream Life Game, Nano Bug Dream Machine (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 100 Lin Feng Enters The Lost Realm Of Dreams, Biohazard, And The Old Gao Mingyuan (Please Subscribe)5 months ago