The Body Tempering Limit Is 10,000 Kilograms? Sorry, I’m 100 Million Kilograms

The Body Tempering Limit Is 10,000 Kilograms? Sorry, I’m 100 Million Kilograms


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Jiang Yu Weihan
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[Invincible + 10,000 times return of income + crushing all the way + exhilarating and not being discouraged! 】

What should I do if I travel through the fantasy world and become a handyman disciple?

"Ding! The ten thousand times profit return system is at your service!"

All positive benefits and realm limits will be increased by 10,000 times!

The maximum strength of the tempered body is 10,000 kilograms, but he, Xiao Yun, is 100 million kilograms!

The limit of the spiritual sea realm can condense a hundred feet of spiritual sea, but what’s going on with my million-foot “spiritual sea”?


Soon after, the powerful demonic power attacked, and the Great Sun Dynasty was in danger!

Xiao Yun, who had reached the level of the Divine Palace, casually dropped a palm, and millions of demonic cultivators... instantly turned into nothingness!

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Chapter 1 Ten Thousand Times Profit Return System12 days agoChapter 2 Five Hundred Thousand Kilograms Of Force To Cut Down The Ironwood Forest!12 days agoChapter 3 The Collapsed Lu Bo, With A Force Of 23 Million Kilograms!12 days agoChapter 4 Chu Yun’S Gift, Heaven-Level High-Grade Martial Arts!12 days agoChapter 5: Strength Exposed, Sweep The Sutra Pavilion!12 days agoChapter 6 Tianlong Hundred Battles, Three Times The Power Of The Physical Body!12 days agoChapter 7 Xiao Yun’S Strength Has Skyrocketed, And Someone From Lei Tianzong Is Here!12 days agoChapter 8 Crush The Furious Ge Wuming With One Finger!12 days agoChapter 9 Defeated Heavenly Man, Summoned By Lord Xuanyang!12 days agoChapter 10 The Magic Seal, The Crisis Three Years Later!12 days agoChapter 11 The Gift From Master Xuanyang, The Ancient Flame Dragon Body!12 days agoChapter 12 Innate Magical Powers, Ye Xiu’S Arrival12 days agoChapter 13 Ye Xiu’S Challenge, The Vision Of Burning The World!12 days agoChapter 14 Defeat Ye Xiu, Level 6 Mission!12 days agoChapter 15 Luotian Mountains, The Son Of The Arrogant "King"!12 days agoChapter 16 Face To Face With Poisonous Heart Lord, The True Use Of The Demon Crystal!12 days agoChapter 17: One Billion Giants Of Power To Burn And Kill The Five Demonic Beings!12 days agoChapter 18 Blood Refining Demon Lord12 days agoChapter 19 The Real Dragon Appears, A Million Feet Of Spiritual Sea!12 days agoChapter 20 Condensing The Dragon Soul, A Million Times The Power Of The Soul!12 days agoChapter 21 Zhou Tong Dies, Xiao Yun Is Furious!12 days agoChapter 22 The Shadow King’S Choice, Xiao Yun Arrives!12 days agoChapter 23 Breaking Into The Ghost Sect Alone, The Three Kings And Protectors!12 days agoChapter 24 Kill Chickens And Dogs, Kill The Three Guardians!12 days agoChapter 25 The Law Of Darkness, The Realm Of Ghosts!12 days agoChapter 26 Nine Billion Powerful, The Lord Falls!12 days agoChapter 27 Destruction Of The Sect12 days agoChapter 28 The Name Of God King Yan, The Seven Evil Demon Lord!12 days agoChapter 29 The Disaster Of The Demon Species, The Manipulated Violent Thunder Dragon!12 days agoChapter 30 "Soul Blade" Secret Code12 days agoChapter 31 Nine-Fold Soul Increase, Soul Cultivation Skyrocketed!12 days agoChapter 32 Strong Men Gathered, Three Great Sages!12 days agoChapter 33 Beast Riot, Unexpected Attack!12 days agoChapter 34 Accident12 days agoChapter 35 Tearing The Soul, Instantly Killing The Seventh-Level Demon King!12 days agoChapter 36 The Beast Tide Presses The Realm, And The Demon Species Appears!12 days agoChapter 37 Two Demon Lords, The Flower Of Poison12 days agoChapter 38: Burn The Flower Demon, The Demon Species Becomes Furious!12 days agoChapter 39 The Demon-Burying Sword12 days agoChapter 40 The Fourth Level Soul Of The Emperor Crushes Billions Of Monsters!12 days agoChapter 41 "Nine Heavens" Divine Sword12 days agoChapter 42 Gift From Xiao Yun, The Seventeenth Core Elder12 days agoChapter 43 "Burning The World" Magical Power, Advancing To The Realm Of Spirit Transformation!12 days agoChapter 44 The Power Of "Shattering The Void" Makes The Shenhuang Empire Boil!12 days agoChapter 45 The Ninth Level Of Sword Intent12 days agoChapter 46 Trial12 days agoChapter 47 Blood Sin12 days agoChapter 48 The Lord Of The Demon Palace? Kill With One Sword!12 days agoChapter 49 The Final Goal, The Arrival Of The Lord Of Heavenly Sword!12 days agoChapter 50 The Sword That Cuts Off All Things12 days agoChapter 51 Choice12 days agoChapter 52 Conditions For Obtaining "Nine Heavens"12 days agoChapter 53 The Test Of Strength Of The Heavenly Sword Lord12 days agoChapter 54 Let Me Punch You First!12 days agoChapter 55 Obtain The "Nine Heavens", The Star-Swallowing Beast!12 days agoChapter 56 Xiao Heizi, The Lord Of Heavenly Sword Takes Action!12 days agoChapter 57 Departure To Heavenly Sword Holy Land!12 days agoChapter 58 Tianyuan Five Domains, Curse Of Erdi!12 days agoChapter 59 God Meteorite Sword, The Sixth Type Of Treasure!12 days agoChapter 60 The Supreme Elder Summons The Three Quasi-Emperors!12 days agoChapter 61 Sword Demon Is Injured, Two Quasi-Emperor Level Spiritual Weapons!12 days agoChapter 62 Two Great Artifacts, The Treatment Of Being The Son Of God!12 days agoChapter 63 The Six Saint King Protectors, Trial Chamber!12 days agoChapter 64 Tianzhong Training Ground, Blood Sea Demon Saint!12 days agoChapter 65 Burning The World12 days agoChapter 66 Crazy Simulation, Xiao Yun’S True Strength!12 days agoChapter 67 The Inheritance Of Emperor Hades, The Corpse Of God!12 days agoChapter 68 Unimaginable, The Supreme God Of Hades!12 days agoChapter 69 A Ten Thousand-Fold Increase, A Taboo Technique That Transcends Classes!12 days agoChapter 70 Vision Of Life And Death, Eye Of Hades!12 days agoChapter 71 The Power Of The Omen Of Death, The Tianyuan List Appears!12 days agoChapter 72 The Power Of Tianyuan Ranking, 1.4 Trillion Contestants!12 days agoChapter 73 The One In A Billion Winner, Preliminaries Begin!12 days agoChapter 74 Gravity Control, Little Heizi’S Strength Skyrocketed!12 days agoChapter 75 The Genius Of The Iron Stone Tribe Was Instantly Killed, And The Emperor Was Furious!12 days agoChapter 76 One Person, Fighting Against The Genius Of All Races Alone!12 days agoChapter 77 Absolute Crushing! Kill Tens Of Millions Of Alien Geniuses!12 days agoChapter 78: All Parties Are Shocked, The Emperor Comes Out!12 days agoChapter 79 Lord Brahma12 days agoChapter 80 Fight, The Son Of The Dragon Emperor!12 days agoChapter 81 A World-Shaking Blow, Hades Suppresses The Prison!12 days agoChapter 82 Invincible Defense, As Towering As A Mountain!12 days agoChapter 83 Transform Into The God Of Hades And Crush Him With One Palm!12 days agoChapter 84 The Dragon Emperor Arrives12 days agoChapter 85 The Terror Of The Thunder Slayer Dragon Emperor, His Bloodline Is Revealed!12 days agoChapter 86 The Reincarnation Of Dragon Ancestor? No, I Really Am Not!12 days agoChapter 87 The Emperor’S Guard, An Unimaginable Super Backer!12 days agoChapter 88 The Three Emperors Of The Eastern Region, Qingzhi’S Oath Of Allegiance!12 days agoChapter 89: Qingzhi, The Protector Of Shortcomings, Obtained Hundreds Of Billions Of Top-Quality Spiritual Stones!12 days agoChapter 90 System Bug, Eight Hundred Billion Top Grade Spiritual Stones!12 days agoChapter 91 The Division Of The Imperial Realm, The "Mortal God" Who Stands At The Pinnacle!12 days agoChapter 92 The Power Of The Emperor, The Power To Break All Laws!12 days agoChapter 93 The Murderous Intention Of The Siren Queen And The Arrival Of The Ancient Kingdom Of Shenque!12 days agoChapter 94 A Land Of Six Hundred Billion Miles, The Blood Demon Body!12 days agoChapter 95 The Blood God "Container", A Sudden Attack And Killing Situation!12 days agoChapter 96 The Fall Of The Siren Emperor, The Dragon Clan’S Feast!12 days agoChapter 97 The Dragon Emperor Was Furious And Pointed His Sword At...The Sky Burial Sea Palace!12 days agoChapter 98 Hundreds Of Dragons Suppress The Sea, And Die In One Word!12 days agoChapter 99 Battle Of Demigods12 days agoChapter 100 The Sea Palace Is Destroyed And The Dragon Emperor Arrives!12 days ago