The End Of The World: I Use Plants To Control The World

The End Of The World: I Use Plants To Control The World


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The zombie crisis broke out, and Luo Tian obtained the [Forest God] system.

A seed falls to the ground and takes root, and it can grow into a towering tree in an instant.

Locust tree.

Slices of ground thorns will stab all the targets close to it into meat skewers.

Weeping willow tree.

Between the flying willow branches, flesh and blood flew everywhere, and no life could survive.

Thorn tree.

When a branch trembles, thousands of steel nails are shot out, and armored vehicles are also shot into plugs.

Various magical plants have appeared in major cities one after another.

Luo Tian's voice resounded throughout the world.

"Submit to me!"

"You can live under the shelter of the sacred tree."

"Resist me!"

"There will eventually be no place for you in this world."

"Because my seed is spread all over the world!"

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