The Great Dao Of The Wilderness: The Sagely Path Of The Yellow Plum Tree!

The Great Dao Of The Wilderness: The Sagely Path Of The Yellow Plum Tree!


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Huangzhongli, the first of the ten best innate spiritual roots, is said to have a fruit that can allow a mortal to attain the Daluo Jinxian!

Huang Li traveled through the prehistoric world and became the legendary Huangzhongli tree, gaining a heaven-defying understanding at the beginning!

[You comprehend the Pangu axe marks on yourself, gain a little, and comprehend the law of power]

[You refine the boundary monument of Fangzhang Island, and a flash of inspiration comes, comprehending the great supernatural power-reversing yin and yang, and deducing the coordinates of Sanxian Island-Yingzhou and Penglai]

[You deeply analyze the Hongmeng measuring ruler, gain a little, you comprehend the Hongmeng Avenue, and comprehend the method of transcendence]


After the proof of Taoism and Demon, Hongjun used the demon ancestor Luohou as a stepping stone to prove the way of Hunyuan Saint and become the strongest in the prehistoric world. Just when he looked down on the ancient times and was invincible in the world, he was somewhat shocked to find that the shadow cast by the Xuanhuang ancient tree had already enveloped the entire prehistoric world...

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Chapter One: I’M Huang Zhongli, And I Have An Incredible Understanding!about 1 month agoChapter 2: The Tiangang Supernatural Power Takes Nine Breaths And Transforms Into A Human Form!about 1 month agoChapter 3: Star Fruit Tree, A Treasure Of Innate Merit!about 1 month agoChapter 4: Hongmeng Law, Chaos Universe Array!about 1 month agoChapter 5: The Fourth Level Of Xuan Gong, The Whale Ancestor Of The East China Sea!about 1 month agoChapter 6: Fighting With Whale Ancestor, His Profound Skills Are So Domineering!about 1 month agoChapter Seven: The Power Of Hongmeng's Sky, The Blood Of Whale Ancestor!about 1 month agoChapter 8: Zhulong, The Second Strongest Of The Dragon Clan, And The Unlucky Ancestor Wuqi!about 1 month agoChapter 9: The Great Devouring Technique, The Ferocious Beast From The East China Sea!about 1 month agoChapter 10: The Art Of Transforming Evil Spirits Into Spirits, Great Merits!about 1 month agoChapter 11 Penglai Fairy Island, Encounter The Best Innate Spiritual Roots Again!about 1 month agoChapter 12 The Origin Of The Three Lights Chaos, The Compass Of Wishes!about 1 month agoChapter 13: Great Luck Technique! The Opportunity To Become A Golden Immortal!about 1 month agoChapter 14: The Flowers Are In Full Bloom! Transcend The Long River Of Time!about 1 month agoChapter 15 The Beast King God Is Born? The Calm Before The Storm!about 1 month agoChapter 16: The Attraction Of Hongmeng Avenue, The Coast Of The East China Sea!about 1 month agoChapter 17: Obtain Another Rare Treasure, The Third Ancestral Vein Of The Prehistoric World!about 1 month agoChapter 18: The Greatest Treasure Of Humanity, Intercepting Taiqing Laozi's Opportunity!about 1 month agoChapter 19: The Taiqing Qi Is About To Take Shape! First Visit To Mount Buzhou!about 1 month agoChapter 20: Intercepting The Xiantian Gourd Vine, Taiqing: Am I Being Targeted?!about 1 month agoChapter 21: The Green Lotus Of Creation, Created The Human Race In Advance?about 1 month agoChapter 22: The Three Pure Ones Are In A State Of Mental Collapse! The Domineering Qilin Clan!about 1 month agoChapter 23: The Ancestral Qilin And His Sons Fight Against The Yin-Yang Qilin Elder!about 1 month agoChapter 24: A Strike To Open The Sky, The Yin Yang Qilin Sheds Blood!about 1 month agoChapter 25: The Third Ancestor Arrived At Buzhou, And A Catastrophe Of Ferocious Beasts Broke Out Completely!about 1 month agoChapter 26: Huang Li, Who Went On A Killing Spree, Uses His Luck To Prove His Truth!about 1 month agoChapter 27: Beast King Shen Ni Is Born, And Luo Hou, The God Of War Ni!about 1 month agoChapter 28: Shen Ni’S Choice, The End Of The Beast Calamity!about 1 month agoChapter 29: The Ultimate Follow-Up In The Prehistoric World, The Flower Of Qi Blooms!about 1 month agoChapter 30: The Magical Power Of The Great Dao Of Time - Time Stagnation, Earth Fetal Membrane, Chaos Transformation Technique!about 1 month agoChapter 31 On The Sun Star, The Sacred Fusang Tree, And The Untransformed Emperor Jun Donghuang!about 1 month agoChapter 32: The Sacred Fusang Tree Presents Treasures, Emperor Jun Donghuang: Don’T Come Over!about 1 month agoChapter 33: Extracting The Origin Of Emperor Jun Donghuang, Taoist Taiqing Took The Blame!about 1 month agoChapter 34: The Great Zhoutian Star Fighting Array, Fighting Against The King Of Ferocious Beasts!about 1 month agoChapter 35: The King Of Ferocious Beasts Sheds Blood, And Chaotic Gods And Demons Follow!about 1 month agoChapter 36: The Great Dao Retreats, The Laws Rain Down Light, And There Is A Glimmer Of Hope!about 1 month agoChapter 37: The Three Flowers Are Complete, The Thirty-Six Flowers Are In Bloom, Looking Back On The Long River Of Time!about 1 month agoChapter 38: Purple Eel, Hongjun's True Form, And The Chaotic Green Lotus Reflecting The Long River!about 1 month agoChapter 39: Hongjun Was Surprised To Meet The Goddess On The Moon!about 1 month agoChapter 40: The Red Luan Star Moves, Wangshu’S True Identity!about 1 month agoChapter 41: The World Tree, The Cauldron Of Creation, And The Thirty-Six Dinghai Divine Pearls Gathered Together!about 1 month agoChapter 42: Intercepting Hongjun’S Opportunity, Achieving The Fifth Level Of Xuan Gong, And Attaining The Status Of Hunyuan Jinxian In The Flesh!about 1 month agoChapter 43: Ziwei Emperor Star, The Star Ancestor Who “Fishes”!about 1 month agoChapter 44: The Star Ancestor Was Killed, The Heavenly Dao Was Born, And The Longhan Catastrophe Began!about 1 month agoChapter 45: Three Tribes Established Their Own Clan, Dynasties Came Into Being, And The Chalcedony Of Creation!about 1 month agoChapter 46: Depressed Hongjun! Pangu Temple, The Twelve Unborn Ancestral Witches!about 1 month agoChapter 47: The Closeness Of The Twelve Witch Ancestors, The Secret Realm Of The Blood Pool, And The Shocking Opportunity!about 1 month agoChapter 48 Pangu’S Inheritance, The Secret Of The Creation Of The World, Chopping Off Three Thousand With One Axe!about 1 month agoChapter 49: An Intermediate Chaos Demon Follows, And The Ancestral Witch Is Born Ahead Of Schedule?about 1 month agoChapter 50 Accidentally Became The Eldest Brother Of The Ancient Witch? The Golden Wheel Of Merit!about 1 month agoChapter 51 Hongjun: My Home Was Stolen? The Ancestral Root Of The Peach Tree, The Queen Mother Of The West Who Has Not Yet Transformed!about 1 month agoChapter 52: Finally Arrived At Kunlun, The Banana Tree, Sanqing: Don’T Come Over!about 1 month agoChapter 53: Emperor Jun Donghuang, Who Took The Blame, Obtained The Linglong Pagoda Of Mysterious Heaven And Earth!about 1 month agoChapter 54: Hongmeng's Immortal Body Was Born Three Days Later, And Wangshu's Crisis Began!about 1 month agoChapter 55: Terrifying Fate, Sneak Attack, The Four Gods And Demons Of Earth, Water, Fire And Wind!about 1 month agoChapter 56: Conquer The Four Spiritual Taoists And The Hunyuan Golden Immortal Realm Servant!about 1 month agoChapter 57: Wangshu Is Coming! Yuanfeng's Biological Daughter, The Future Saint's Mount!about 1 month agoChapter 58: Yingzhou Fairy Island, The Money Tree, The Money Of The Five Virtues!about 1 month agoChapter 59: The Secret Of Reincarnation, Falling Treasures And Gold Coins, The Way To Prove The Truth Through Business!about 1 month agoChapter 60: Obtaining The Fate Jade Disc Fragment Again, Qiankun Patriarch Recruits Him! !about 1 month agoChapter 61: The Falling Treasure And Gold Coins Show Their Power, And The Ruler Of Heaven And Earth Is Obtained To Evolve The World!about 1 month agoChapter 62 Three Days Of Planning For Wangshu, And The Untransformed Zhunti Will Lead You!about 1 month agoChapter 63: The Seal Of The Chaos Green Lotus, Hongjun Is Numb, And The Gourd Is Ripe!about 1 month agoChapter 64: Creating The Human Race In Advance, Nuwa Vomited Blood, And The World Was Shaken!about 1 month agoChapter 65: Intercepting Taiqing Laozi's Human Teaching? Nuwa Transforms In Advance!about 1 month agoChapter 66: Heaven Bestows Merits Continuously, Wangshu Refuses, And Becomes Furious For Three Days!about 1 month agoChapter 67 Three Days Of Oppression, Wangshu's Calamity, Huang Li Appears!about 1 month agoChapter 68: Huang Li Fought For Three Days, Crying, Crying Also Counts As Time!about 1 month agoChapter Sixty-Nine: The Forbidden Magic Disk, Wangshu’S Shock, Three Days Of Bloodshed!about 1 month agoChapter 70: The End Of The Dynasty Era, The Longhan Catastrophe Accelerated Ahead Of Schedule!about 1 month agoChapter 71: Nuwa Came To The Human Dynasty And Abducted The Three Goddesses Of Taiyin!about 1 month agoChapter 72: Nuwa Becomes The Nanny Of The Human Race, The Sub-Saint Black Tortoise, And The Relic Of Chaos!about 1 month agoChapter 73: The Three Treasures Of Business Gathered Together And Encountered A Surprise Attack, The Heavenly Queen Wu Mo!about 1 month agoChapter 74: The First Battle With Rahu, The Surrender Of The Goddess Uma!about 1 month agoChapter 75: Back To Pangu Temple, The Twelve Ancestral Witches Were Born Ahead Of Schedule!about 1 month agoChapter 76 The Twelve Ancient Witches Appeared Together, The Ancient World Was Shaken, And The Ancestor Qilin Was Shocked!about 1 month agoChapter 77: Ancestral Witch Vs. Ancestral Qilin, The Collision Between The Dragon Han Overlord And The Lich Overlord!about 1 month agoChapter 78: The Consciousness Of Heaven Has Arrived, And The Witch Clan Will Not Yield To Heaven And Earth!about 1 month agoChapter 79: Pangu’S True Form Appears, And He Slashes The Way Of Heaven With His Axe!about 1 month agoChapter 80 A Glimmer Of Hope, The Axe Of Creation Appears, And The Treasure Of Creation Is Obtained!about 1 month agoChapter 81: The Crisis Of The Human Race, The Boundless Sea Of ​​Blood, And The Secret Of Reincarnation In The Underworld!about 1 month agoChapter 82: Reincarnation Is Natural, The Axe Of Creation Has The Original Mark!about 1 month agoChapter 83: The Secret Of Hou Tu's Reincarnation, The Three Paths Of Heaven, Earth And Man, And The Calamity Of The Human Race!about 1 month agoChapter 84: Yuan Feng Retreated, Founded The Human Religion In Advance, And Tai Qing Vomited Blood!about 1 month agoChapter 85: The Three Pure Ones Transform Ahead Of Time, The Nine-Layered Golden Wheel Of Merit, The Authority Of The Saint!about 1 month agoChapter 86: The Realm Of Sub-Sage, The Second Restriction Of Chaos Pearl, The Origin Of Hongmeng!about 1 month agoChapter 87: The Chaos Gods And Demons Have Not Yet Died, The Origin Of Chaos, Refining The Tao Pill!about 1 month agoChapter 88: Taiqing Laozi Who Was Driven Out Of The Human Race, The Eleventh Turn Of The Purple Gold Pill!about 1 month agoChapter 89: Xuan Gong Is Perfected, Huang Li Goes To Yujing To Fight Hongjun!about 1 month agoChapter 90: The Battle Of The Sub-Saints. Bully Hongjun As Soon As Possible And Gather The Five Flags Of The Innate!about 1 month agoChapter 91: Beheading Hongjunshan’S Corpse, The Saint Falls, Heaven And Earth Mourn Together!about 1 month agoChapter 92: Luohou’S Divine Assistance And Hongjun’S Gratitude!about 1 month agoChapter 93: Breaking The Zhu Xian Sword Formation, Lifting The Coffin Lid Of The Qian Kun Patriarch, And The Untransformed Randeng!about 1 month agoChapter 94: The Fusion Of The Creation Cauldron And The Universe Cauldron, The Prelude To The Longhan Catastrophe!about 1 month agoChapter 95: Finally Attained The Status Of Hunyuan Daluo Jinxian, The Taoist Master Of Hongmeng!about 1 month agoChapter 96: The Third Seal Of The Chaos Pearl, The Top Chaos God And Demon Bloodline!about 1 month agoChapter 97: Immortal Yangmei Appears With An Astonishing Plan!about 1 month agoChapter 98: Conspiring To Obtain The Origin Of Heavenly Dao And Preventing Hongjun From Becoming A Saint? Three Chaos Superior Spiritual Treasures!about 1 month agoChapter 99: The Idea Of ​​Evolving The Underworld, The Longhan Catastrophe Breaks Out!about 1 month agoChapter 100: Refining Dao Dan, The Sixth Level Of Xuan Gong, And The Body Becomes Holy!about 1 month ago