The Layoffs Have Affected The Arteries. Why Are You Kneeling When I Start A Business?

The Layoffs Have Affected The Arteries. Why Are You Kneeling When I Start A Business?


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Xiang Xiang
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Zhou Shu was laid off!

"Boss, he is the main artery of the company!"

"Will the company collapse without him? Will the earth stop moving without him?"

It is impossible to work part-time, and it is impossible to work part-time in this life!

So Zhou Shu started a business and became his own boss!

"Boss, he opened a company."

"Boss, his business conflicts with ours."

"Boss, the company's technical backbone has been poached by him."

"Boss, the stock price has collapsed!"

"Boss, it's cold on the rooftop, please wear more clothes..."

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Chapter 1 Are All Major Arteries Laying Off Employees?4 months agoChapter 2: Yesterday I Was Submissive, Today I'm Going To Attack Hard!4 months agoChapter 3 Want To Buy Steel Rope For Us$200,000? Wouldn't It Be Better For You To Buy Gold Directly?4 months agoChapter 4 The Company Was Established, Named: Tiangong Kaiwu!4 months agoChapter 5 The First Pot Of Gold In Life: 20 Million Us Dollars! (Asking For Flowers, Tickets, Reviews))4 months agoChapter 6 Are You Talking About Loyalty At Work? Sister, We Are Here For Money!4 months agoChapter 7 Employee No. 001 And Employee No. 0024 months agoChapter 8 Only The Real Economy Can Change The World: Determine The Company’S Direction!4 months agoChapter 9 The Aircraft Carrier Of The Dragon Kingdom In This World Has Not Been Launched Yet?4 months agoChapter 10 Decided On The Company’S First Product: Bionic Prosthetics!4 months agoChapter 11 Carbon Fiber Material, Long Country Is Still Unable To Produce It?4 months agoChapter 12 Class I Medical Device Production And Operation License!4 months agoChapter 13 Acquiring A Fishing Gear Company And Owning Its Own Factory4 months agoChapter 14 Borg Bionic Prosthetic Limb4 months agoChapter 15 General Assembly Department: Aircraft Carrier Blocking Cables Are Piled Up In Warehouses And Cannot Be Sold?4 months agoChapter 16 Chuanhe Group Action: Invite Professor Huang Tao To Give Lectures!4 months agoChapter 17 The Science And Technology Exhibition Opens!4 months agoChapter 18 Venus Is Beautiful? Without Hands, Who Would Wipe Her Butt?4 months agoChapter 19 Luo Qingqing, Job Number: 0034 months agoChapter 20 Meeting The General Manager Of Chuanhe Group Again4 months agoChapter 21 The Bionic Prosthetic Supply Chain Is Completed!4 months agoChapter 22 Positioning: Cyborg! Mechanized Organism!4 months agoChapter 23 Job Number 005: Recruit The Backbone Of Chuanhe Group!4 months agoChapter 24 After Becoming A Cyborg, I Became Connected To The World4 months agoChapter 25 Realization Of Network Resources4 months agoChapter 26 Big Order From The Middle East: Budget Exceeds 60 Million Us Dollars!4 months agoChapter 27: The Connections Are Turning Out Quickly, Huang Tao Is Dead Set!4 months agoChapter 28 Preparing A Rehabilitation Hospital4 months agoChapter 29 Acquiring A Rehabilitation Hospital To Welcome Customers In The Middle East4 months agoChapter 30 Can A Normal Person Become Spider-Man If He Is Equipped With Prosthetic Limbs?4 months agoChapter 31 Prosthetic Limb-Assisted Ai Training! Expensive!4 months agoChapter 32 Prince Faisal, We Found The "Holy Armor"!4 months agoChapter 33 Camel Country Raises Technical Requirements! Not Short Of Money!4 months agoChapter 34 Talent Gap: Minister Of Justice! Um, Poaching The Chuanhe Group Again?4 months agoChapter 35 Imported Carbon Fiber Materials Are No Longer Available!4 months agoChapter 36 Cooperation: Sell Out Carbon Fiber Technology And Make Money!4 months agoChapter 37 The First Ordinary Person To Install A Bionic Prosthesis! The Era Of Spider-Man Is Coming!4 months agoChapter 38 The Legal Department Is Officially Established! Be Determined To Be Undefeated!4 months agoChapter 39 Invite Guo Cheng To Take Charge Of The Sales Department!4 months agoChapter 40 Focusing On The Rehabilitation Market Of War Wounded In The Bear Country!4 months agoChapter 41 Disabled Soldiers Receive Free Prosthetics And Gain Both Fame And Fortune!4 months agoChapter 42 3A World Generator! Enter The Financial Market To Make Money!4 months agoChapter 43 Get Another 500 Million Bank Loan To Expand Production Scale!4 months agoChapter 45 Generative Ai, Targeting A Market Worth Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars!4 months agoChapter 46 A New Way To Ask For Money: Yingjiang Will Negotiate With Mao Xiong If He Doesn’T Pay!4 months agoChapter 47 The Second Phase Of The Flood Of Axus: Invasion Of The Capital Of Judah!4 months agoChapter 48 The Holy Armor Arrives And Slaughters The Capital Of Judah! (Please Subscribe!)4 months agoChapter 49: Hemasz Superman Arranges The Lottery Of The Heavenly Soldiers Of Judah!4 months agoChapter 50: Riding On The Popularity And Preparing To Release Ai Models! Yes, Just Eat Human Blood Steamed Buns!4 months agoChapter 51 The Briefing Will Become A Product Launch: Eat The Judah Blood Buns!4 months agoChapter 52 The Nation Of Judah Cries: Zhou Shu Eats Steamed Buns With Human Blood, He Is A Fascist!4 months agoChapter 53 The Mind-Controlled Drone Landed! Get Ready To Grab It!4 months agoChapter 54 Ermao, If You Don’T Buy It, I Will Sell It To The Bear Country!4 months agoChapter 55 Ten Billion Arrived! The Furry Bear Is Here!4 months agoChapter 56: 6 Billion Us Dollars Earned In Two Days!4 months ago