The Mark Of My Heavenly Heart! Devour Myriad Worlds, The Universe Ascends

The Mark Of My Heavenly Heart! Devour Myriad Worlds, The Universe Ascends


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Gu Tianxin transmigrated to a broken universe and became Tianxin's mark!

Just transmigrated, he was the master of heaven, possessing terrifying power that surpassed the Great Emperor.

But this is not over yet, Gu Tianxin has awakened to devour the Myriad Worlds system again.

As long as it swallows other worlds, it can complete the laws of its own universe and continuously upgrade to a higher level universe.

So, Gu Tianxin led a group of ancient Supremes and began to conquer the Myriad Worlds!

From the Zhuxian world, Wuhun world, Strange Fire world, mortal world, Wang Mazi world and so on.

All the way into the nine heavens and ten lands, suppressing foreign lands, flattening the sky, and pushing across the Etu Plateau.

Until the end, he led three thousand Immortal Emperors to crush the high-end prehistoric era.

Countless years have passed, and suddenly looking back, Gu Tianxin has already reached the top and become the master of Myriad Worlds!

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Chapter 1 Becoming The Dao Of Heaven, Awakening And Devouring The Myriad Worlds System!2 months agoChapter 2 Gathering The Whole Universe, The Ancient Supreme Is Revived!2 months agoChapter 3 Sitting Back And Observing The Eternity, Claiming To Be The First Emperor Since The Creation Of Opening Heaven!2 months agoChapter 4: Rebuilding The Ancient Heaven And Searching For World Coordinates!2 months agoChapter 5 The Chinese Mainland Arrives In The Central Plains!2 months agoChapter 6 As Long As I Think About It, I Can Destroy This World With Just A Few Clicks!2 months agoChapter 7 This Emperor Happens To Be Here And Wants To Preach To The Heavens!2 months agoChapter 8 Supreme’S Past, Scaring Everyone In The Qingyun Sect!2 months agoChapter 9 The World Is Shaken, Monks From The Five Realms, Come And Pay Homage!2 months agoChapter 10: Kowtow Step By Step, Just To See Me!2 months agoChapter 11 Arrogant Beast God, Flattening A Hundred Thousand Mountains With One Foot!2 months agoChapter 12 Educate All Living Beings, Replace The Way Of Heaven, System Rewards!2 months agoChapter 13: Have You... Reached Your Ultimate Level?2 months agoChapter 14 The Universe Shakes, Supreme Gathers Again, Quasi-Emperor Appears!2 months agoChapter 15 Supreme Was Shocked And Asked To Join The Heavenly Court!2 months agoChapter 16 The Name Of Heaven Resounds Throughout The Universe, Calling For Saints From All Over The World To Come And Worship!2 months agoChapter 17 Heavenly Imperial Law Decrees, All Saints Kneel Down And Worship!2 months agoChapter 18 Supreme Spreads The Word To The World, Quasi-Emperor Comes To The World Of Martial Arts!2 months agoChapter 19 Killing The 60,000-Year-Old Soul Beast Casually, A Dimensionality Reduction Attack!2 months agoChapter 20: Killing Titled Douluo Casually And Shocking The Spirit Hall!2 months agoChapter 21 The Powerful Ancestors Of The Golden Crow, Bibi Dongxu And Wei Snake!2 months agoChapter 22 Bibi Dong Meets Tang San And Forms A Secret Alliance!2 months agoChapter 23: Switching Sides At The Last Moment, Millions Of Soul Masters Intend To Kill Quasi-Emperor!2 months agoChapter 24 The Brave Tang San, The Nine Nether Immortal Song, Destroys The World With A Snap Of His Fingers!2 months agoChapter 25: The End Of The Dharma-Ending Era, The Dawn Of Enlightenment!2 months agoChapter 26 The Universe Boils And The Two Emperors Attain Enlightenment!2 months agoChapter 27: Golden Crow Great Emperor, Jiuyou Great Emperor!2 months agoChapter 28 The Sixth Great Emperor Is Connected To The World Of Strange Fire!2 months agoChapter 29 Arrival In The World Of Strange Fire, Tianfu Alliance And Soul Palace!2 months agoChapter 30: Everyone Was Shocked When They First Met The Medicine Saint, The Heavenly Emperor!2 months agoChapter 31 Everything Is In Harmony!2 months agoChapter 32: The Frightened Soul Arrives At Gulong Island!2 months agoChapter 33: Is This The Remains Of The Ancient Tuoshe Emperor?2 months agoChapter 34: Zhu Kun Reappears, The Secret Of The Original Imperial Energy!2 months agoChapter 35: Coming To The Soul Clan, Jie Jie Jie...2 months agoChapter 36 The Soul Of Understanding Heavenly Emperor!2 months agoChapter 37: All Parties Surrender And Shout The Name Of Heavenly Emperor!2 months agoChapter 38 Complete The Annexation And Return To The Big Universe!2 months agoChapter 39 Azure Emperor Revives!2 months agoChapter 40 Return To Heaven!2 months agoChapter 41: Two Emperors’ Tribulation!2 months agoChapter 42: Successful Enlightenment, The Universe Shakes!2 months agoChapter 43 Search For World Coordinates Again2 months agoChapter 44 Spirit World Hundreds Of Races2 months agoChapter 45 Entering Tianyuan City For The First Time2 months agoChapter 46 Yang Xuan’S Great Spirit2 months agoChapter 47 Everyone Is In His Own Camp2 months agoChapter 48 Sacred Body Takes Action And Blows Up The Mahayana Stage With One Punch2 months agoChapter 49: Coming To The Yaksha Tribe, Invincible Fighting Power2 months agoChapter 50 The Ancient Supreme Rose Up, And The Sacred Body Chased Ten Mahayana To Fight?2 months agoChapter 51 The Ancient Emperor The Great Emperor Dominates The World And Unifies Feng Yuan Continent!2 months ago