The System Is One Year Ahead Of Schedule, But It’S Not The End Of The World Yet!

The System Is One Year Ahead Of Schedule, But It’S Not The End Of The World Yet!


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Wu Kai
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The apocalypse has not yet begun, but the system has arrived early.

So Chen Mo's daily life style suddenly changed.

You can get rewards for eating and petting the dog, and communicating harmoniously with beautiful women is regarded as a battle with the Rank Nine Corpse King!

[It is detected that the host is extremely brave and fights the Rank Nine Corpse King until he loses his strength. Since the target level is too high, the host can obtain points as a reward even though he has not completed the kill by overstepping the level of the enemy. The host is hereby rewarded with 5,000 survival points and an A-level gift pack. ]

Chen Mo, who had just finished the battle with the schoolgirl, couldn't help but have a strange look on his face when he looked at the translucent floating window in front of him and the harmless schoolgirl beside him.

[It was detected that the host had tamed a Rank Five mutated corpse dog. Because the target level was too high, the host crossed the rank to tame the alien beast, which is unparalleled in charm. We hereby reward the host with 2,000 survival points, a B-level gift pack, and +50 charm! ]

Chen Mo, who had subdued a wolfdog with snacks, felt quite fucked when he listened to the prompts in his ears.

Chen Mo lives a normal life, but in the eyes of the system, his life is full of monsters and monsters.

This resulted in Chen Mo being able to trigger various rewards with every move he made. When the apocalypse really comes, Chen Mo will have already received a lot of rewards, and his combat power is amazing!

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