The Villain In The Book Is Revealed In Advance And Forces The Protagonist’S Mother To Give Birth To A Child

The Villain In The Book Is Revealed In Advance And Forces The Protagonist’S Mother To Give Birth To A Child


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Heaven And Earth
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Travel through time with tens of billions of assets, and start with a sexy and charming wife and seven gorgeous daughters.

However, Xu Hao was panicked.

Because he is the vicious villain in the book, the ending is that the traitorous protagonist returns and kills him to take over his wife and daughter.

Fortunately, there are still two and a half years until the plot starts, so Xu Hao can make plans in advance.

Um? Also activated the emotional harvesting system?

School belle, CEO, police belle, royal sister, lolita, queen, sister...

When the plot starts——

The protagonist of God of War returns, and his mother and sister have already thrown themselves into Xu Hao's arms.

The protagonist, a miracle doctor, went down the mountain and saw his fiancée with a big belly.

The reborn protagonist saw Bai Yueguang and Qingmei, who were already holding a baby each.

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001 The Protagonist Of The Book Is His Father! At The Beginning, There Are Seven Charming Daughters.2 months ago002 The Cruel Villain! The Idol Of Countless People2 months ago003 No Ambiguous Candlelight Dinner! Fear Of Being Dominated2 months ago004 The Heroine’S Psychological Shadow! Very Angry...2 months ago005 Be A Gentle Villain! Company Cleaning2 months ago006 Xu Hao’S Authority! There Is One More Little Fan Girl...2 months ago007 The Heroine Has A Daughter? I've Settled On Your Brother2 months ago008 A Leaky Little Cotton Jacket! A Sheep Is Sent Into The Tiger's Mouth2 months ago009 The Protagonist’S Ambition! The Heroine Bai Yueguang! Fight To The Death2 months ago010 The Capitalists Cried When They Heard This! Sleeping With The Protagonist’S Stepmother In Her Arms2 months ago011 Shareholders Meeting! Lao Mo! Twin Daughters Come Home2 months ago012 The Shameful And Angry Heroine! The Sisters' Shock2 months ago013 Curious Baby! Gather The Seven Daughters To Summon The Dragon2 months ago014 Awakened Strange Attributes! As Expected Of A Little Cotton-Padded Jacket2 months ago015 A Day’S Work Is A Day’S Work! Sit Back And Wait For Your Daughter To Call Daddy2 months ago016 Xu Hao’S “Revelation Of True Feelings”! Cinnabar Mole's Teacher2 months ago017 Why Don’T You Have Any Bad Thoughts If You Don’T Just Have A Meal?2 months ago018 Threat From The Protagonist! Xu Hao’S Ruthless Tactics2 months ago019 Treat Your Daughter As A Tool! The Calculated Hero Saves The Beauty2 months ago020 Driving A Wedge Between The Male And Female Protagonists! The Hostess's Thanks2 months ago021 Kill Two Birds With One Stone! Xu Hao Reaps The Benefits2 months ago022 Is The Most Beautiful Teacher’S Wife Already Owned? Tiger Father Has No Dog Daughter2 months ago023 The Mysterious Father In The Eyes Of His Daughter! Start Layout...2 months ago024 When The Villain Confronts The Protagonist! They Are All Chess Pieces On The Chessboard2 months ago025 The Protagonist Who Can’T Be More Handsome Than Three Seconds! The Tragic Fate Of The Protagonist2 months ago026 The Protagonist’S Stepmother Who Can’T Stand It! Favor From The Heroine2 months ago027 Ten Draws In A Row! Harvest! The First God Level2 months ago028 Reborn! You Can't Lose The Force2 months ago029 Xu Hao’S Deterrence! Same! Pretending To Be Struck By Lightning2 months ago030 The Clown-Like Protagonist! The Heroine's Birthday Surprise2 months ago031 Charge For Love! The Protagonist Who Sees Through The Truth2 months ago032 Rabbit Suit Arrangement! Walk The Protagonist Like A Dog...2 months ago033 Weaken The Protagonist’S Power! Planning Everything Behind The Scenes2 months ago034 Poetic Troubles! The Protagonist's Stepmother Is Looking For Sisters2 months ago035 The Dumbfounded Sisters! Xu Hao Appeared In Front Of Others2 months ago036 How Much Does Xu Hao Hide? The Beginning Of The Fall...2 months ago037 A Sense Of Security! Two Competing Sisters...2 months ago038 The Hero Who Is In Control Saves The Beauty! Daughter Calls Daddy2 months ago039 Xu Hao: Want To Learn? I'll Teach You...2 months ago040 Teach Your Daughter How To Draw! The Confused Stepmother Of The Protagonist...2 months ago041 Xu Huayi’S Extreme Behavior! Stunned Sisters2 months ago042 Xu Huayi Shows Off! Seven Daughters Interact2 months ago043 Xu Hao: Tell Lao Mo, I Want To Eat Fish...2 months ago044 Don’T Like Trouble! Promote The Relationship Between The Heroine And The Protagonist2 months ago045 Xu Hao, Who Hides His Sword Behind His Smile! Urban Flower Protector2 months ago046 Tragedy Strikes So Quickly, Like A Tornado! Surprising Special Abilities2 months ago047 Save The Beauty? Secretly Being The Sixth Child! Go To The Hostess's House And Have Sex...2 months ago048 It’S Done Tonight! Fall In Love! The Heroine Kneels Down To Thank...2 months ago049 The Heroine Who Throws Herself Into Someone’S Arms! Charming Style Of Young Woman2 months ago050 The Third Daughter Comes Home! The Twins Rebelled! Chai Father Crematorium2 months ago051 Lucky Star! The Heroine Goes On A Date! The Bet Between Twin Daughters2 months ago052 Show Your Fangs! Showdown With The Protagonist! Daughter Fulfills Punishment...2 months ago053 The Shameful And Angry Xu Shiqing! Who Can Withstand It?2 months ago054 A Family Should Have One Quilt! The Storm Is Coming...2 months ago055 Develop A Sense Of Accomplishment For Your Daughter! Xu Hao’S Big Trick2 months ago056 Shape Yourself Into Your Daughter’S Idol! Double The Joy...2 months ago057 I Treat You As My Best Friend, But You Actually Want To Be My Stepmother?2 months ago058 The Stepmother Of The Protagonist Of Little Maid! Take The Heroine To The Woods...2 months ago059 Great Place To Do Business! Inextricable! Daughter’S Shyness2 months ago060 Hands-On Teaching To My Daughter! The Protagonist’S Stepmother Is Ashamed2 months ago061 A Breakthrough In The Relationship Between The Third Daughter! Taste The Fruits Of Victory! Eating Fish Again2 months ago062 Xia Qingge’S Initiative! The Protagonist Collapses! Frame Up2 months ago063 A Protagonist More Wronged Than Dou E! The Opportunity To Win Over The Third Daughter2 months ago064 Xu Hongzhuang Is So Ashamed! Best Friend! I Really Want To Have A Father2 months ago065 Play With The Protagonist In The Palm Of Your Hand! Routine! Kill With A Borrowed Knife2 months ago066 Draw A Cake For The Protagonist! The Free Heroine! Body Check2 months ago067 The Initiative Of My Daughter’S Best Friend! Chest To Back! Calculating The Protagonist2 months ago068 Frame The Blame! Control Everything Behind The Scenes! Playing With The Palm Of Your Hand2 months ago069 The Culprit! The Mastermind Behind The Scenes! The Protagonist Cannot Explain Clearly2 months ago070 The Blame Can’T Be Removed! The Home Was Stolen! Close The Door And Beat The Dog...2 months ago071 A White Lie! Teachers And Students Have A Tacit Understanding! Personal Harassment2 months ago072 The Heroine Returns The Favor! Massage From My Daughter! Visiting The Hostess's House2 months ago073 The Personal Bodyguard Appears! The Heroine Is Half Convinced And Half Convinced! Sleepless Nights2 months ago074 The Long Night! The Third Daughter Is Subdued! The Three Sisters Of The Xu Family2 months ago075 Backstab! The Fifth Daughter Is About To Return! Lead The Heroine Astray2 months ago076 The Heroine’S Office! Learn A Foreign Language! The Protagonist's Mentality Explodes2 months ago077 Holding The Heroine In His Arms And Killing People! So Deceived! The Protagonist Is Sad And Angry2 months ago078 Brothers Turn Against Each Other! Terrible Xu Hao! Send The Protagonist On His Way In Person2 months ago079 The Protagonist Will Die With His Eyes Open! Xu Hongzhuang’S Filial Piety! Swim Together2 months ago080 A Romantic Breathtaking Journey! The Heroine Teaches Swimming! Dealing With Traitors2 months ago081 The Protagonist’S Stepmother Introduces Her Comrades And Sisters! Xu Hao Repays His Kindness...2 months ago082 The Heroine And The Vicious Female Supporting Character! Madam, You Don’T Want To Either...2 months ago083 The Heroine’S Charm! Don't Waste It, Bad Girl! Scare Away The Little White Rabbit2 months ago084 The Supporting Actress Is Jealous! Willing To Give Everything! The Heroine’S Subjugation Plan2 months ago085 A Considerate Little Cotton-Padded Jacket! You Don’T Want To Be Discovered By Big Brother, Right?2 months ago086 The Disappearing Lipstick! Five-Day Appointment! Sister-In-Law, You Don’T Either...2 months ago087 The Fifth Daughter Comes Home! Leg Control Ecstasy! Not As Delicious As Dumplings2 months ago088 Lottery! A Father-Daughter Battle Is About To Break Out! Xu Feiyan Is Numb2 months ago089 Enjoy My Daughter’S Massage! Change Your Way Of Conquest! Maid2 months ago090 Sticky! The Heroine Who Was Caught In Action! Take The Initiative To Embrace2 months ago091 Full Foot Washing Service From My Daughter! Strategy Plan...2 months ago092 Gay? The Heroine Burst Into Tears Of Gratitude! It’S Fun To Be Good Friends2 months ago093 Free! The Hostess's Device Is Broken! The Ring Holds You Tight2 months ago094 The Protagonist Who Can’T Argue! The Heroine Can't Stand It At All2 months ago095 The Posture Is Up! No Mercy At All! Kicked Out Of The House2 months ago096 The Protagonist’S Incompetent Rage! The Lights Were On All Night! First Heroine2 months ago097 Bringing Humiliation To Oneself! President Iceberg! Xu Feiyan's Jk Uniform2 months ago098 Xu Huayi’S Plan To Sow Discord! Good Daughter Calls Daddy2 months ago099 My Daughter Became A Maid! Contrast With The Queen! Breakfast2 months ago100 Fall! Take The Beautiful Teacher Into The Woods! White Day Announcement...2 months ago