The Villain In The Book Wrote A Diary, And The Heroine Was Completely Ruined

The Villain In The Book Wrote A Diary, And The Heroine Was Completely Ruined


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Lu Yun wears a fantasy novel villain, and becomes stronger by writing a diary.

Originally I thought I could finish the plot quickly and go home to be a descendant.

But why did the plot collapse from the beginning?

The master who wanted to put me in solitary confinement locked me in the boudoir and did not allow me to leave for less than three days?

The second sister who wanted to poison me gave me all the elixir?

The fourth sister who wanted to stab me to death actually took the initiative to train my body for me?

Master: How dare you say that I am the brainless harem of that two-armed man? Then I will be your brainless harem!

Senior sister: Didn’t you say that I would be very powerful if I wore this called Hi?

Third sister: Junior brother, don’t be afraid! Senior sister has learned a new move from you! What is it called Awei Eighteen Styles?

Fifth sister: Forget about others! Why do you say that the seventh sister is more powerful than me? How am I worse? You can tell!

Master, wait a minute!


Senior sisters, wait too!


Wait a minute! I am a villain! You follow the plot! I um...

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Chapter 1 The Villain Who Traveled Through The Book, The Master Was Furious After Reading The Diary! (New Book Begging For Data!)about 2 months agoChapter 2: Master And Apprentice Are Both Defeated! You Are The One Who Has Lost Your Mind!about 2 months agoChapter 3 I'm Showing My Cards! Stay Away! I'm Invincible, Do Whatever You Wantabout 2 months agoChapter 4 The Villain Appears! The Furious Protagonist! Master: Bah! You Vulgar Pervert!about 2 months agoChapter 5 Here It Comes! Here Comes The Highlight Moment Of Beating Up The Protagonist!about 2 months agoChapter 6 Even If I Give You A Chance, You Still Can't Do Anything About It? (New Book, Please Help Me!)about 2 months agoChapter 7: Damn It! Is There Anyone Who Can Help? The Plot Is Broken? (New Book Begging For Data!)about 2 months agoChapter 8 I Am Ye Qingxian, So Why Do You, Lu Yun, Feel Wronged? (New Book Begging For Data!)about 2 months agoChapter 9 I Am A Villain, Is It Okay To Bully Men And Women? (New Book Begging For Data!)about 2 months agoChapter 10 Check In At Qingxiu Peak! Huge Rewards! Lu Yun: Don’T Get Involved With This Idiot!about 2 months agoChapter 11 The Shocking Lu Yun, Master And Senior Sisters Were All Shocked!about 2 months agoChapter 12 Does The Diary Have This Ability? The Beginning Of The Collapse Of The Elder Sister's Personality (New Book Begging For Data!)about 2 months agoChapter 13 It Would Take At Least Ten Years Of Cerebral Thrombosis For This Guy To Do Such A Stupid Thing!about 2 months agoChapter 14 It’S Broken. The Character Of This Brainless Senior Sister Is Really Broken (New Book Begging For Data!)about 2 months agoChapter 15 Who Cares About The Protagonist's Harem? The Trouble Is Over! The Villain Does Things! It All Depends On The Face And Figure!about 2 months agoChapter 16 Come On? Hurt Each Other? Let's See Who Will Be Socially Dead! (New Book Begging For Data!)about 2 months agoChapter 17 My Senior Sister Is Definitely Not Given For Nothing! Lu Yun: Holy Shit! Awesome!about 2 months agoChapter 18 If I Wear This Long Skirt With A Hiss, It Will Definitely Be Very Exciting! (New Book, Please Give Me The Data!)about 2 months agoChapter 19: It's Time To Show Off Your Strength By Getting The Dragon For The Protagonistabout 2 months agoChapter 20 Who In The Capital City Doesn’T Say That My Dalu Family Is The Best Villain?about 2 months agoChapter 21 Master Qingtang? What Kind Of Top-Notch People Have I Encountered? (New Book Begging For Data!)about 2 months agoChapter 22 Watch Out! This Punch...Will Kill You!about 2 months agoChapter 23: Damn! What A Fool! Protagonist: Oh No! I Met The Best Actor!about 2 months agoChapter 24 You Want To Leave After I Beat You Up? How Can That Be Possible?about 2 months agoChapter 25 I Don't Know How To Lose With This Reward! Lu Yun: It's Better To Be Thinnerabout 2 months agoChapter 26 He Said That All His Words Were Mine. All His Words Were Mine! (Seeking Data!)about 2 months agoChapter 27: On The Art Of Putting The Blame On Someone Else, The Super Lu Yun Pissed Off The Whole Audience!about 2 months agoChapter 28: You're Doomed To Fail In Your Life If You Run Into A Villain Like Meabout 2 months agoChapter 29 Lu Yun Great Harvest! Master: What Do You Mean? They All Have Diaries?about 2 months agoChapter 30 What The Hell? My Mouth Is Blessed? Master: Am I A Mean Person?about 2 months agoChapter 31 Cao Pi's Father-In-Law Is Silent, And Zhen Ji's Father Is Speechlessabout 2 months agoChapter 32 Master's Defense Is Broken! Lu Yun: How Come There Are Both Zeros And Whole Numbers? (Please Order First!)about 2 months agoChapter 33: Damn! I Have An Amumu Here! I'm Not Kidding!about 2 months agoChapter 34 Are You Cosplaying As A Cricket Pupa? Lu Yun: Is There A Fountain In Your Throat?about 2 months agoChapter 35: The Whip Is Dipped In Iodine, And Disinfected While Beating. I Have To Account For One Of The Physics And Principles.about 2 months agoChapter 36 What The Hell? Glider? Protagonist: Are You A Spy Sent By That Idiot?about 2 months agoChapter 37 My Chin Is Flat And My Head Is Bald, And You Tell Me It’S Gone?about 2 months agoChapter 38 A World Where Everyone Is Having Fun And The Protagonist Is The Only One Who Gets Hurt Has Been Achieved!about 2 months agoChapter 39 Senior Sister’S Knee Pillow Is So Comfortable! Lu Yun: It’S Broken! I’M Not Clean Anymore!about 2 months agoChapter 40 Lu Yun's Knowledge Is Too Advanced, The Senior Sister Is Brokenabout 2 months agoChapter 41 New Rewards! Lu Yun: It’S Broken, The Second Senior Sister Is Also Brokenabout 2 months agoChapter 42: Collusion! The Second Senior Sister Was Played Badly!about 2 months agoChapter 43 Haiyan! You Better Be Careful! I Can’T Hold It In Anymore! I’M Scared!about 2 months agoChapter 44 Go And Have A Look! Those Little Swallows Are Going Crazy! People Are Going Crazy Too!about 2 months agoChapter 45 Lei Wufeng Was In Chaos, And Master Felt That The World Was Brokenabout 2 months agoChapter 46 This Silly Master Finally Got It! Senior Sister: Playing With A Dog Is Better Than Playing With Him!about 2 months agoChapter 47 Are You Playing Truth Or Dare? Lu Yun: With This Makeup, It Would Take Three Episodes Of Approaching Science.about 2 months agoChapter 48 You Dare To Curse That Living Devil? If He Hits You, He Will Beat The Shit Out Of You!about 2 months agoChapter 49 Second Senior Sister Was Played Badly, Lu Yun: Lecher? I Am A f**king Hooligan, Do You Know That?about 2 months agoChapter 50 This Unfortunate Woman Sneaked Into My Room In The Middle Of The Night And Stabbed Me Eight Times. You Told Me She Has A Gentle Personality?about 2 months agoChapter 51 Isn’T This Too Fast? Lu Yun: Is There Anyone Who Can Take Care Of This Guy?about 2 months agoChapter 52 The Boy Who Brings Wealth Is Here! Lu Yun: Everything Is Black When You Split It!about 2 months agoChapter 53 Who In The Family Understands? I Ran Into A Scoundrel! And He Has No Moral Principles!about 2 months agoChapter 54: Fierce Cpu! It Will Look Like Me Soon! Lu Yun: Damn! Another One Is Broken!about 2 months agoChapter 55 The Protagonist Returns! Uncle Master Is Crazy! Sister Master: You Should Also Be Busy, Peel Melon Seeds For My Husbandabout 2 months ago