The Zombie Emperor Of Doomsday

The Zombie Emperor Of Doomsday


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I'm No Longer A Human Being
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[Feilu Novel Network A-level contracted novel: The Zombie Emperor of the Doomsday]

Lin An, who died unexpectedly, opened his eyes again and found himself in a parallel world three months after the apocalypse, and he became a zombie.

Fortunately, he has awakened the ‘Zombie Emperor Evolution System’, which will help Lin An evolve quickly whether killing people or zombies.

From then on, an infinite road of evolution opened in front of Lin An.

Kill the males among the enemies directly and drink their blood.

The women among the enemies were directly forcibly adopted as their corpse concubines! Favored every day!

Evil is evil, and there is no whitewashing.

In this life, I want to sit on that evil zombie emperor!

PS: Dark writing style, keep the Holy Mother out of it.

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001 The Guy Lost His Arms, But Still Wants To mast**rb*te2 months ago002 I Am No Longer A Human Being! ! !2 months ago003 Discover The Gathering Place Of Surviving Humans2 months ago004 The Power Of ‘Bone’, Ruthless Slaughter2 months ago005 Farm Cellar2 months ago006 Level 2 Zombie, Licker2 months ago007 Swallow Corpse Core, Evolve To Level Two2 months ago008 Zoo, Scary Carnivorous Insect (Corpse)2 months ago009 Enthusiastic Human Evolver2 months ago010 Kill Hu Qing Instantly And Suck Blood2 months ago011 Where Are You Going?2 months ago012 X Outside The City, Level 3 Zombie Hunter2 months ago013 Kill The Hunter And Your Power Surges!2 months ago014 The Situation In Cities Near Lanjing2 months ago015 Domineering Female Soldier, Yang Yanran2 months ago016 Lord-Type Mind-Controlled Zombies2 months ago018 He Is Not An Ordinary High-Level Zombie, Run Away!2 months ago019 If You Say You Are A Bit Difficult To Chase, I Will Break Your Legs!2 months ago020 My Corpse Concubine, I Want To Occupy You! Of! Beautiful!2 months ago021 Madhu, I Have Already Fallen In Love With Your Wife!2 months ago022 Despair Comes, And The X City Base Falls2 months ago023 Unique Spatial Ability2 months ago024 Level 4 Zombie Blade And Military District Level 4 Evolver2 months ago025 Take The Initiative, Target Military Base2 months ago026 Even The Hail Of Bullets Can’T Hurt Me At All!2 months ago027 Tell The Chief, This Monster Is Too Powerful!2 months ago028 All Attributes Exceeded 10,000, And The Steel Door Was Shattered With One Punch2 months ago029 I Would Like To Ask You To Kill A ‘Person’ Who Is Not A Human Being.2 months ago030 The Unknown Devouring Ability2 months ago031 Gather Millions Of Zombies2 months ago032 Level 5 Zombie, Tyrant!2 months ago033 Battle During Tank Bombing!2 months ago034 Tu Youwei’S Killer Move, Nuclear Landmine!2 months ago035 Surround And Kill Lin An Who Is Seriously Injured2 months ago036 Just Because I Have Become Weaker Does Not Mean That You Have Become Stronger!2 months ago037 Kill And Take The Head, Leaving Nothing Behind!2 months ago038 Zhan Lei, Who Must Be Punished2 months ago039 Radiation Mutated Golden Corpse2 months ago040 Rumors About The Corpse King2 months ago041 The Conclusion Of The Zombie King!2 months ago042 Be Strong First And Then Be Strong Later, No Matter How Hard You Give Up!2 months ago043 Ah Ah, He Killed The Luo Family Army’S Men!2 months ago045 Arrive At Lanjing And Kill The Tyrant Instantly2 months ago046 Don’T Leave Any One Behind!2 months ago047 Promote To Level Five And Unlock The Ability Of Blood!2 months ago048 Plan To Use Nuclear Bombs To Eliminate Zombies2 months ago050 China’S First Level Six Evolver2 months ago051 Forget It, I’Ll Just Go There2 months agoA Testimonial On The Launch2 months ago052 Alone? Lin An’S Surprise [Please Order First! 】2 months ago053 Strong Wind And Blood Waves [Please Order First! 】2 months ago054 Isn’T It A Bit Funny That You Want To Run Away? 【Please Order First! 】2 months ago055 Annoying Rat [Please Order First! 】2 months ago056 The Death Of Yang Tianqi [Please Order First! 】2 months ago057 The Nuclear Bomb Is Launched, Lan Jing Ceases To Exist [Please Order First! 】2 months ago059 Yang Yanran With Complicated Emotions [Today’S Second Update]2 months ago060 City Of Bloody Worms [Today’S Third Update]2 months ago061 Underground Insect Nest [Fourth Update Today! 】2 months ago062 Loli Insect Mother [Today’S Fifth Update]2 months ago063 Export The Loli Insect Mother (Human Form) And Adopt It As A Corpse Concubine [First Update]2 months ago064 Teach A Loli How To Call C【Today’S Second Update】2 months ago066 Swallowed Several Cities In A Row And Arrived At The Magic City [Fourth Update Today! 】2 months ago067 Entering The Magic City [Today’S Fifth Update]2 months ago068 The Sixth-Level Evolvers Of Magic City [First Update]2 months ago069 I Want To Make A Decision With This Woman! 【Second Update Today! 】2 months ago071 Call Your Sister To The Back Mountain At Night! 【Fourth Update】2 months ago072 My Foolish Sister [Fifth Update Today]2 months ago073 Break Both Arms First And Then Talk [1St Update]2 months ago074 Continue, I Only Use My Left Hand [Today’S Second Update]2 months ago075 Zerg Army, Move Out! 【Today’S Third Update】2 months ago076 Bloody Magic City, A Killing Spree [Today’S Fourth Update]2 months ago078 Collecting Ten Corpse Dependents [Update 1]2 months ago080 Loli Cultivation Plan Starts! 【Third Update Today! 】2 months ago082 Fierce Battle With Giant Sea Worms [Today’S Fifth Update]2 months ago083 Is About To Enter Level Six! 【First Update! 】2 months ago085 The Confused Chen Xuhai [Third Update Today! 】2 months ago087 Let Your Daughter Stay [Fifth Update Today]2 months ago088 The Japanese Fleet Attacked And Occupied The Magic City [First Update]2 months ago090 Beast Control Ability, Giant Octopus [Today’S Third Update]2 months ago091 Lord Lin Is Back! 【First Update】2 months ago092 Offal! 【Second Update Today! 】2 months ago093 Incredible Strength, Kill The Octopus [Today’S Third Update]2 months ago094 One Move, Just One Move [Today’S Fourth Update! 】2 months ago095 Furious Lin An [Fifth Update Today!]2 months ago096 Lin An’S Cruelty, Extreme Killing [First Update]2 months ago098 Thaad Warning, Us Intervention [Third Update Today]2 months ago099 Prepare To Leave, Target Japan [Fourth Update Today! 】2 months ago0100 Level 7 Zombie Reincarnator [Fifth Update Today! 】2 months ago0101 Be The Master Of The World! ? 【First Update】2 months ago0102 Like A Dragon But Not A Dragon, Riding The Wind And Waves [Today’S Second Update]2 months ago0103 Lin An’S Mental Attack [Today’S Third Update]2 months ago0106 I Want A Group Of People Who Are Good At Killing! 【First Update】2 months ago0107 Genetic Modifiers From The United States [Second Update Today]2 months ago0108 Iron Giant [Third Update Today]2 months ago0109 Agent Denton Will Not Disappoint The Prime Minister [Fourth Update]2 months ago0110 Unpalatable Heart【First Update】2 months ago0111 The Golden Corpse Mutated Again [Second Update]2 months ago0112 Fearing The Seventh Level Evolver, The United States Launches A Nuclear Bomb [Third Update! ]2 months ago0115 Healing Smile Goddess Gakki【Second Update】2 months ago0117 Fierce Battle [Fourth Update]2 months ago