Tower Defense Lord: The First Ten Consecutive SSS-Level Talents

Tower Defense Lord: The First Ten Consecutive SSS-Level Talents


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The abyss invaded, the heavens awakened,

Everyone has the opportunity to awaken and become a tower defense lord, and go to the chaos to build a territory to resist the enemy!

Lin Xiu came across time and awakened ten consecutive SSS-level talents!

[Ten thousand times experience: killing any enemy will get ten thousand times experience]

[Unlimited upgrades: Any of your arms will break through the level limit and can be upgraded indefinitely]

[Super God Sniper: Attack distances of all arms can be superimposed and shared]

[Super Power: Every time an enemy is killed, the attack will be permanently increased by 1%]


Top ten SSS-level talents added, when others are still doing their best to resist the abyss,

Lin Xiu has already launched a counterattack towards the abyss!


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Chapter 1 The Land Of Trials, Tower Defense Lord!about 1 year agoChapter 2 Ten Consecutive Sss-Level Talents! Purgatory Mode!about 1 year agoChapter 3 Ten Thousand Times Experience! Level Soaringabout 1 year agoChapter 4 Eleven Arrow Towers! Hunting Time!about 1 year agoChapter 5 The First Wave Is Over, Lv43'S Arrow Tower!about 1 year agoChapter 6 Shocking Place Of Trial! Mysterious Businessman!about 1 year agoChapter 7 Heaven-Defying Treasure! Pick Up With One Click!about 1 year agoChapter 8 Thousands Of Miles Of Sound Transmission! Auction! Crazy Equipment!about 1 year agoChapter 9 Lord Of The Resentful Seed, Tower Defense Architectural Blueprint Watchtower!about 1 year agoChapter 10 Auctioning The Right To Use The Book Of Knowledge, Envying And Hating Lordsabout 1 year agoChapter 11 Two Hundred And Fifty One Arrow Towers! The Second Wave Of Monsters Is Coming!about 1 year agoChapter 12 Watchtower Lv43! The Terrifying Skeleton King Boss!about 1 year agoChapter 13 Unlock The Second Talent! The Sealed Demon Sword!about 1 year agoChapter 14 Elite Pterosaur Lair! Ready To Shop!about 1 year agoChapter 15 Heaven-Defying Treasure! Tier 5 Blue Blueprint - Thunder Turret!about 1 year agoChapter 16 The Home Of The Tower Defense Lord! Lu Wushuang's Prayer!about 1 year agoChapter 17: Voice Transmission Thousands Of Miles! The Rookie King And The Young Master Of The Family!about 1 year agoChapter 18 Borrow Money! Rich And Powerful Han Jung-Wooabout 1 year agoChapter 19 Thunder Turret! The Third Wave Of Monsters Is Coming!about 1 year agoChapter 20 Break Through The Upper Limit Of The Level, Super Evolution!about 1 year agoChapter 21 Epic Level Orange Equipment! Assault Armor Blueprint!about 1 year agoChapter 22 The Tsundere Hero, Lilian The Charming Witchabout 1 year agoChapter 23 Lord's Mansion Upgrade, Auction Of Book Of Knowledge Lv2about 1 year agoChapter 24 The Lord Of Wood's Feelings, Talking About Feelings Hurts Money!about 1 year agoChapter 25 Soaring Lv35! Shocked Lilian!about 1 year agoChapter 26: The Oric Clan! Lillian's Excited!about 1 year agoChapter 27 The Young Master Of An Aristocratic Family Full Of Self-Confidence! Synthetic Assault Armor!about 1 year agoChapter 28 Hidden Job Change Scroll! Stars - Arrow Of Sodaril!about 1 year agoChapter 29 Three-Stage Purple Building! Bone Ground!about 1 year agoChapter 30 Bidding! One Hundred Thousand Gold Coins, Plus 2.5 Million!about 1 year agoChapter 31 Upstart! Lilian's Harvest, Treasure Mapabout 1 year agoChapter 32 The Third Talent, Super God Sniper!about 1 year agoChapter 33 Curse Of Doom! Paradise - The Sword Of Michael!about 1 year agoChapter 34: Nine Nether Robes Of The Secret Technique! Explore The Ruinsabout 1 year agoChapter 35 Spirit Grass Garden In The Ruins, Wild Heroes!about 1 year agoChapter 36 Congxin’S Botanical Hero, Ginseng Fruit Tree Ahuaabout 1 year agoChapter 37 Sincerity Is The Ultimate Skill!about 1 year agoChapter 38 Unreserved Ginseng Fruit Tree! Loyalty 100 Points!about 1 year agoChapter 39 The Mysterious Businessman Who Opened His Mouthabout 1 year agoChapter 40 Divine Grade Mount! Ice Qilin!about 1 year agoChapter 41 Book Of Knowledge Lv4, Nightabout 1 year agoChapter 42 The Orientation Of The Abyss Plane! Another Boss!about 1 year agoChapter 43 Job Change Mission! The Thunder Turret Of Lv176!about 1 year agoChapter 44 Five-Step Purple Architectural Drawing! Dire Wolf Fighter!about 1 year agoChapter 45 Instantly Kill The Bounty Boss! The Boss Is Only Lv35? ?about 1 year agoChapter 46 Sky-High Blueprints! Roll Up The Top Ten Families!about 1 year agoChapter 47 Duel Card! Xie Wendong's Killing Intent!about 1 year agoChapter 48 Duel Of Life And Death! The Soft Sword Is Like A Snake!about 1 year agoChapter 49: The Villain Died Of Talking Too Much! Xie Wendong's Panic!about 1 year agoChapter 50 If Possible, We Must Return To The Abyss! !about 1 year agoChapter 51: Xie Wendong's Legacy! Heavenly Sword Profession!about 1 year agoChapter 52: Murong Xuan's Purchasing Agent! Robe Of The Sacrifice!about 1 year agoChapter 53 Competition For The Rookie King! The Lords Who Sharpen Their Knivesabout 1 year agoChapter 54 Lords Who Have Changed Their Attitudes, Danfang-Youxiandan!about 1 year agoChapter 55: Big Planter! Treasure Hero Ah Hua!about 1 year agoChapter 56 Clear The Level In Ten Minutes! Shocking Lords!about 1 year agoChapter 57: Breathing Soil! Super Evolution Of Thunder Turret!about 1 year agoChapter 58: The Sixth Talent Is Unlocked! Yu Jianshu!about 1 year agoChapter 59 Congxin's Little Xuanzi, The Sixth Day! Mist Shadow Beast!about 1 year agoChapter 60 Thunder - The Fall Of The Windchaser! The Gold Palace Above The Sky!about 1 year agoChapter 61 The Final Battle! Lilian Vs Oric!about 1 year agoChapter 62 Horrible Orik! Crit 200 Million!about 1 year agoChapter 63 The Trial Is Over! The Bronze Lord Who Lashed Out At Fang Qiuabout 1 year agoChapter 64 Shock Qingcheng! Lin Xiu Is The Rookie King! ?about 1 year agoChapter 65 Spoils Of War! The Mighty Oric Heart!about 1 year agoChapter 66 The Great Earthquake In The Central Starfield! Qingcheng Feedback Auction!about 1 year agoChapter 67 Auction? No, This Is Lin Xiu's Solo Exhibition!about 1 year agoChapter 68 Settlement Rewards! Can Grow Artifact! Annihilation Set!about 1 year agoChapter 69: Ten Families Arrive! Let Lin Xiu Come To See You!about 1 year agoChapter 70 The Xie Family's Temptation! Now, Do I Deserve It! ?about 1 year agoChapter 71 Surprising Gift List! Central Starfield, Murong's Familyabout 1 year agoChapter 72 Enter The Chaos Battlefield! The New Territory Is Activated!about 1 year agoChapter 73 Epic Set, Five-Party Artillery Array! Crazy Infrastructure!about 1 year agoChapter 74 The Abyss Is Coming! Confused Lord, Where Are The Monsters? ?about 2 months agoChapter 75: Five Directions Purgatory! Lv120 Epic Boss Witch Monster King!about 2 months agoChapter 76 The Lich Transforms And Loses! Silver Lord Promotion Mission!about 2 months agoChapter 77 Sword Mastery! Advance To Silver Lord! Ascension!about 2 months agoChapter 78 The Second Floor Of Ascension! Golden Lord Gu Muzhiabout 2 months agoChapter 79 Secret Realm! The Golden Lord Who Suffered 100 Million Points Of Critical Damageabout 2 months agoChapter 80 The Second Level Of Daily Life! Ten Consecutive Sss Level Talents, All Awakened!about 2 months agoChapter 81: Secret Realm Sells More Than One Product! If You Don’T Change Your Name When You’Re Walking, If You Don’T Change Your Surname When You Sit Down, It’S An Ancient Tree!about 2 months agoChapter 82 Explosive Output With Unlimited Firepower! The Mysterious Assassin!about 2 months agoChapter 83 The Deterrent Power Of Gu Muzhi! Trading Center Chaos Cityabout 2 months agoChapter 84 Offline Auction House, Centennial Vermillion Fruit!about 2 months agoChapter 85 The Auction Of The Shadowless Suit! The Pot Fell From The Sky, Gu Muzhi Was Stunned!about 2 months agoChapter 86: Interception Outside The City, Bait!about 2 months agoChapter 87: Real And Fake Ancient Trees! Two Piece Shadowless Suitabout 2 months agoChapter 88 The Murong Family’S Wanted Order! The First Batch Of Ripe Spiritual Fruitsabout 2 months agoChapter 89 Earth Level Spirit Medicine Ten Thousand Years Of Vermillion Fruit! Secret Realm Breaks Out, 900 Million Abyss Monsters!about 2 months agoChapter 90 Kill Rankings! The Legendary Boss Bronze Ancient Rhinoceros!about 2 months agoChapter 91: Dominating The Charts! Shocked Lords, Who Is Lin Xiu!?about 2 months agoChapter 92: Rank Eight Legendary Building! Immortal Executing Sword Tower!about 2 months agoChapter 93 Shocking Harvest! Murong Wuchang's Challenge!about 2 months agoChapter 94 Auction Of Legendary Military Blueprints! King Yu’S Pill Furnace!about 2 months agoChapter 95 Pill Refining Genius? Seven Episodes Of The Pill Of Pomelo Slimming Pill!about 2 months agoChapter 96: Desolate Land, Full Level Secret Realm, Open!about 2 months agoChapter 97: Five-Color Purgatory Vs Destruction In All Directions! Murong Wuchang's Sexy Moves!about 2 months agoChapter 98 The Terrifying Abyss Boss! Death Of A Hero!about 2 months agoChapter 99: Ghost Knight! The Miserable Murong Wuchang!about 2 months agoChapter 100 The Perverted Boss! Give Me A Sword! Shadowless Suit!about 2 months ago