Universal Lords: Create A Shinto Fairyland From Scratch

Universal Lords: Create A Shinto Fairyland From Scratch


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Ink-Dyed Qi
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This is a great era, where immortals and gods walk with people, and myths are by our side.

Luo Xi traveled to this era - the era of universal lords, stepped into this magnificent world, competed with the heavens, and walked with all races.

Holding the supreme divine object, sublimating the territory buildings, breaking the heroic people, vowed to walk freely in this world!

"Blue" Lord's Heart → "Golden" Lord's Heart! The road to godhood has been long-lasting!

[Altar] → [Memory·Eternal Paradise]: Paradise, where is paradise? If paradise does not exist, then create a paradise of my own!

[Farming] → [Great Swamp·Spiritual Field]: Output x1000%! Growth rate x1000%!

[Arrow Tower] → [Memory·Hyperion]: Truth is only within the caliber of the cannon, and dignity is even more so!

[Barracks] → [Memory·Saint Freya Academy]: Cute girls do not mean no combat effectiveness.

Luo Xi: What is a myth, what is a legend! Isn't the essence of myths and legends just a revised history? So, feel free to dye it with my colors!

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Chapter 1 The Last Lesson—Advent Lesson!27 days agoChapter 2 The Innate Half-Step Protagonist’S Holy Body—Luo Xi!27 days agoChapter 3 My Name Is Luo Xi, And I’M Going To Start Living In Seclusion!27 days agoChapter 4 The Road Is Right Under Our Feet, Let’S Cross It! Let’S Cross It!27 days agoChapter 5 The Era Of Universal Lords!27 days agoChapter 6 The Four Spirits Of Heaven, Prelude To Awakening!27 days agoChapter 7 Blue Boutique, A Good Future!27 days agoChapter 8 The Lord's Heart, The Origin Of The Extraordinary!27 days agoChapter 9 Territory Characteristics, Daoyang!27 days agoChapter 10 Golden Finger, Start!27 days agoChapter 11 Wow, Golden Legend!27 days agoChapter 12: Giving Up Is The Ladder Of Human Progress!27 days agoChapter 13 The Real Opportunity, The Source Of The Great Way Fluid!27 days agoChapter 14 Transformation Of Characteristics, Great Heavenly Master Daoyang!27 days agoChapter 15 Transformation From The Inside Out, I Am So Handsome!27 days agoChapter 16 Reminiscing The Past (1) Suffering?27 days agoChapter 17 Reminiscence Of The Past (2) Machinery!27 days agoChapter 18 Reminiscence Of The Past (3) Finale.27 days agoChapter 19 Civilized Funeral Flowers, My Burial Objects!27 days agoChapter 20 College Entrance Examination? I Will Make Sure You Never Come Back!27 days agoChapter 21 Novice Trial, The Beginning Of Extraordinariness!27 days agoChapter 22 Group Fight? Single Fight? Group Fight Is Justice!27 days agoChapter 23 Sublimation! Sublimation! Memory? Or Legend Or Myth?27 days agoChapter 24 Recruitment, And The Supreme Law Of Balance!27 days agoChapter 25 The Origin Of Power, Recruitment Of Heroes!27 days agoChapter 26: Long Time No See, I Even Miss You!27 days agoChapter 27 The First Wave Of Monsters? That's It!27 days agoChapter 28 The First Wave Of Novice Trials, Passed Perfectly!27 days agoChapter 29: An Incomplete Race With Some Overlapping Affixes.27 days agoChapter 30 Two Key Resources, Void Origin Stone And Void Crystal!27 days agoChapter 31 You Work And I Slack Off, What's Wrong?27 days agoChapter 32 Gather Three Thousand Holy Spirits And I Will Be Invincible!27 days agoChapter 33 The Second Wave Of Monsters Is A Piece Of Cake!27 days agoChapter 34 Sublimated Buildings Are Not Just Sublimated Buildings!27 days agoChapter 35 St. Freya Academy, Start! ×Startup Failed!27 days agoChapter 36 It Turns Out That Everything Is Bronya’S Deep Meaning!27 days agoChapter 37 All In, All In, All In! All In Is A Kind Of Wisdom!27 days agoChapter 38 The Holy Spirit Of Fire, Kiana Kaslana Is Coming!27 days agoChapter 39 Kiana And Luo Xi, Cat To Catnip!27 days agoChapter 40 Burn Yourself, Light Yourself!27 days agoChapter 41: A Fool’S Words, So Is It Illegal To Lie To A Fool?27 days agoChapter 42 The Shura Field Was Opened In Advance?27 days agoChapter 43. Enlightenment! The Best Tank, Kiana Kaslana!27 days agoChapter 43 I Am A Genius Student, So I Control My Grades!27 days agoChapter 44 Mr. Niu, Your Coffin Lid Is Flying!27 days agoChapter 45 The Free Upgrade Is Simply Awesome!27 days agoChapter 46 Greedy, I Want To Be Extremely Greedy!27 days agoChapter 47 On The Tenth Day, The Legendary Abyss Lord Appears!27 days agoChapter 48 Sword One - Fire And Sun, Destroy All Enemies!27 days agoChapter 49: Once The Sleeping Dragon Is Defeated, He Emerges From The Mountain—The Lord Of The Abyss Is Captured!27 days agoChapter 49 Enjoy The Explosion Of Resources!27 days agoChapter 50: Special Trial, Trial Of Genius!27 days agoChapter 51 The Real Treasure—Yanxia History Hall.27 days agoChapter 52 The Truth Of Falsehood——The Imperial Seal And The Heshi Jade!27 days agoChapter 53: Void Palace, A Year Of Harvest!27 days agoChapter 54 Tree Of Origin, Start!27 days agoChapter 55: Incredible Functions 2 And 3, The First Step Towards Becoming A Supermodel Lord!27 days agoChapter 56 The Zhoutian Stars And Daoyin Cave Heaven Are Not Like The Mortal World!27 days agoChapter 57 The Savior, The Valkyrie Of The Collapse World!27 days agoChapter 58: Dao Source Fluid Or God-Level Succubus Body?27 days agoChapter 59 Equipment Forging: Valkyrie Armor, Blank Key!27 days agoChapter 60: Drunkenness In The Game Hall, Forgetting All Troubles27 days agoChapter 61 Fenglong Lake Turned Into A Blade, My Body Was Shattered Into Thousands, And All Of Them Were Me!27 days agoChapter 62 Fenglong Holy Spirit——Raiden Mei!27 days agoChapter 63: Schizophrenia? Or A Multi-Consciousness Complex?27 days agoChapter 64 I Traveled Through All The Heavens And Worlds At The Same Time (Raiden Mei Version)!27 days agoChapter 65 The Second Exceptional Hero, The Strongest Holy Spirit?27 days agoChapter 65 New Heroes, Fu Hua And Fu Shi.27 days agoChapter 66: Yi Has Taiji, Which Gives Birth To Two Opposites, And The Inverted Cause And Effect Gives Rise To Taixu!27 days agoChapter 67 What Does Broken Mei’S Promise Have To Do With Me, Bengbeng Mei?27 days agoChapter 68 Isn’T It Normal For The Future To Be Connected To The Present?27 days agoChapter 69 Wu Qi, The Second Sage, A Military Soldier Of The Qin State!27 days agoChapter 70 The Qin Army Formation, One Against A Hundred!27 days agoChapter 71 Isn’T Extreme Suppression A Kind Of Face-To-Face Ntr?27 days ago