Unlimited Investment In The Protagonist Of Destiny To Create An Eternal Fairy Clan

Unlimited Investment In The Protagonist Of Destiny To Create An Eternal Fairy Clan


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This book is also known as "Unlimited Investing in Destiny Clansman, Family Mass Production Great Emperor"

Lu QIngxuan transmigrate the fantasy world, take over the throne at the beginning, as long as you invest in the tribe and develop the family, you can continue to get rewards.

[Ding! Invest in a Heavenly Rank magic weapon from the clansmen, and get a holy weapon, a birth and death separation and reunion killing array! ]

[Ding! Invest in a bottle of Yuqing Good Fortune Pill, and get ten pots of Nine-Turn Immortal Yuan Pill and three elixir of immortality! ]

[Ding! Invest in the tribal thunder rune, and get the thunder divine body! ]

[Ding! The family is promoted to the ancient family, rewarded with one emperor-level exercise, three Saint Rank spiritual veins, and 100,000 family luck points! ]


Therefore, under the leadership of Lu QIngxuan, the Lu family rose rapidly. With the blessing of the terrifying Luck, Divine Body, Sacred Body, and various protagonist template clans appeared frequently

Lord of the Dynasty: "You have a long life! Why did the Lu family produce another Sacred Body? Could it be that the Lu family is really capable of producing the supreme talent!"

The headmaster of the Holy Land: "The Saint Child of my Holy Land has not stepped into the Saint Realm yet, why is the Lu family's Tianjiao the Great Emperor!"

Forbidden Zone Supreme: "Whether the world is chaotic or not, the Lu family has the final say, want me to launch a dark turmoil? Why don't you let me transform into Taoism!"

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Chapter 1: Choose The Strongest Family System, Integrate Heavenly Hegemony Physique, And Take Over The Throne Of King Lu Mansion!3 months agoChapter 2: Investing In The Waste Material Flow Protagonist Template, Generous Investment Returns, And Lu Yu With Burning Fighting Spirit!3 months agoChapter 3: Empress Of Destiny, Right? Just Be Obedient And Give Me A Baby First!3 months agoChapter 4: Just Treat It As My King Lu Mansion And Invest In The Second Elder And The Seventh Elder!3 months agoChapter 5: Ling Xiyue’S Secret, Accomplishing Major Events In Life, Generous Gift Package!3 months agoChapter 6: The Tribe’S Shock, Investment In Ling Xiyue, Generous Rewards!3 months agoChapter 7: Ling Xiyue Has A Child, Breaks Through The Profound Core Realm Seventh Layer, And The Family Is Promoted To Sixth Grade!3 months agoChapter 8: The Reward For Family Promotion, The Intolerable Bottom Line, And The Task Of Annihilating Three Clans!3 months agoChapter 9: Kill Three Profound Core Level Experts With One Palm, Recover The Canglan Purple Gold Mine, And Kill The Zhou Family!3 months agoChapter 10: Hardly Accessing The Earth Rank Law Treasure, Isn’T It A Basic Operation, Suppressing The Three Masters!3 months agoChapter 11: Killing The Zhou Family Ancestor, Lu Yu, Who Has Just Shown His Talents, The Zhou Family Is Destroyed!3 months agoChapter 12: Generous Mission Rewards, Rewards Based On Merit, Golden Investment Reappears!3 months agoChapter 13: The Lu Family Members Have A Surge In Fighting Spirit, And The Core Elders Of King Lu Mansion Have Changed, Langya Tianzong!3 months agoChapter 14: Husband, Can You Stay With Me Tonight? Yang Xuan, The Lord Of The Sheriff’S Mansion!3 months agoChapter 15: New Destiny Protagonist Template, Sword Dao Genius Lu Jianchen, Purple Investment!3 months agoChapter 16: The Great Elder Who Awakened The Ancient Gold Treasure Body Invested Again, Shocked Yang Xuan!3 months agoChapter 17: Shocked Yang Xuan, The Fang Family’S Secrets, Breaking Through The Soul Palace Realm!3 months agoChapter 18: The Overall Strength Of The Family Has Improved, Lu Yu’S Opportunity, The Secret Of The Universe Stars!3 months agoChapter 19: Family Mining Finds Treasure? Kill The Earth Dragon Beast, A Huge Stone Blooming With Red Divine Glow!3 months agoChapter 20: The Extremely Rare Treasure Of Heaven And Earth, Three Drops Of True Dragon Essence And Blood, Sacrificed To The Tianyuan Demon Fetus!3 months agoChapter 21: Investment Artifact Refining Master Lu Zheng, Tianyan Sanxuanbian, Ling Xiyue’S Pattern!3 months agoChapter 22: Sword Dao Vision, Generous Investment Rewards, Lu Jianchen’S Firm Will!3 months agoChapter 23: The Big Reward For The Family’S Promotion To Fifth Grade, The Langya Tianzong’S Sense Of Crisis, And The Instigation Of Rebellion Against Lu Tianming!3 months agoChapter 24: Lu Tianming, The Ming Lao In The Sea Of ​​Consciousness, The Soul-Locking God-Devouring Insect, Lu Tianming Escaped With His Life!3 months agoChapter 25: The Extremely Frustrated Elder Of Langya Tianzong, Another Golden Investor, Generous Investment Rewards!3 months agoChapter 26: Three Langya Tianzong Elders Come To Visit. The Highlight Moment Of The Great Elder Is To Kill The Langya Tianzong Elders.3 months agoChapter 27: Lu Qingxuan’S Terrifying Power, Kill Them All And Trigger A New Mission!3 months agoChapter 28: It’S Time For Your Langya Tianzong To Pay Off Your Debts. The Extremely Domineering Lu Qingxuan, Please Save Me!3 months agoChapter 29: The Powerful Killing, The Regretful Headmaster Song Yan, The Supreme Elder Of Dinghai Shenzhen!3 months agoChapter 30: The Strong Man In The Spirit Union Fell, Everyone Was Frightened, And The Langya Tianzong Was Destroyed!3 months agoChapter 31: Generous Rewards For Completing The Mission And Collecting All The Loot!3 months agoChapter 32: Adjustment Of The Family’S Internal Structure, Investing In The Eighth Elder Lu Yunxiao!3 months agoChapter 33: The Family Guardian Beast Beiming Xuankun, The Nine Divine Arts Of The Dragon Tribulation Nine Transformations!3 months agoChapter 34: Lu Tianming’S Trump Card, Ming Lao’S Shock, And Lu Qingxuan’S Imagination!3 months agoChapter 35: The Famous Towering Cloud Dynasty, The Attitude Of Prince Jing’S Mansion, Yi Xuanji And Ling Mufeng!3 months agoChapter 36: Don’T Let The Wealth Go To Outsiders, Understand The True Dragon Form, And The Family Is Born Spirit Body!3 months agoChapter 37: The Talented Girl From The Family Who Awakened The Tianyin Wonderful Body, Lu Siyin’S Worries, Purple Investment!3 months agoChapter 38: Generous Investment Rewards, Breaking Through The Spirit Union Realm, And People Coming From Taibai Mountain!3 months agoChapter 39: Lu Siyin Was Unmoved When He Accepted A Disciple On Taibai Mountain!3 months agoChapter 40: Don’T Hit The Wall And Don’T Look Back, Take The Initiative To Ask Lu Qingxuan For Advice, The Horrified Shen Mo!3 months agoChapter 41: Elder Shen Mo, Who Was Almost Scared To Death, Received A Huge Mission Reward!3 months agoChapter 42: Taibai Mountain Taishang Elder Ji Hongying, The Opportunity To Defying The Heavens And Changing Fate!3 months agoChapter 43: The Four Core Tribesmen, The Rapidly Developing King Lu Mansion, Have Greatly Improved Their Strength!3 months agoChapter 44: The Arrival Of The First Child, Innate Yuanling Dao Body, Unparalleled Genius!3 months agoChapter 45: Generous Feedback Rewards From Offspring, Lu Yu Awakens The Star King Body, And Tianyuan Demon Desire Transcending Tribulation Transforms!3 months agoChapter 46: Another Golden Investment Talent, Generous Return Rewards, Ji Hongying Comes To King Lu Mansion To Recruit Disciples!3 months agoChapter 47: The Powerful Ling Xiyue Kills Ji Hongying And Gets An Unexpected Reward!3 months agoChapter 48: The Special Treasure Phantom Spirit Treasure Tower, Taibai Mountain’S Plan, And Lu Yan’S Way To Advance!3 months agoChapter 49: The Lingyun Tianjiao List Is Opened, Lingyun Tianjiao’S Name Is Left On The Lingyun Tianjiao Monument, And The Lu Family’S Tianjiao Is Beginning To Show His Talent!3 months agoChapter 50: The Top Five Lu Families Take Three Places, And Lu Jianchen, Who Shows No Mercy, Enters The Final Ranking Battle!3 months agoChapter 51: The Four Heavenly Stars And The Five Thunderous Heaven Seals, Lu Jianchen’S Cool Moves, The Final Ranking On The Lingyun Tianjiao List!3 months agoChapter 52: The Intentions Of The Lingyun Royal Family, The Generous Rewards Issued By The System, The Sixth Prince Ling Tianxing!3 months agoChapter 53: My Father-In-Law’S Plan? With The Power Of One's Will, The Great Formation Of Birth And Death, Clutching And Locking The Sky!3 months agoChapter 54: The Very Powerful Lu Qingxuan Killed A Group Of Royal Elders And Captured Ling Siyuan!3 months agoChapter 55: Unparalleled Power, Myriad Manifestations, The Battle Formation Between Gods And Demons, Killed Six Hidden Dragon Mountain Elders!3 months agoChapter 56: The Towering Cloud Dynasty Of Yiyantang, Ling Tianxing Was Established As The Crown Prince, And Lu Tianming’S Situation!3 months agoChapter 57: All Forces Were Shocked, The Purple Destiny Tribe Appeared Again, And The Fragments Of The King Body Origin Appeared!3 months agoChapter 58: Towering Cloud Dynasty Rewards King Lu Mansion With Benefits, King Lu Mansion’S Strength Is Greatly Improved, And Yunxiao Secret Realm3 months agoChapter 59: The Medicine In The Purple Primordial Spirit Xiaohua Root Nodule, Fang Yi Is Unwilling To Accept It, And Unites Everyone To Deal With The Towering Cloud Dynasty Tianjiao3 months agoChapter 60: Lu Jianchen And Lu Yu Were Killed In All Directions, The Elders Of All The Forces Were Blown Away, And Many Geniuses Were Shocked!3 months agoChapter 61: Killed With One Palm, The Four Elders Were Shocked, The Terrifying Lu Qingxuan!3 months agoChapter 62: Destroy Fang Yi And Seize His Bones, See Golden Investment Again, And Obtain The Talent Of Chaos Dao Bone!3 months agoChapter 63: Five Major Forces Join Forces To Target King Lu Mansion. Is Xuan Ying Being Remembered? The Lingyun Royal Family Came To Help!3 months agoChapter 64: The Incoming Terrorist Lineup, The First Leader Of Shenxiao Dao Sect, The System’S Sudden Mission!3 months agoChapter 65: The Terrifyingly Powerful Lu Yan Killed Fu Qinglun With One Sword And Received The Mission Reward!3 months agoChapter 66: With One Step, The Sword Cuts In All Directions, The Five Major Forces Are Frightened, And There Is No Room For Negotiation!3 months agoChapter 67: With Your Weak Trump Card, You Have Really Disappointed Me. You Must Be Destroyed.3 months agoChapter 68: Destroy The Five Major Forces, Collect Many Treasures, And The Terrifying Power Of Magneto-Optical Leylines!3 months agoChapter 69: Giving A Gift To My Father-In-Law, Shocking Countless Forces, King Lu Mansion Moved To A New Address3 months agoChapter 70: At The General Meeting Of The New Tribe, The Basic Treatment Of The Tribe Is Doubled Again, And The Five Core Tribe Members Are Canonized!3 months agoChapter 71: Promoted To The Fourth Grade Family, Received Considerable System Rewards, And Fed Xuan Ying’S Mysterious Woman3 months agoChapter 72: Want To Abduct My Xuan Ying? Slap Away The Empty Void Realm Powerhouse With One Palm, The Three Major Transcendent Level Groups In The Inner Sea!3 months agoChapter 73: Jiao Guang Will Retaliate, Lu Qingxuan Breaks Through The Empty Void Realm, Xuan Ying Breaks Through The Peak Of The Empty Void Realm!3 months agoChapter 74: Xuan Ying’S Highlight Moment, Snatching The Low Grade Spiritual Crystal Veins, Jiao Guang’S Plan!3 months agoChapter 75: The Dominant Force In The Outer Sea Area, The Tyranny Of Xingyue Divine Palace, Xuan Ying’S Hunting Moment3 months agoChapter 76: The Cause And Effect Of The Attack On Jiatan Island, Nangong Yingyue, The Lord Of Xingyue Palace, And Xuan Ying Were Suppressed?3 months agoChapter 77: The Two Geniuses Who Want To Poach Their Lu Family Detect The Second Heroine Who Is Destined To Have A Prosperous Husband.3 months agoChapter 78: The Extremely Aggrieved Nangong Yingyue Was Shocked To The Point Of Breaking Her Cognition, The Power Of Chaos And Light!3 months agoChapter 79: Asking For Some Compensation From Xuan Ying, Nangong Yingyue Was Furious And Ignored Him.3 months agoChapter 80: Plunder The Power Of Luck, The King Body Is Born In The Family, And You Will Receive Generous Rewards!3 months agoChapter 81: Purple Invests In Jiang Xuanya, Returns Generous Rewards, Would Rather Kill By Mistake Than Let Go!3 months agoChapter 82: The Battle Between The Forces In The Outer Sea, Visiting Xuanming Island Lu Qingxuan, The Arrogant Nangong Yingyue3 months agoChapter 83: In A One-On-Three Life And Death Battle, Nangong Yingyue, Who Is Desperate For His Life, Feels The Warmth He Has Never Felt Before!3 months agoChapter 84: The Horrified Yun Shitian And The Dazed Nangong Yingyue Are All Trapped!3 months agoChapter 85: The True Dragon Entrapment Technique And The Mingqing Divine Spear Are Even More Uncomfortable Than Killing Jiao Guang, Kill Them All!3 months agoChapter 86: The Leader Of The Human Race In The Outer Sea Area, Nangong Yingyue Sent Abundant Resources!3 months agoChapter 87: The First Meeting Of The Two Heroines, Ling Xiyue’S Amazing Assist, Am I That Kind Of Person?3 months agoChapter 88: Xuan Ying’S Reputation In The Outer Seas, His Family Was Promoted To Third Grade Power, And He Received A Family Reward3 months agoChapter 89: Generous Family Promotion Rewards, Family Treasures, Purple Investment Shows Up Again3 months agoChapter 90: A Huge Investment Return Reward, Overdraft Of The Original Ancestor Jiaoyuan, And Help Our Clan Get Rid Of Some Powerful Enemies.3 months agoChapter 91: The Terrifying Lu Qingxuan, Who Was Shocked To The Point Of Doubting His Life, And The Desperate Jiao Yuan3 months agoChapter 92: The Power Of The Chaos Tribulation Light, Killing The Ancestor Of The Qingjiao Clan, And Grilling The Flood Dragon Who Is Half A Step Into The Heavenly Sun Realm.3 months agoChapter 93: The Lu Family’S Fame Shocked The Entire Outer Sea Area, And They Jointly Attacked The Qingjiao Clan And Destroyed The Mermaid Clan.3 months agoChapter 94: Eternal Cangming Galaxy Formation, Two Great Killing Machines, Killing The Powerful In The Life And Death Realms!3 months agoChapter 95: Destroy The Qingjiao Clan, Collect A Large Amount Of Resources, And Reach An Agreement Between The Human Race And The Inner Sea Clan.3 months agoChapter 96: Two Extremely Precious Treasures Shocked The Entire Beihai, The Number One Force That Cannot Be Provoked In The Beihai!3 months agoChapter 97: The Inner Demon Suddenly Comes And Marries Nangong Yingyue, What Should We Do Next?3 months agoChapter 98: Investing In Nangong Yingyue, The Lu Family And Xingyue Divine Palace Cooperate, The Two Women Are Helpless3 months agoChapter 99: Two Extremely Pregnant Ladies, Two Children Were Born, Rewarded Feedback!3 months agoChapter 100: The Reward For The Third Heir, The Immortal Immortal Body Of Myriad Tribulations, The Grown-Up Earth Dragon Beast!3 months ago