Villain: The Empress Broke Off The Engagement, And I Was So Happy That I Was Reborn.

Villain: The Empress Broke Off The Engagement, And I Was So Happy That I Was Reborn.


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One Sword To Conquer The Immortal
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[Emperor's Son] + [Invincible] + [Shuangwen] + [Rebirth] + [Background] + [Borrowed Engagement] + [Empress] + [No System] "As long as the background is strong enough, even if the heaven sees me, it will go around!"

“If you don’t have a background, then create your own!”

After resurrecting his life, Qin Wuyou relies on the stunning Immortal Emperor, holds the door of creation, creates an invincible force, and ascends to the throne of the Emperor of Heaven!

When each of the heaven-defying backgrounds was exposed, Tiandao was so frightened that he ran away all night!


Her father is the patriarch of the imperial clan, and her mother is a goddess from ancient religions. She was born with the awakened supreme bone and is honored as the son of the emperor.

Qin Wuyou was supposed to live a splendid life and become a great emperor, but his engagement was broken off and humiliated, and he fell into despair. He was also captured by the son of luck, and the supreme bone was taken away, and he died in depression.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he was reborn, and he was reborn to the moment when his marriage proposal was rejected.

Qin Wuyou tore up the marriage contract on the spot and broke off the engagement. Is it not too much for me to destroy your whole family?

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Chapter 1 After Three Years, The Saint Breaks Off The Engagement!6 days agoChapter 2 Lin Qingxue, You Are Not Worthy Of My Gift!6 days agoChapter 3 Nine-Turn Golden Lotus, Cut In Two With One Sword!6 days agoChapter 4 You Can’T Afford To Pay For The Sky-High Betrothal Gift!6 days agoChapter 5: You Asked Me To Break Off The Engagement, But You Are Not Happy About The Compensation?6 days agoChapter 6 How Could The Little Fairy Be Wrong?6 days agoChapter 7 The Mysterious Empress, The First Promise!6 days agoChapter 8 The Empress’S Reminder! Is Lin Fan The Son Of Luck?6 days agoChapter 9 Ten-Fold Transformation, Crazy Improvement! Nine-Turn Divine Dragon Technique!6 days agoChapter 10 Lin Fan’S Revenge, Invitation From The God Of Death!6 days agoChapter 11 The Secret Is Exposed! The Greatest Threat Of The Supreme Bone!6 days agoChapter 12 Holy Dragon Fighting Heavenly Fist, Refining Lin Hu!6 days agoChapter 13 The Strength Of Zifu Realm Shocked The Lin Family!6 days agoChapter 14 Qin Wuyou, You Lied To Me!6 days agoChapter 15 He Is Qin Wuyou!6 days agoChapter 16 Extremely Crazy! The Murderer, Qin Wuyou!6 days agoChapter 17 Change Of Body And Appearance, Samadhi Divine Fire!6 days agoChapter 18 True Dragon God Sword Technique, Cut!6 days agoChapter 19 Returning To The Foundation-Building Realm, With The Power Of Thousands Of Horses Galloping!6 days agoChapter 20 Gods And Demons Dominate The Body Art To Overwhelm The Emperor!6 days agoChapter 21 Understand Kunpeng Taoism And Cultivate Kunpeng Dharma!6 days agoChapter 22 The Quasi-Emperor Of The Qin Family! The Energy Of Innate Gods And Demons, The Transformation Of The Supreme Bone!6 days agoChapter 23 Born To Be Supreme, Guarding The Boundary Sea For A Hundred Thousand Years!!6 days agoChapter 24: Successive Breakthroughs, Mana Increases Dramatically! The Power Of Two Hundred Thousand Galloping Horses!!6 days agoChapter 25 Qin Wuyou Is In The Yuanshen Realm? Absolutely Impossible!6 days agoChapter 26 Image Collapsed, Lin Qingxue Collapsed!6 days agoChapter 27 Does Lin Qingxue Regret It? She Doesn’T Give Away The Right Ones, Only The Expensive Ones!6 days agoChapter 28 It’S Time To Send You On Your Way!6 days agoChapter 29 Meeting Life And Death On The Stage Of Life And Death! A Peerless Battle, A Sensation In The Cave!, As You Wish!6 days agoChapter 30: One Person Picks A Gang! So Crazy!!6 days agoChapter 31 Qin Wuyou Has Arrived! Is The Foundation Establishment Realm Worthy Of Blocking My Way?6 days agoChapter 32 Physical Resistance Formation! Shocking The Whole Audience!6 days agoChapter 33: Overcome Two Levels With A Snap Of The Finger! The Strongest Foundation-Building Realm In History!6 days agoChapter 34 The Killing Formation Is Unified! This Guy Wants To Kill Everyone!6 days agoChapter 35 Breaking The Earth-Level Killing Formation With One Move! Shocking!6 days agoChapter 36 Demonic Cultivation Technique? Shocked The Whole Audience!6 days agoChapter 37 I, Qin Wuyou, Have Always Acted In My Life And Never Listened To Advice!6 days agoChapter 38 Qin Wuyou, You Will Definitely Die Today!6 days agoChapter 39 Today Next Year Will Be The Death Anniversary Of Your Seven Killers!6 days agoChapter 40: Crush The Soul With Your Bare Hands! One Person Will Destroy A Gang!6 days agoChapter 41 Understand The Art Of Creating Luck! Develop Magical Powers, The Eye Of Luck!6 days agoChapter 42 If You Can’T Be The Son Of Destiny, Then Become The Villain Of Destiny!6 days agoChapter 43 How Could The Little Fairy Bow Her Head? Lin Nantian Regretted It!6 days agoChapter 44 Lin Qingxue’S Changes! Lin Fan Was Actually Disliked!6 days agoChapter 45 Lin Fan Takes Action! Chasing Qin Wuyou! The Deposed Holy Son Scares The Wanxiang Realm!!6 days agoChapter 46 Samadhi Divine Fire Gives Birth To Spiritual Consciousness! Qin Wuyou Was Stunned!6 days agoChapter 47 Kill The Yuanshen Realm Monster! Qin Wuyou’S Crisis!6 days agoChapter 48 Qin Wuyou Borrowed A Knife To Kill Someone! Plot Against Lin Chaozong!6 days agoChapter 49 King Yaksha Blocks The Road! Lin Chaozong Collapses!6 days agoChapter 50 Qin Wuyou Comes Out Of Seclusion! His Magic Power Increases Dramatically! The Power Of Five Million Galloping Horses!6 days agoChapter 51 Even If I Give You A Chance, You Can’T Seize It!6 days agoChapter 52: Promoted To The Yuanshen Realm! I Am Invincible Below The Holy Level!6 days agoChapter 53 Qin Wuyou’S Choice! Is Lin Fan The Son Of Fate? What A Misunderstanding!6 days agoChapter 54 Are All The Ten Holy Places Trying To Rob Me? Lin Fan Is Confused!6 days agoChapter 55: Qin Wuyou’S Position As The Holy Son Is Abolished! Lin Fan Is Promoted To The Holy Son!6 days agoChapter 56 The Heaven-Destroying Sword Is Completed! Nine Dragons Pull The Cart, The Ancient Emperor Reappears, And The Vision Is Shocking!6 days agoChapter 57 The Holy Lord Enters The Crypt! Who Is The Real Son Of Destiny?6 days agoChapter 58 Hiss! The Son Of Destiny Turned Out To Be Qin Wuyou! The Holy Lord Was Shocked!6 days agoChapter 59 Leaving The Catacombs! The Nine Holy Lords Snatch Qin Wuyou!6 days agoChapter 60 Ten Lin Fans Are Not As Good As One Qin Wuyou!6 days agoChapter 61 Emperor Huangquan Millions Of Years Ago! From Then On, There Is No Supreme Being In The Lower World!6 days agoChapter 62 Xuantian Divine Tower! Qin Wuyou’S Secret Exposed?6 days agoChapter 63 The Holy Lord Reveals His Identity! Qin Wuyou Is Confused!6 days agoChapter 64 Enter The Xuantian God Tower! Seize Lin Fan’S Opportunity!6 days agoChapter 65 The Sixth Level Of The Yuanshen Realm! The Power Of Twenty Million Galloping Horses!6 days agoChapter 66 Seven Sounds, The Son Of God Is Established! The Nine Peak Masters Compete For It!6 days agoChapter 67 Born To Be Supreme! Eight Sounds Shocked The World!6 days agoChapter 68 Talent Is Too Low? Rejected Eighteen Times, Qin Wuyou Is Paralyzed!6 days agoChapter 69 Nine Sounds, The Talent Of An Emperor! The Man I, Lin Qingxue, Likes Will Definitely Be Good!6 days agoChapter 70 The Supreme Resurrection! I Have A Successor To Xuantian Holy Land!6 days agoChapter 71 The First Test! It Is My Great Fortune To Have This Son Of God In Xuantian Holy Land!6 days agoChapter 72 Treasure Bones Of Alien Beasts! Bitch, You Are Worthy Of Messing With My Taoist Heart!6 days agoChapter 73 The Suzaku Art! Become A Disciple Of Xuantian Ancestor!6 days agoChapter 74 Uncle Master? Son Of God? Lin Fan Is Confused!6 days agoChapter 75 Return To The Vientiane Realm! Amazing Harvest! Immortal Sword Bone!6 days agoChapter 76 Get Out Of The Tower! It’S Time To Take Back What You Owe Me!6 days agoChapter 77 Accidentally Became The Master’S Uncle? Qin Wuyou Was Confused!6 days agoChapter 78 If I Don’T Disgrace You Today, I Won’T Call You Lin Fan!6 days agoChapter 79 Even If The King Of Heaven Comes, I Can’T Protect You Today!6 days agoChapter 80 Son Of God? Isn’T It Amazing?6 days agoChapter 81 Lin Qingxue, This Girl Is So Talented!6 days agoChapter 82 Qin Wuyou’S Strength Exposed! Lin Fan’S Trump Card!6 days agoChapter 83 Lin Fan, You Are Seeking Death Yourself!6 days agoChapter 84 Suppress Lin Fan, The Son Of Luck! Plunder Luck!6 days agoChapter 85 Qin Wuyou’S Unforgivable Crimes! Expelled From Xuantian Holy Land!6 days agoChapter 86 Defeat The Enemy With One Sword! You Alone Are Not Qualified To Do So!6 days agoChapter 87 Lin Fan Collapsed And Begged For Mercy! Lin Qingxue Regretted It Too Late!6 days agoChapter 88 I Still Like Your Unruly Look!6 days agoChapter 89 Bai Qianyu, The Contemporary Holy Lord Of Xuantian Holy Land, Pays Homage To His Uncle!6 days agoChapter 90 I Said To Break Off The Engagement, And You Agreed? Lin Qingxue Was So Confident!6 days agoChapter 91 Lin Fan Collapsed! It’S Time To Settle Our Accounts!6 days agoChapter 92: Who Gave You The Courage To Assassinate Your Great Uncle!6 days agoChapter 93 Don’T Be Afraid, Senior Brother, We Support You!6 days agoChapter 94 Kill The Enemy With Your Hands And Crush The Son Of Fate!6 days agoChapter 95 I Can’T Take You Down, I, Lin Qingxue, Write The Three Characters Upside Down!6 days agoChapter 96 Tear The Scumbag Apart! Qin Wuyou, Are You Crazy?6 days agoChapter 97 Recapture Dantian! Lin Qingxue Regrets It!6 days agoChapter 98 Promoted To The Destiny Villain! Lin Qingxue Was Beaten Back To Her Original Form!6 days agoChapter 99 Lin Family, Bear The Fury Of My Revenge!6 days agoChapter 100 Life-Extending Sky Lantern! Qin Wuyou, I Will Make You Pay With Blood!6 days ago