Voyage: Captain Venom, Parasitic Nami At The Beginning

Voyage: Captain Venom, Parasitic Nami At The Beginning


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After traveling through time, he discovered that he had become the cosmic symbiote, Venom.

At the beginning, he was trapped in a dark treasure chest, and now a dexterous hand reached in...

After decisively parasitizing, I discovered that the Host was actually Nami, a little thief cat.

Thus the Venom Pirates were born.

Under the guidance of Venom's words and deeds, the flame enchantress Nami, the queen of thorns Robin, the dark secretary Kalifa...all have frightening names resounding throughout the sea!

Hawkeye: "I can't defeat the Thunder Swordsman on the Venom Ship!"

Whitebeard: "I didn't say it, but the name of the strongest pirate group has changed hands..."

Sengoku: "Absolutely impossible! There is no way a female pirate group can be so strong!"

When the Grand Line was turned upside down by the Venom Pirates, Nami explained with a blushing face.

"The sisters just want to quickly find the Renren Fruit for the captain..."

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001: I Am Venom, And I Am Parasitic At The Beginning. Is Nami Okay?5 months ago002: Mera-Mera Fruit!5 months ago003: Nami Said That The Boss’S Fingers Are So Powerful!5 months ago004: Nami’S Transformation, Shao Shao Ren!5 months ago005: Ace Invites Nami To Join The Spade Pirates!5 months ago006: Well Done, Give Him A Fire Punch!5 months ago007: It's Nami's Hunting Time!5 months ago008: Cocoyasi, First Experience At Home!5 months ago009: The Brutal Rule Of The Evil Dragon!5 months ago010: She Can't Be Nami! She Is The Devil!5 months ago011: It Turns Out That Women Can Be So Violent!5 months ago012: Boss, You Are Not Human Anyway!5 months ago013: I Don’T Have Any Hands. I’Ll Wait Until I Grow Them Before I Can Hug You!5 months ago014: Where The Legend Begins!5 months ago015: Little Thieving Cat! Why Do You Have Two Hands Growing On Your Back?5 months ago016: Vixen, Have You Ever Seen Such A Handsome Person?5 months ago017: It’S Just A Smoker, Don’T Be Afraid!5 months ago018: Fire Fist Vs White Fist! Boss Is Great!5 months ago019: Moves Are Coming Frequently, Venom Is Going To Take Action!5 months ago020: So, Do You Think You Can Do It In Another Place?5 months ago021: Confrontation!5 months ago022: Nami: Go! Head To The Currents Of The Grand Line!5 months ago023: The Grand Line Journey Begins! The Bounty Is Coming!5 months ago024: Famous In The World! Nami Is A Natural Pyromancer!5 months ago025: The Discovery Of Venom Made Carina Furious!5 months ago026: New Crew Members Join! The Second Parasite!5 months ago027: The Devil Fruit That Venom Knows, Alabasta!5 months ago028: Become The Target Of Sand Crocodile! That Can Only Count You As Unlucky!5 months ago029: Instant Kill! Regret Miss.Valentine!5 months ago030: What Price Are You Prepared To Pay For This?5 months ago031: The Price Is The Royal Ship Used By Vivi To Get Married!5 months ago032: Deal! A Ship For Shichibukai's Head!5 months ago033: Casino Trouble! Nico Robin!5 months ago034: Venom’S Threatening Proposal!5 months ago035: Robin Compromises! Crocodile!5 months ago036: Because She Wants To Live!5 months ago037: Play With The Palm Of Your Hand!5 months ago038: Erosion Of Reincarnation! Defeated Steadily!5 months ago039: Death! I Am An Honest Pirate!5 months ago040: Alabasta’S Hero! The King's Invitation!5 months ago041: Aokiji Comes, Strange Fruits In The Refrigerator!5 months ago042: The Question Of Ownership Of Sand-Sand Fruit!5 months ago043: Vivi, The Boss Wants To Develop You!5 months ago044: Could It Be That... Vivi Is A Lesbian?5 months ago045: Challenge Marine Admiral!5 months ago046: I’Ll Send You To The Underwater Prison!5 months ago047: Frozen Time Capsule! Salon Roll!5 months ago048: The Battle That Shook The Entire Alabasta!5 months ago049: The Boss Is The Dinghai Shenzhen In My Body!5 months ago050: The Important Thing Is, If Only Venom Was A Human Being!5 months ago051: The Mystery Of Venom Is Beyond Aokiji’S Imagination!5 months ago052: The Cold Cannot Freeze The Desert Flames5 months ago053: Defeat! The Whole Sea Is About To Shake!5 months ago054: Sengoku’S Decision, The News Is About To Get Agitated!5 months ago055: Flame Fairy Nami Becomes Famous, Pool Party!5 months ago056: Boss, I Bought A Very Sexy Swimsuit!5 months agoThe Commitment Letter Will Be Released At 7 P.M.5 months ago057: For The Pool Session, I Specifically Picked The One With The Least Amount Of Fabric!5 months ago058: The Three Admirals Gathered Together And Arrived At The Ancient Town Of New World!5 months ago059: Zoan·Bat Fruit·Phantom Beast Species·Vampire Form!5 months ago060: Because He Is So Handsome, The Crew Members Are Obsessed With Him! Admiral Is Coming!5 months ago061: We Are Pirates, Of Course We Have To Rob The Celestial Dragons When We Encounter Them!5 months ago062: Venom Pirates Vs. Marine Dual Admiral!5 months ago063: The Dog Bites The Red Lotus! The Bloody God Of War Didn't Even Move!5 months ago064: Kizaru: Damn Female Team Members, So Scary!5 months ago065: Kizaru Is Surrounded, Akainu Is Driven Underground, And Sengoku Is Stunned.5 months ago066: Marine Bombards Celestial Dragons! There’S No Way A Girl Group Is This Strong!5 months ago067: The Invincible Girl Group Blinds The Phone Bug!5 months ago068: Kizaru, Don’T Act Rashly!5 months ago069: Final Attack5 months ago070: A Battle With The Old Akainu!5 months ago071: Do You Still Need Us Old Guys To Take Action?5 months ago072: Marine Admiral Defeated, Thatch And Blackbeard!5 months ago073: Fruit Information! Venom Robin's Alone Time!5 months ago074: It’S Over, Captured By A Sniper!5 months ago075: Bounty For The Whole Group! The Shaking Sea!5 months ago076: My Girl Group All Likes To Be Sneaky...5 months ago077: Little Nami Who Realizes It Later, Strongly Demands Compensation!5 months ago078: Arrive At The Water City! Venom's Plan!5 months ago079: This Is Secretary Kalifa. If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Her.5 months ago080: Is Venom The Devil? Kalifa With Mixed Feelings Of Joy And Pain!5 months ago081: Venom Is A Bad Person!5 months ago082: Strategy Completed, Kalifa The Dark Man!5 months ago083: Pluton Drawings! Door Fruit!5 months ago084: Dark Fruit Is Not Simple! Next Goal!5 months ago085: The Recruitment Failed But Was Exploited, And The Five Elders Were Furious!5 months ago086: Seastone’S Seal Training, Soaring Sea Currents!5 months ago087: ‘Kill God With One Shot’!5 months ago088: God’S Stage Setting! The Fun Begins Soon!5 months ago89: Discharge! Discharge? Let Me Go!5 months ago090: Thunder Fruit! God's Reign Is Over!5 months ago091: Time To Ring The Golden Bell!5 months ago092: Wow! The Great Golden Sword!5 months ago093: Everyone Realized That God Was Dead! !5 months ago94: Co-Owner Of Sky Island! The Mysterious Fruit Of The Treasure Hunting Beast!5 months ago095: Mysterious Phantom Beast Fruit!5 months ago096:Uta? God’S Banquet!5 months ago097: New Parasite! Permanent Route! Admiral Encirclement And Suppression!5 months ago098: Sky Island Lands! The Troops Were Divided Into Four Groups To Encircle Him!5 months ago099: The Word ‘Go’ Is So Powerful!5 months ago