Weird: My Wisdom Is Beyond Belief, I Lead The Entire Era

Weird: My Wisdom Is Beyond Belief, I Lead The Entire Era


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Journey To The West Xuanzang
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Weird: With wisdom beyond heaven, I lead the entire era

The weirdness of this world is revived, and the world is like hell.

Gu Yuan traveled through time and became an academician of the Dragon Academy of Sciences.

At the same time, he received the gift of Mother Earth in his previous life and gained a bonus of wisdom beyond heaven.

Establish a weird research institute and create a weird research system!

Steal weird abilities and mass-produce weird props!

Split the weird, reshape the weird, and create an army of weird slaves!

With his own strength, lead the development of the entire weird era!


After several years.

When the weird god descends on Blue Star.

What greets him.

Are millions of weird heavy-armored warriors!

Are man-made weird monsters comparable to gods!

Are super weird curse arrays covering the entire Dragon Kingdom!

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Chapter 1 A Strange Era Has Arrived! Gain The Gift Of God-Level Wisdom!22 days agoChapter 2 The Weird Research Institute Is Established!22 days agoChapter 3: New Official Takes Office! Bloody Barber Shop Incident!22 days agoChapter 4 A Bold Guess! The Role Of Gold!22 days agoChapter 5 The Motherland Will Never Forget You!22 days agoChapter 6 The Chief’S Guess Was Right!22 days agoChapter 7: A Feat! For The First Time, Humans Successfully Imprisoned A Weirdo!22 days agoChapter 8 New National Policy! The Whole Country Is Buying Up Gold!22 days agoChapter 9: Dragon Country Monopolizes The Golden Lifeline!22 days agoChapter 10 The First Weird Experiment! Zhang Yonggui's Abnormality!22 days agoChapter 11 The World's First Ghost Master!22 days agoChapter 12 Academician Gu Yuan Actually Took This Step!22 days agoChapter 13 Another Beautiful Personal Secretary!22 days agoChapter 14 Only Weirdness Can Fight Weirdness!22 days agoChapter 15: Crazy Idea! Weird Anatomy! Mass Production Of Cursed Items?22 days agoChapter 16 Gu Yuan Rubs The Cursed Item With His Hands! The Ghost-Hunting Compass! An Invention That Influenced The Times!22 days agoChapter 17: Crazy! Creating A Trickster!? Military Expansion Plan!22 days agoChapter 18 Everything Is Ready! The Experiment Begins!22 days agoChapter 19: Glory And Sin, I Bear It All!22 days agoChapter 20 The Second Ghost Controller Of Dragon Country Is Born!22 days agoChapter 21 The Experiment Is Over! Three New Ghost Masters!22 days agoChapter 22: The First Trickster Squad Is Established! Codename: Night Watch!22 days agoChapter 23: The New Characteristics Of The Strange Blood! Gu Yuan’S New Invention!22 days agoChapter 24 It’S Just Another Journey To Heaven!22 days agoChapter 25 The Hanged Ghost Incident!22 days agoChapter 26 The Action Begins! The Cabinet Is Paying Close Attention!22 days agoChapter 27 The Second Law Of Killing! Those In Red Will Die!22 days agoChapter 28 A Shocking Order! Voluntary Hanging?22 days agoChapter 29: Academician Gu Yuan’S Wisdom Is Beyond My Reach!22 days agoChapter 30 The Role Of Gold Is Revealed! The Top Leaders Of Various Countries Are Going Crazy!22 days agoChapter 31: The Unprecedentedly Strong Dragon Nation! America Goes Crazy!22 days agoChapter 32 America's Little Thoughts! Gu Yuan Develops New Props!22 days agoChapter 33: The Terrifying Invisible Ghost Hand! Zhang Yonggui’S Dilemma!22 days agoChapter 34 The Concept Of Strange Resuscitation Is Proposed!22 days agoChapter 35: Preparations For The Resuscitation Suppression Experiment Begin! Second Military Expansion Plan!22 days agoChapter 36: Science Has No Borders, But Scientists Have A Motherland!22 days agoChapter 37: Qin Shaowei Is Dead! Joseph Is Dead! The Whole America Conference Room Is Wiped Out!22 days agoChapter 38 Gu Yuan Becomes A Ghost Master!22 days agoChapter 39: Another Cursed Item! The Terrifying Eye Of Desire!22 days agoChapter 40: Can Mortals Compare With Gods?22 days agoChapter 41: A Powerful Alliance! The Combination Of Strange Eyeballs And God-Level Wisdom!22 days agoChapter 42: The Eye Of Desire Takes Effect! Shocking Success Rate!22 days agoChapter 43: Perfect Control Of Weirdness! Big Adjustment Of The Night Watch Team!22 days agoChapter 44: Points Bounty System! Begin The Transformation Of Zhang Yonggui!22 days agoChapter 45 The Experiment Was Successful! Zhang Yonggui Overcame The Strange Resurrection! Promoted To The Horror Level!22 days agoChapter 46 Maybe Some People Are Born To Change The Times!22 days agoChapter 47: Shocking Invention! Ghost-Suppressing Bomb! Super Strategic Resource! Ghost Forest!22 days agoChapter 48: Gu Yuan Goes Out To Search For The Mysterious Forest!22 days agoChapter 49: Start Studying The Mysterious Forest!22 days agoChapter 50: Clarify The Rules Of The Strange Forest! Derived The Strange Tree Theorem!22 days agoChapter 51: Compared With The Chief, My Brain Is Useless!22 days agoChapter 52: New Invention! The Weird Resurrection Problem Is Temporarily Solved!22 days agoChapter 53: A Serious Situation! The Emergence Of Folk Ghost Fighters!22 days agoChapter 54: Extraordinary Meeting Held! Discuss Future Strategies!22 days agoChapter 55 Shocking The Whole Crowd! Skynet Plan! Massive Expansion Of The Army Of 10,000 People! Concept Of Super Cursed Props!22 days agoChapter 56: Infrastructure Maniac Mode! Gu Yuan Proposed A Hypothesis About A Strange Beast! Can Military Dogs Also Resist Strange Beasts?22 days agoChapter 57: The Experiment Was Successful! The First Strange Beast Military Dog! The Strange Shepherd Plan That Drove The Military Crazy!22 days agoChapter 58: Shining Across The Entire Era! Founding The Theory Of Strange Resonance!22 days agoChapter 59: Horror! The Seven Killing Formation! The Strange Forest Changes! The Strange Domain Appears For The First Time!22 days agoChapter 60 Thoroughly Understand The Principle Of The Strange Domain! Gu Yuan Creates His Own Strange Domain! New Props, The Domain-Breaking Strange Sword Appears!22 days agoChapter 61 All The Top Leaders Are Paying Attention! Magnificent Ceremony! The Super Cursed Item Is Officially Completed!22 days agoChapter 62 All The Top Management Is Shocked! The Seven Killing Formation Of Weird Play Shows Its Power For The First Time! Hunting Nightmare-Level Weirdness! Gu Yuan Creates A New Weird Formation!22 days agoChapter 63: The Launch Of The Strange Satellite Was Successful! The Eye Of God! The World Situation!22 days agoChapter 64: Thunderous Means! Eliminate The Strange Criminals In The Territory! Cursed Props Related To Space!22 days agoChapter 65: Dark Web Live Broadcast! Global Shock! Dragon Country Becomes A Forbidden Zone For Tricksters!22 days agoChapter 66: Killing Three Birds With One Stone! Dropping Weird Things To Xiao Ri Zi? The Onmyoji Is Wiped Out!22 days agoChapter 67: The Second Weird Forest? Gu Yuan’S Ambition! Weird Hunting Time!22 days agoChapter 68: Time Acceleration Array! Gu Yuan Uncovers The Secret Of The Strange Land! The Concept Of Group Evolution Of Dragon Nation!22 days agoChapter 69: Extracting Ghost Crystals! Starting The National Ghost Control Plan! The Whole Audience Was Shocked!22 days agoChapter 70: Comprehensive Transformation Of The Water Supply Network! Gu Yuan Creates The Yugui Health-Preserving Fist! The Miracle Of Dragon Country!22 days agoChapter 71: Everyone Is Practicing Boxing! America Starts Her Revenge Plan! Targeting Gu Yuan?22 days agoChapter 72: Strange Powers Clash In The Air! America Is Defeated! Michelle's Mentality Explodes!22 days agoChapter 73: The Weird Array Is Miniaturized! A Weird Scout Unit Is Formed! The Weird Beast Army Is On The Agenda!22 days agoChapter 74: Going Against The Will Of Heaven! Gu Yuan Touches A Taboo! Artificially Cultivates Strange Creatures!22 days agoChapter 75 The Final Plan Is Confirmed! The Cabinet Is Shocked Again! Establish A Weird Manufacturing Factory!22 days agoChapter 76: The Weird Scouts Performed A Great Deed! A Major Discovery! Mysterious Weird Patterns!22 days agoChapter 77: Application Of Weird Patterns! Gu Yuan Creates A New And Strange Profession, Weird Talisman Master!22 days agoChapter 78: Horrifying Blood-Colored Strange Patterns! Purging The Gods! Shocking Feat, Deducing A New Strange Pattern!22 days agoChapter 77: The Bronze Door Opens! The Secret Of The Strange Tomb! Gu Yuan Plots Against The Strange God!22 days agoChapter 78: Taking Advantage Of The Ghost God! Wedding Dress Plan! Another Breakthrough In Ghost Pattern Research! The Birth Of The Tattoo Artist Profession!22 days agoChapter 79: Cabinet Secret Meeting! Weird Military Parade! Planning To Build Yugui University!22 days agoChapter 80 The Bizarre Military Parade Officially Begins! Dragon Country Is In An Uproar! The World Is Shocked!22 days agoChapter 81 Damn It! Why Am I Not A Dragon Countryman!22 days agoChapter 82: Chain Reaction Of The Military Parade! Gu Yuan's Tough Attitude! The Strange Dream Incident Breaks Out!22 days agoChapter 83: Deducing The Pattern Of Murder In Strange Dreams! The Whole Audience Was Shocked! Weird Dream World!22 days agoChapter 84: Insight Into The Truth Of The Dream! Countless People Were Ecstatic: The Leader Has Come To Save Us!22 days agoChapter 85: Gu Yuan Controls The Strange Dream! The Strange Power Surges! The Whole Audience Is Shocked!22 days agoChapter 86 Inventing Strange Consciousness Props! Yugui University Is Renovated And Upgraded! A Sacred Place For Training Students!22 days agoChapter 87 Shocking! Promo For Yugui University! The Perfect Combination Of Two Weird Things!22 days agoChapter 88: Shocking Trailer Released! The Whole World Is Shocked!22 days agoChapter 89: Gu Yuan Formulates Tricky Test Questions! Dragon Country Shows Amazing Cohesion Again! The Tricky Test Begins!22 days agoChapter 90: The Grand Trick Exam Is Successfully Completed! A Genius Emerges! Gu Yuan Designs The Acceptance Letter!22 days agoChapter 91: A Shocking Move! 100,000 Monsters Deliver Notices! Shocking The World!22 days agoChapter 92: Live Broadcast Of The Letter Unboxing! The Mysterious Phenomenon Shocked The Entire Network! America Was Slapped In The Face!22 days agoChapter 93: Commander America Is So Angry That He Spits Blood! Gu Yuan Further Develops The Ghost Domain! The Opening Ceremony Of Yugui University!22 days agoChapter 94: A Glorious Opening Ceremony! A National Treasure-Level Cursed Item! The Mysterious Divine Tree!22 days agoChapter 95: Gu Yuan Accepts A Disciple! Master-Apprentice Plan! All Freshmen Go Crazy! New Resource Point Information!22 days agoChapter 96: Exploring The Hill Of Ashes! A Ghost Who Took The Place Of The Dead! Gu Yuan Peeks Into The Nature Of The Strangeness! The Genius Student's Mentality Collapses!22 days agoChapter 97 New Invention! Strange Rule Bug! Gu Yuan Controls The Death Substitute! The Ghost Power Coefficient Exceeds 100,000!22 days agoChapter 98: Shocking Feat! Gu Yuan Creates A New Method! Subverts Everything! Theory Of The Three Realms Of The Master Of Tricks!22 days ago