When I Asked You To Write About Struggle, You Wrote About Being A Failed Art Student?

When I Asked You To Write About Struggle, You Wrote About Being A Failed Art Student?


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Fang Yuan woke up and found that he had traveled through time and was participating in a creative competition.

The contestants need to write scripts based on the topic!

When the program team gave the theme: [Struggle]

Everyone was racking their brains to write the old-fashioned story of a teenager studying and a middle-aged entrepreneur...

Fang Yuan decided to take a different approach and give the audience a little shock!

It's you, the failed art student - Adolf Hitler!

At first, the audience thought it was a story about an art student who turned into a great painter, but the more they watched, the more they felt something was wrong...

"Do you know how much a loaf of bread costs now? 500,000 marks!"

"I want to stand at the highest place in the world and say "Stand at attention" to the whole world!"

"I have never been to a military school for a day, but I have taken over the whole of Europe!"

When they saw the protagonist in Fang Yuan's writing start a world war and the flames of war ignited the whole world, all the audience were stunned!

"Starting a world war, you call this struggle?"

"I asked you to write about struggle, what the hell is the rise of the devil!!!"

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【1】Wensiquanyou Creative Writing Competition, Theme: Struggle!10 days ago[2] It’S You! My Struggle!10 days ago【3】From A Failed Art Student To The Head Of An Empire!10 days ago【4】Hitler Appears! A Boy Dreams Of Becoming A Painter!10 days ago[5] Era Setting! Introducing The Concept Of The ‘Greater German Empire’!10 days ago[6] Leo's Imagination! What He Wants To Write About Is Not An Ordinary Painter!10 days ago[7] Will It Become A Cliché Or Will It Be Innovative? Hayao Miyazaki's Concerns10 days ago[8] My Father Offered Sacrifice To The Gods, Planting The Seeds Of Anti-Semitism!10 days ago[9] Hitler Failed The Exam, And Rowling's Prediction Came True10 days ago【10】The Heat Has Subsided, But The Climax Is Here! Hitler’S Transformation!10 days ago[11] Darkening! Anti-Semitic Fighter Hitler Appears Online! The Audience Is Stunned!10 days ago[12] Off-Stage Rhythm, Stunned Director! The Guest Was Slapped In The Face!10 days ago[13] Join The Army! Transform! Germany's Best Soldier! Audience Stunned!10 days ago【14】The Main Live Broadcast Room Attracted A Lot Of Attention, Which Amazed The Audience! Jiang Wen's Conjecture10 days ago[15] The Foreshadowing Was Laid From The Beginning! Leo's Exclamation!10 days ago[16] Hitler’S Talent: A Master At Demagoguery! A Natural Orator!10 days ago[17] Jiang Wenren Was Stunned When He First Entered Politics And Became The Core Of A Political Party In Just Two Days!10 days ago[18] Writing A Speech On The Spot! The Judges Were Shocked! He Was So Brave!10 days ago[19] The Speech Was Released, And Everyone Was Shocked! Hitler Was Alive!10 days ago【20】Amazing Performance! The Audience Was Excited! Attention From Film And Television Companies!10 days ago[21] Times Make Heroes! Hitler’S Anti-Semitism Is A Dangerous Area For Creation!10 days ago[22] Hitler’S Followers, Foreshadowing, Leo’S Speculation!10 days ago[23] Director, Is This Acceptable? Dangerous Content, Full Output!10 days ago[24] Ascending To The Prime Minister's Throne! Darkening Germany! The Director Is In A Dilemma!10 days ago[25] Jiang Wen: Twists And Turns! Another Theme Besides Struggle!10 days ago【26】Special Authorization Law, The Final Step Of Dictatorship! Audience: Source God!!!10 days ago[27] Congress Fire! Demons Attack! Audience Cried: Genshin Impact Is So Brave!10 days ago[28] Dissolve The Congress! Become The Head Of State! Run Wildly On The Road To Evil!10 days ago【29】Ethnic Cleansing! Building Concentration Camps! Ms. Rowling’S Concerns10 days ago【30】The Best Actor Is Online! The Elegant Gentleman Hitler! The Audience Burst Into Laughter!10 days ago【31】Goodbye, Cage! Reclaim The Territory And Restore Conscription!10 days ago[32] France's Stupid Teammates, The Trouble Maker Of The European Continent! The Audience Was Dumbfounded!10 days ago【33】 Rowling’S Plot Deduction: England Will Save The World!!!10 days ago[34] Hitler's Chicken Steal 2.0, His Sword Is Aimed At The Rhineland! Jiang Wen: He Will Fail!10 days ago[35] Send Out Troops! Hitler’S First Military Show! The Whole Audience Was Shocked!10 days ago【36】It’S A Struggle! It’S Also A Struggle Of The Devil! The Growth Story Of The Great Devil!10 days ago[37] Rhineland Half-Breed! ‘Pollution’ And ‘De-Pollution’!10 days ago[38] Rhineland Elimination Plan! Completely Eliminate Black People! Crazy Hitler!10 days ago[39] ‘Prison’, ‘Scientific Research Institute’, ‘Sterilization Surgery’!10 days ago【40】His Ambitions Are Growing, And He Is Looking To Austria! He Is Still Growing!!!10 days ago[41] Annexation Of Austria, But Other Countries Remained Indifferent! The Judges Were Dumbfounded!10 days ago[42] Annexation Of The Sudetenland! The Pinnacle Of Appeasement Policy! The Whole Room Was Speechless!10 days ago[43] Tear Up The Agreement! Danzig! Poland! Hitler's New Territorial Demands!10 days ago[44] Blitzkrieg On Poland! The Devil's Fangs! The War Begins! Everyone Is Shocked!10 days ago[45] Blitzkrieg! Poland Was Conquered In 36 Days! Hitler Strikes! Shocks The World!10 days ago[46] Poland's Sin, Britain And France Betrayed Their Teammates Again! Shocked! Fang Yuan's Military Talent10 days ago【47】Destroy The Territory! Destroy The Population! Create Dangerous Content? The Audience Is Struck By Lightning!10 days ago【48】Ethnic Cleansing! Massacre Of 5 Million People! The True Face Of The Devil! The Audience Was Stunned!10 days ago[49] Denmark Was Conquered In 4 Hours! Norway Was Conquered In 2 Months! Hitler Attacked! The Audience Panicked!10 days ago【50】Goal: Attack France! Manstein's Plan, A Genius Plan!10 days ago[51] A True Blitzkrieg! In 11 Days! The Troops Reached France! Shocked Everyone!10 days ago【52】42 Days! France Surrenders! Audience Is Stunned! Churchill Is Online!10 days ago[53] Churchill Is Online! Another Racist! Another Devil? Rowling Is Stunned!10 days ago[54] The Air Force Cleans The Ground, And Poison Gas Controls The People! The Merciful And Compassionate Lord Churchill! In The Darkest Hour, He Became Prime Minister!10 days ago[55] The Darkest Hour: Churchill’S Speech! Even Before It Was Completed, It Had Already Astonished Everyone!10 days ago[56] The Speech Is Out! Shocking The Audience! In The Asian Battlefield, The Dragon Country Is Still Fighting! The Audience Was Stunned!10 days ago[57] Battle Of Britain! Air Raid On Berlin! Bomb Drops On Hitler's Head, The Audience Is Shocked!10 days ago[58] Fierce Fighting! Postponed! The Weak Big Country In The East! Hitler's Next Target!10 days ago[59] Blitzkrieg Reappears! Hitler: Destroy The Soviet Union In Three Months! The Rapid Progress Stunned The Audience!10 days ago[60] Order No. 270, The Eleven-Stroke Killing Law! Tyrant Stalin! The Whole Audience Was Boiling!10 days ago【61】Bank Robber! Tyrant! Steel! Father! Angel! Stalin!10 days ago[62] Stunned! The Audience Was Stunned: Stalin’S Mother Was Really An Extraordinary Woman!10 days ago[63] The Caucasian Thief! Stalin's First Meeting With The Great Man! The Tough Guy's Tenderness Made The Audience Sigh!10 days ago[64] Exiled To Siberia, The Return Of Iron Stalin! Little Leo's Discovery! Turning Point!10 days ago[65] Civil War! Defending Tsaritsyn, The Future Stalingrad! Did Stalin Remarry?10 days ago[66] The Battle For The Founding Of A Nation! Stalin’S Dictatorial Tendencies: Truth Is Only In The Hands Of A Few People!10 days ago[67] Pull One Group, Beat Another! Stalin Comes To Power! Sharp Eyes! Prepare For War!10 days ago【68】The Great Famine! Millions Starved To Death! His Wife Committed Suicide, His Followers Were Assassinated! The Great Purge Began!10 days ago【69】World War Ii Universe Ip! Huge Potential For Film And Television Adaptation! Fang Yuan’S Ambition! Leo Is Stunned!10 days ago[70] Backstabbing Longguo, Making Peace With Japan! Longguo Audience Is Furious! Stalin: My Bottom Line Is Very Flexible!10 days ago[71] Dungeon: Winter Is Coming! Start! Red Square Parade! Guns Loaded With Bullets!10 days ago[72] Bombing Red Square! Hitler Is In A Hurry! Blitzkrieg Meets An Iron Wall? Hayao Miyazaki's Speech Turned The Tide!10 days ago[73] Winter Is Coming! The Bear's Health Bar Is Very High! Defense Turns To Counterattack? Miyazaki Hayao Is Dumbfounded!10 days ago[74] The Final Madness! Autumn Offensive! Miyazaki Was Wrong! The Soviet Union's Counterattack!10 days ago[75] Counterattack! Great Victory! The Myth Of Invincibility On Land Is Broken! The Roosevelt Chapter Begins!10 days ago[76] Born Rich! Roosevelt Appears! His First Half Of Life Was Like A Cheat, And The Audience Was Stunned!10 days ago[77] Good News: The Reversal Has Come. Bad News: Roosevelt Was Killed! The Setback Was Too Severe! Everyone Was Shocked!10 days ago[78] With A Disabled Body, He Reached The Pinnacle Of Power! Refuse To Lower Your Intelligence! Stick To The Theme! Audience: Awesome!10 days ago[79] Flesh And Blood Are Weak, But The Soul Soars! Roosevelt Threw Away His Crutches And Stood Up! The Audience Was Shocked!10 days ago[80] All Industries Are Depressed, Economic Crisis! In Times Of Crisis! Roosevelt Takes Office! Terrible Approval Rating!10 days ago【81】God Second, Roosevelt First! Fireside Chat! The Ultimate Display Of Personal Heroism!10 days ago[82] Challenging The Separation Of Powers! Roosevelt's Ruthless Move! Isolationism, America's Military Strength10 days ago[83] Expand The Army! Expand The Army! Roosevelt: My Rules Are The Rules! Re-Elected For Three Terms! The Audience Was Shocked!10 days ago【84】Lend-Lease Act, Roosevelt Made A Fortune From The War! The Road To Hegemony Begins Today!10 days ago[85] Japan Attacks America! Roosevelt Gets What He Wants! Join The War! The World's First Industrial Country, Start!10 days ago[86] One Plane Every 63 Minutes! Unlock The Chains And Start At Full Speed! The Military-Industrial Complex Is Born!10 days ago[87] 3 Years, 147 Aircraft Carriers! America At Full Firepower! Shocking Everyone!10 days ago【88】Micro-Manipulation Master Hitler Is Online! The Most Brutal Street Fighting In History! More Than 2 Million Casualties!10 days ago[89] The City Is Broken! Brutal Street Fighting! Average Survival Time Is 24 Hours! The Bloody Battle Stunned The Audience!10 days ago[90] Reverse The Tiangang! Soviet Pincer Attack! Attack Stalingrad! Operation Uranus!10 days ago