When You Are Sailing, Have You Ever Heard Of Sharingan?

When You Are Sailing, Have You Ever Heard Of Sharingan?


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"Have you ever experienced the pain of having your entire clan wiped out?"

"Have you ever seen the tragedy of brothers killing each other?"

"Have you ever hated the world where you lost your loved ones?"

"Have you ever experienced the heartbreak of being betrayed by your entire clan?"


"From now on, let the world feel the pain!"

With the Sharingan reflected in one of his pupils, Sass D. Rowan stood at the center of the battlefield and said so.

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1 Sharinganabout 1 month agoSection 2 Small Townabout 1 month ago3 Chicken Legsabout 1 month agoSection 4 Zoroabout 1 month agoSection 5 Shimotsuki Villageabout 1 month agoSection 6 Zoro, You Have Changedabout 1 month agoSection 7: Sneak Out Of Townabout 1 month agoSection 8 Zoro Enters The Kendo Hall For The First Time, Koshiro Introduces Kuinaabout 1 month agoSection 9: Kuina Shows Off His Skills, Zoro Losesabout 1 month agoSection 10? Luo Yun Helps Zoro, Kuina Invites Him To Fight Againabout 1 month ago11Th Dojo Debates Luo Yunyan, Koshiro Supports Accepting Disciplesabout 1 month agoSection 12 Kuina Is Upset And Vows To Fight Again In A Monthabout 1 month ago13Th Dojo Apprentice Morning Exercise Resentment, Zoro Luo Yun Diligently Practiceabout 1 month agoSection 14 Luo Yun Zoro Gets Up Early And Works Late, Koshiro Gives Advice To His Apprenticeabout 1 month agoSection 15? Koshiro Gives Advice To Luo Yun, Kuina Challenges Zoro With A Swordabout 1 month agoChapter 16: Luo Yun And Kuina Face Off In A Swordfightabout 1 month agoSection 17: Kuina Is Unwilling To Accept Luo Yun's Defeat, And Angrily Pursues Him But Cannot Win The Gameabout 1 month agoChapter 18 Luo Yun And Kuina Are Equally Matched, Kuina Is Dissatisfied And Leavesabout 1 month agoSection 19 Koshiro Explains The Truth To Ye And Gives Guidance To Luo Yun Sharinganabout 1 month agoSection 20? Koshiro Explains Luo Yun's Questions, Kuina Secretly Eavesdropsabout 1 month agoSection 21 Luo Yun And Zoro Practice Separately, Luo Yun Practices The Wooden Stick Formationabout 1 month agoSection 22 Kuina Sent A Message To Send Shuriken, Luo Yun Was Delighted And Started Practicing Immediatelyabout 1 month agoChapter 23: Luo Yun's Shuriken Skills Are Amazing, Zoro Is Inspired By His Wisdom And Works Hard Togetherabout 1 month agoChapter 24: Luo Yun's Shuriken Technique Is Perfected, Zoro Secretly Decides To Catch Upabout 1 month agoSection 25: Dragon Appears In Yixin Dojo, Borrowing Food To Explore The Bottomabout 1 month agoChapter 26 Luo Yun Zoro Is Surprised To Encounter The Revolutionary Army, Ivankov's Appearance Is Shockingabout 1 month agoChapter 27 Koshiro Warns Long, Luo Yun Recognizes His Identityabout 1 month agoKoshiro Sends Kuina To Buy Food, Zoro Gloats Over The Misfortuneabout 1 month agoChapter 29 Luo Yun And Kuina Chat About Swords In The Carriage, And The Apprentice Is Stunnedabout 1 month agoSection 30: Luo Yun Speculates On The Whereabouts Of Celestial Dragons And Vaguely Senses The Dragon's Movementsabout 1 month agoSection 31 Kuina Explores Luo Yun's Secrets And They Have A Pleasant Conversation On The Wayabout 1 month ago32 Sections Of The Slope Fell And Seriously Injured A Woman, A Masked Assassin Attacked Luo Yunabout 1 month agoChapter 33: Luo Yun Encourages Everyone To Fight The Enemy, And Kills The Enemy With One Sword, Shocking The Whole Audienceabout 1 month agoChapter 34 Luo Yun Kills The Enemy Leader Instantly, And Everyone Is Terrifiedabout 1 month agoChapter 35? Luo Yun And Kuina Join Forces To Fight The Enemy, And Jace And Ekko Are Shockedabout 1 month agoChapter 36 Luo Yun's Shuriken Kills Him, Kuina Secretly Hates Him And Is Distractedabout 1 month agoChapter 37: The Great Man Makes A Desperate Effort, Luo Yun's Killing Intent Grows Strongerabout 1 month agoChapter 38 Luo Yun Reveals The Enemy's Identity And Is Determined To Kill Himabout 1 month agoChapter 39 Luo Yun And Kuina Show Their Special Abilities, And The Big Man Punch Seriously Injures Someoneabout 1 month agoChapter 40: Luo Yun Fights Desperately, Kuina Kills Him With Her Spirit Swordabout 1 month agoChapter 41 Kuina's Sword Dances With Flying Phoenixes, And The Killers Are All Killedabout 1 month agoChapter 42 Luo Yun's Shuriken Shows Off His Skills Again, And The Killer Can't Escapeabout 1 month agoChapter 43 Luo Yun Decides To Kill Them All, Kuina Realizes The Danger Is Greatabout 1 month agoSection 44 Returned With Serious Injuries, Koshiro Greeted Them With Concernabout 1 month agoChapter 45? Koshiro Tells Everyone To Keep It A Secret, Zoro Complains About Not Having A Chance To Fightabout 1 month agoSection 46: Kuina Reflects On Herself And Decides To Repent, Koshiro Tells Her Past Experiences And Gives Her Teachingsabout 1 month agoSection 47 Koshiro Is Vague, Leaving The Mystery Of Shimotsuki Unsolvedabout 1 month agoChapter 48 Luo Yun Is Shocked To See Nico Robin.about 1 month agoChapter 49: Luo Yun Reveals Robin's Identity, Many Questions Are Waiting To Be Answeredabout 1 month agoChapter 50? Robin Traveled A Long Way To Find The Text And Went To East Blue After Many Obstacles.about 1 month agoSection 51: Dragon Witnessed The Fall Of The Goa Kingdom And Decided To Ignite The Fire Of Revolutionabout 1 month agoChapter 52: Sabo Abandons His Noble Status And Flees, Causing The Celestial Dragons' Holy Wrath Of Zhalmacabout 1 month ago53-Knot Government Ship Bombards Sabo Fishing Boat, Grand Celebration, Celestial Dragons Arrivesabout 1 month agoChapter 54 Sabo Falls Into The Water And His Life Or Death Is Unknown, Cp0 Agent Follows Closely Behindabout 1 month agoChapter 55: Long Rescues Sabo, Cp0 Pursues Himabout 1 month agoSection 56 Dragon's Strength Is Amazing, Easily Defeating Cp0 Agentabout 1 month agoSection 57 Dragon Kills Cp0, The Strength Of The Revolutionary Army Is Exposedabout 1 month agoSection 58 Kuina Invites Luo Yun To A Tea Party To Learn About Wanokuni's Secretsabout 1 month agoChapter 59 Luo Yun Reveals Wanokuni's Information, Kuina Explores His Life Story And Is Determined To Increaseabout 1 month agoChapter 60: Luo Yun And Zoro Deliver Food To The Port, And See The Dragon Ivankov Appearabout 1 month agoChapter 61 Ivankov Treats Sabo, Long Shows Favor To Luo Yunabout 1 month ago62 Dragon Ivankov Dispute, The Fire Of Revolution Is First Ignitedabout 1 month agoChapter 63: Luo Yun Sends Medicine To Explore The World, Robin Still Has Doubts In His Heartabout 1 month agoChapter 64 Luo Yun Praises Robin's Smile, Robin Wants To Leave The Dojo To Avoid Disasterabout 1 month agoChapter 65? Kuina Narrowly Defeated Zoro, And Everyone Was Convincedabout 1 month agoSection 66 Koshiro Highly Praises Luo Yun, Kuina Is Unlikely To Become A Masterabout 1 month agoChapter 67 Kuina Tian Ye Burst Into Tears, Luo Yun Quietly Comforted Her And Explained Her Doubtsabout 1 month agoSection 68 Luo Yun Analyzes The Differences Between Men And Women And Encourages Kuina To Pursue Her Dreamsabout 1 month agoSection 69 Luo Yun Inspires Kuina With Stories And Strengthens Her Belief In Creating Miraclesabout 1 month agoSection 70: Luo Yun Comforts Kuina And Encourages Her To Become The Firstabout 1 month agoChapter 71 Zoro Challenges Kuina, A Real Sword Fight Almost Leads To Tragedyabout 1 month agoChapter 72 Luo Yun Saved The Day, Zoro Was Defeated And Burst Into Tearsabout 1 month agoChapter 73: Kuina Reveals Her True Feelings, Zoro Encourages Her To Fight For The World Againabout 1 month agoChapter 74 Kuina Sharpens Her Knife, Causing Luo Yun To Worry. They Go To The Warehouse Together To Avoid Danger.about 1 month agoSection 75: Luo Yun Explains The Levels Of Famous Swords, Kuina's Fine Grinding And Dao Ichimonjiabout 1 month agoChapter 78 Kuina's Death Shocked The Whole Village, Luo Yun And Zoro Were In Great Painabout 1 month agoChapter 79: Grief Stimulates Sharingan To Evolve, Luo Yun Runs Wildly In Kaidō Fieldabout 1 month agoChapter 80: Luo Yun Realizes That Kuina Is Faking Her Death, Koshiro Stops Her From Opening The Lid To Check Her True Identityabout 1 month agoChapter 81 Kuina Emerges From The Tomb, Luo Yun Quietly Waits For The Truth To Be Revealedabout 1 month agoSection 82 Kuina Agrees With Luo Yun’S Insight, And Luo Yun Gives Her Advice On How To Go Globalabout 1 month agoChapter 83 Luo Yun Imparts Wanokuni's Secrets And Tells Kuina To Be Cautiousabout 1 month agoChapter 87: Before Parting, Kuina Decided To Fight Luo Yun In An Upright Mannerabout 1 month agoChapter 85: Luo Yun Tests The Magic Sword For The First Time, Kuina Gives Him The Sword And Tells Him To Be Carefulabout 1 month agoChapter 86 Luo Yun's Blade Licks Blood To Establish His Authority, Kuina Gets Angry And Slaps Himabout 1 month agoChapter 87 Kuina Mikazuki Muneshige Unsheathed, Luo Yun Praised The Beautiful Craftsmanship Of The Swordabout 1 month agoThe Decisive Battle Of Section 88 Is Imminent, And Kuina Is Determined To Win.about 1 month ago89Th Section The Demon Sword Breaks Through The Air And Slashes With Unabated Force, Zong Jin Shows His Might And The Sword Shines Fiercelyabout 1 month agoChapter 90: The Demon Sword Muramasa Makes Its First Appearance, Zong Jin Shocks Everyone With His Mightabout 1 month ago91 Swords Intersect On The Line Between Life And Death, Evenly Matchedabout 1 month agoChapter 92: Let's Take Care Of Each Other, The Master And The Apprentice Talk About The Origin Of Muramasa At Nightabout 1 month agoChapter 93 Koshiro's Words Are Meaningful. Who Will Be The Winner In The Turmoil Of The World?about 1 month agoChapter 94: Kuina Leaves, Zoro Is Depressed, Luo Yun Steps Forward To Dissuade Himabout 1 month agoChapter 95: The Demon Sword Muramasa's First Test Of Its Power, Zong Jin's Power Shocked Everyoneabout 1 month ago96 Sword Lights Cross The Line Of Life And Death, Evenly Matchedabout 1 month agoChapter 97: Let's Take Care Of Each Other And Let's Go Our Separate Ways. The Master And His Disciples Talk About The Origin Of Muramasa At Night.about 1 month agoChapter 98 Koshiro's Words Are Meaningful. Who Will Be The Winner In The Turmoil Of The World?about 1 month agoChapter 99: Kuina Leaves, Zoro Is Depressed, Luo Yun Steps Forward To Dissuade Himabout 1 month ago100 Knots? A Newcomer Encounters Stormsabout 1 month agoChapter 101: The Mystery Of Survival On Deserted Islandabout 1 month agoSection 102 Deserted Island Skull Treasure Mapabout 1 month ago