Who Can Fall In Love After Being Reborn?

Who Can Fall In Love After Being Reborn?


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I struggled until I was thirty-eight and couldn't afford a house. I had to pay a gift of three hundred thousand in advance to get married. I lived frugally and frugally for most of my life. It was so hard that my liver was broken. But what about the money? Who made the money?

Jiang Qin, who harbored countless grievances, was reborn at the age of eighteen. The only thought he had when he opened his eyes was to start a business and make money.

The first step is to snatch back the love letter you sent, turn it over, and write three lines in the school belle’s astonished eyes:

You can't work for anything, and you can stay with a rich woman if you can.

You can make more money if you lose it, but you can make more money if you lose your conscience!

Social animals, never slaves!

As for love? Don’t even talk about that stuff!

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Chapter 1 Where Is The Money? Where Is My Money?5 months agoChapter 2 The Mission Of Rebirth Is To Make Money5 months ago3. Chapter 3 Making Money Is Really Not Easy5 months agoChapter 4 Pretty Girls Are The Best At Lying5 months agoChapter 5 Why Don’T You Chase Me?5 months ago6. Chapter 6 Jiang Qin Will Definitely Regret It5 months ago7.Chapter 7 The Real White Moonlight5 months ago8. Chapter 8 Finally Fell In Love With A Rich Woman5 months ago9. Chapter 9 Don’T Spend Money Lavishly5 months agoChapter 10: Stealing My Father’S Money And Spending It On You5 months ago11. Chapter 11 Let’S Make Money In A Big Way5 months ago12. Chapter 12 One-Day Trip With The Little Rich Woman5 months agoChapter 13 Graduation Party5 months ago14. Chapter 14 He Already Has A Girlfriend5 months agoChapter 15 Demolition In Progress5 months agoChapter 16 My Business Has Nothing To Do With You5 months agoChapter 17 The Little Rich Woman In Swimsuit5 months agoChapter 18 If You Have Any Difficulties, Please Contact Jiang Qin.5 months ago19. Chapter 19 Don’T Pretend To Be Cool For Your Adoptive Father, Okay?5 months agoChapter 20 Dazzling White Moonlight5 months agoChapter 21 Delete Friends5 months agoChapter 22 He Shined All Summer5 months ago23. Chapter 23 Heading To Linchuan5 months agoChapter 24: Pretend Lightly5 months ago25. Chapter 25 Boys’ Dormitory5 months ago26. Chapter 26 Being Treated As Cold Again5 months ago27. Chapter 27 Getting Along Well With Roommates5 months ago28. Chapter 28 The Big Loser Who Bought Saipan5 months agoChapter 29 Do You Have A Mine At Home?5 months ago30. Chapter 30 Freshman Admission Day5 months agoChapter 31 Lost In Rainbow Farts5 months agoChapter 32 The Differences Of Life5 months agoChapter 33 We Will Always Meet When We Meet5 months agoChapter 34 Wake Them Up!5 months agoChapter 35 Some Beautiful Pictures5 months agoChapter 36 Dad, Let’S Start The Class5 months agoChapter 37 Don’T Have Too Many Partners5 months agoChapter 38 Military Training In Progress5 months agoChapter 39 My Feng Nanshu5 months agoChapter 40 I Really Didn’T Watch The Video Section5 months agoChapter 41 It’S Truly A Literary Club5 months agoChapter 42 The Gradually Taking Shape Of The Website5 months agoChapter 43 No Misunderstanding, No Explanation Required5 months ago44. Chapter 44 I Sealed My Heart With f**king Cement5 months agoChapter 45 Someone Is Looking In The Mirror5 months ago46. ​​Chapter 46 She Is The Ideal In The World (Modified)5 months ago47. Chapter 47 Feng Nanshu’S Daily Life5 months ago48. Chapter 48 A Never-Before-Experienced Experience5 months ago49. Chapter 49 I Can Be Alone5 months ago50. Chapter 50 The Cement Is A Little Loose (Modified)5 months ago51.Chapter 51 Student Union Recruits Newcomers5 months ago52. Chapter 52: Tired, Please Support Me5 months ago53. Chapter 53 Jiang Qin Is Far Away5 months ago54. Chapter 54 Mr. Jiang Is Ordinary And Unremarkable5 months ago55. Chapter 55 Male God, I Am5 months ago56. Chapter 56 Talent Show5 months ago57. Chapter 57 Annoying Party A5 months ago58. Chapter 58 Motto 20Th Edition5 months ago59. Chapter 59 Painting Cake5 months ago60. Chapter 60 Cyber ​​Love5 months ago61. Chapter 61 Love Is A Hammer!5 months ago62. Chapter 62 I Can’T Bear It!5 months ago63. Chapter 63 The Test Of Love5 months ago64. Chapter 64 Promotion Progress5 months ago65. Chapter 65 Employee Development Plan5 months ago66. Chapter 66 Have You Heard Of The School Beauty?5 months ago67. Chapter 67 The Trouble Caused By Good Looks5 months ago68. Chapter 68 Application For Department Transfer5 months ago69. Chapter 69 For The Honor Of The Department!5 months ago70. Chapter 70 Apply For Entrepreneurship Support5 months ago71. Chapter 71 Feng Nanshu’S Highlight Moment5 months ago72. Chapter 72 Philosophy Of Life5 months ago73. Chapter 73 Conflict5 months ago74. Chapter 74 Entrepreneurship Base Camp5 months ago75. Chapter 75 Come And Sneak Away From Me5 months ago76. Chapter 76 Give It A Rest And Stop Touching It.5 months ago77. Chapter 77 Self-Hype5 months ago78. Chapter 78 Entrance Education5 months ago79. Chapter 79 Does Your Family Have A Relationship And Buy A Store?5 months ago80. Chapter 80 The Boss’S Heart Is So Dirty5 months ago81. Chapter 81 The Second Half Price5 months ago82. Chapter 82 Love Brain Has The Most Drama5 months ago83. Chapter 83 The Goddess Filter Is Broken5 months ago84. Chapter 84 Are You Very Ambitious?5 months ago85. Chapter 85 Delicacy Is Very Appropriate!5 months ago86. Chapter 86 If You Don’T Understand, Skip Class.5 months ago87. Chapter 87 What’S So Good About A Frivolous Man?5 months ago88. Chapter 88 Pinch Yongquan Point5 months ago89. Chapter 89 Poaching Requires Carrying Someone Behind His Back5 months ago90. Chapter 90 National Day Holiday5 months ago91. Chapter 91 Accidental Encounter And Deliberateness5 months ago92. Chapter 92 Am I The Only Outsider?5 months ago93. Chapter 93 Never Fall In Love!5 months ago94. Chapter 94 The Abstract Male God5 months ago95. Chapter 95 Come Quietly5 months ago96. Chapter 96 Remarks On The Launch5 months ago97. Chapter 97 His Name Is Jiang Qin? (First Order Requested!)5 months ago98. Chapter 98 You Have Broken My Taoist Heart (Please Order First!)5 months ago99. Chapter 99 Tongxing Driving School Regrets It (Please Order First!!)5 months ago100. Chapter 100 The Happiness Of The Little Rich Woman (Please Order First!!!)5 months ago