With So Many Ex-Girlfriends, I Was Really Forced To

With So Many Ex-Girlfriends, I Was Really Forced To


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(Relaxing and funny + refreshing article + Ex-girlfriend Shura Field begins in Chapter 49 of Bai Yueguang School Beauty. If you don’t like it, you can skip the live broadcast.

"You are a woman and I am a man. Our genders are not suitable. Let's break up."

"I'm sorry, I like older ones, let's break up."

Did you see that beautiful policewoman with a great figure just now?

I heard that after being broken up by her ex-boyfriend, I was admitted to the criminal police team on the same spot, ready to tear up the scumbag!

What? You said you are that him? No kidding, why haven't you used a sewing machine yet?

Fortunately, the beautiful boss of our company was dumped by her ex-boyfriend, so she got my job.

I think I know your beautiful boss...

I heard that the national goddess was once hurt by her ex-boyfriend, and she still can’t forget her ex.

Um, looks familiar, I'll take another look if I'm not sure

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Chapter 1: A Perfect Girlfriend For Half A Month, Who Can Withstand This?8 months agoChapter 2 Is Very Explosive In The Stall Setting Industry8 months agoChapter 3 An Ex-Girlfriend Within Ten Miles?8 months agoChapter 4 The Detective’S Ex-Girlfriend Was Sent To Work On A Sewing Machine8 months agoChapter 5 Just Kidding, Why Am I Really Terminally Ill?8 months agoChapter 6 What Is The Professional Lock-Picking Technique?8 months agoChapter 7 Lock King And Thief Saint Gather Together8 months agoChapter 8 Locking The King For Hegemony Is Too Much Punishment8 months agoChapter 9 Singing Without Turning Off The Camera Again, This Plot Is Really Cliche8 months agoChapter 10 Please Call Him Lord Suo Shen8 months agoChapter 11 He Just Became The Great Suo Shen, And Now He Wants To Transform Into A Master Of Chinese Medicine?8 months agoChapter 12 Are You Done Yet? The Master Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Will Be Followed By A Master Of Cooking?8 months agoChapter 13 Use The Laws Of That World To Manage The Affairs Of This World?8 months agoChapter 14 Free Copyright, Great Favor8 months agoChapter 15 I Told You There Is Someone Above Me8 months agoChapter 16 He Was Snatched Away By The Company, So Why Was He The One Singing?8 months agoChapter 17 Isn’T It Right? You Can Also Meet Your Ex-Girlfriend In The Last Variety Show?8 months agoChapter 18 It’S Reasonable To Show Off For The First Time On The Show, Right?8 months agoChapter 19 My Master Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Specializes In Treating Difficult Dysmenorrhea8 months agoChapter 20 Aren’T You Here To Improve The Show’S Effect? ​​Why Is It So Annoying!8 months agoChapter 21 The Old Employee Has Been Stabbed, So I Can Only Choose To Forgive Her8 months agoChapter 22 If I Ask You To Be A Pickpocket, Why Do You Seem To Be Surviving In The Wild?8 months agoChapter 23 You’Re Welcome, You Paid For It Anyway8 months agoChapter 24 One Minute On Stage, Sixty Seconds Off Stage8 months agoChapter 25 Celebrity Ex-Girlfriend, What Is Their Relationship?8 months agoChapter 26 You Actually Abandoned Your National Girlfriend, I Believe In Love Again8 months agoChapter 27 Since He Led Me To Ruin, He Is My Good Big Brother8 months agoChapter 28 I Just Want To Show Off, They Brought The Points To My Door8 months agoChapter 29 My Ex-Girlfriend Wants To Meet, Why Are They So Good Like Best Friends?8 months agoChapter 30 You Don’T Have Much Time, How About I Give You A Backup?8 months agoChapter 31: One Second She Was A Heartthrob Goddess, And The Next Second She Became A Sister-In-Law?8 months agoChapter 32: Setting Up A Fortune-Telling Stall, Do You Calculate The Lottery Numbers?8 months agoChapter 33 It’S Probably A Bit Difficult For A Woman Who Has Fallen Behind To Calculate Her Chances Of Getting Married.8 months agoChapter 34 Master, Do You Believe In Love?8 months agoChapter 35 Winning The Lottery Is Just One Word Of Truth Away From 10 Million8 months agoChapter 36: Cry To Death, He Is Obviously Being Cheated, Yet He Is Still So Reasonable8 months agoChapter 37 What Do You Choose Between Illusory Love And Money Full Of Money?8 months agoChapter 38 Bedding System, I Want To Live Longer, Why Do You Have So Many Restrictions?8 months agoChapter 39 When You Get Sick, Instead Of Going To The Hospital, You Go Directly To The Crematorium?8 months agoChapter 40 There Are So Many Corpses, How Good Would It Be If You Let Me Drive Them Out For A Walk?8 months agoChapter 41 I Just Said The Corpse Would Move On The Front Foot, But The Corpse Ran Away On The Back Foot?8 months agoChapter 42 You Can Drive A Tractor, But You Have To Pay Extra8 months agoChapter 43 The Most Handsome Boy Is The One Who Drives A Walking Tractor8 months agoChapter 44 Are You Fishing Or Fishing For Corpses?8 months agoChapter 45 I Want To Introduce My Daughter To You, Are You Planning On Me?8 months agoChapter 46 I Heard That Wilderness Survival Programs Are Very Dangerous8 months agoChapter 47 I’M Familiar With All The Shortcuts When Delivering Food, Right?8 months agoChapter 48: Online Dating Crash Scene, It’S Better That He Didn’T Get Cheated8 months agoChapter 49 If The Goddess Is Not Aloof, How Can I Lick Her?8 months agoChapter 50 As A Piano Player, You Must Be Able To Play The Demacia March.8 months agoChapter 51 The Former School Beauty Bai Yueguang Has Also Lost Her Youthfulness And Liveliness8 months agoChapter 52 I Never Thought That My Goddess Would Be Someone Else’S Bitch8 months agoChapter 53 Take Out Your Pointer And Teach Them A Lesson8 months agoChapter 54 If You Are Asked To Deliver Food, How Can You Repair The Piano?8 months agoChapter 55: What Kind Of Operation, Delivering Food With The School Beauty?8 months agoChapter 56 The School Beauty Is Back To The White Moonlight In Her Heart8 months agoChapter 57: Ten Years After The School Beauty Broke Up, She Is Ready To Be A Stepmother8 months agoChapter 58 I Did It Seven Times Ten Years Ago, Now Add 08 months agoChapter 59: Someone Is Looking For Comfort After Breaking Up, But You Two Just Show Off Your Affection By Showing Off Your Affection?8 months agoChapter 60 I Have A Friend Whose Ex-Boyfriend Looks A Lot Like Your Boyfriend8 months agoChapter 61 How Did The Tigress Fight With Bai Yueguang’S School Belle?8 months agoChapter 62: You Cook A Big Meal To Surprise Me, I Will Take Xia Xinyi Back To Scare You8 months agoChapter 63 Two Ex-Girlfriends Have Become Best Friends. Do You Mind Having One More Best Friend?8 months agoChapter 64 The Enemy Has Three Seconds To Reach The Execution Ground, Please Be Prepared.8 months agoChapter 65 The School Beauty Is Actually Two Years Younger, So She Really Can’T Open The Door To The Sinful Room8 months agoChapter 66 Isn’T It A Tigress? Why Does She Look Like A Fairy!8 months agoChapter 67 Destroy It, Hurry Up, You Can’T Survive Anymore8 months agoChapter 68 Three Ex-Girlfriends Were In Trouble, But She Turned Out To Be The Founder!8 months agoChapter 69 Are You Moved? Four Ex-Girlfriends Were In The Same Room At The Same Time8 months agoChapter 70 I Didn’T Expect It, Four Ex-Girlfriends Are Sitting Next To Each Other!8 months agoChapter 71 Wrong Payment, Even His Name Is Fake!8 months agoChapter 72 With The Help Of The Little Angel, Please Allow Me To Stand Up8 months agoChapter 73 If You Have Nothing To Do, Let’S Fight The Landlord8 months agoChapter 74 Maybe I Shouldn’T Be Alive After Three Months8 months agoChapter 75 My Sister Was Hurt By A Scumbag, And I’M Afraid You Won’T Be Able To Think About It Either.8 months agoChapter 76: Received A Report That Someone Was Forced To Smoke D Under The Nose Of The City Bureau8 months agoChapter 77: It’S The First Time You Lead A Team And You Catch A Policewoman. Isn’T That Awesome?8 months agoChapter 78 Why Did The Person Who Called The Police Get Handcuffed Instead?8 months agoChapter 79 Sister Qingxue, Come And Comfort Your Injured Brother!8 months agoChapter 80 So, Ex-Girlfriends Will Be Randomly Refreshed In The City Bureau, Right?8 months agoChapter 81 Today’S Ex-Girlfriend Game May Not Be Over Yet8 months agoChapter 82 She Can No Longer Tell Whether This Is An Illusion Or Reality?8 months agoChapter 83 Do You Want More? Can I Give You A Few More Injections?8 months agoChapter 84 A Big Fight With Five Ex-Girlfriends, Brother, I Will Come See You Again Today Next Year8 months agoChapter 85 It Was Obviously Li Yuan Who Was Executed, But It Was Chen Yuhua Who Was Beaten.8 months agoChapter 86 What Can I Do To Save You, My Dear Brother’S Uncle?8 months agoChapter 87 I Heard That Medical Examiner Qin Cut His Little Brother Into Several Small Pieces?8 months agoChapter 88: Five Ex-Girlfriends Have Been Dealt With, Is The Fiftieth One Still Far Away?8 months agoChapter 89 Is Outrageous, You Have To Queue Up One After Another To Say Goodbye To The One You Love Deeply!8 months agoChapter 90 I Am No Longer A Star, So I Will Pick Up Garbage To Support You.8 months agoChapter 91 No Matter What Happens, You Must Be The Father Of My Child8 months agoChapter 92 How About We Give Him A Child Together?8 months agoChapter 93 I Never Thought Sexy Lingerie Could Look So Good!8 months agoChapter 94: My Ex-Girlfriends Gave Me Love Breakfast, Why Are You Sweating Again?8 months agoChapter 95 Five Ex-Girlfriends Are Together Again, It’S Time To Start Trembling8 months agoChapter 96 What Happened Last Night? Why Was She Walking With A Limp?8 months agoChapter 97 What Kind Of Hatred? One Person Was Cut Into More Than Two Hundred Pieces!8 months agoChapter 98 The Ruthless Medical Examiner Qin Is Actually A Super Beauty? !8 months agoChapter 99: The Forensic Doctor Who Cut People Into Two Hundred Pieces. Her Name Sounds A Bit Familiar.8 months agoChapter 100 Stop Talking. Every Word You Say Makes Me More Scared.8 months ago