Zombie Nationwide: You Are Asked To Eat People, And You Create A Forbidden Spell?

Zombie Nationwide: You Are Asked To Eat People, And You Create A Forbidden Spell?


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500 years after the zombie crisis broke out.

Humanity around the world has perished, and zombies have become the new masters of Blue Star.

Shen Qing awakens the most rubbish primary bloodline at the beginning.

But he was shocked to find that he seemed to be a little bit different from other zombies.

Bloodline inherent talent·Creation

Can be created from anything the mind desires, including life.

Starting with a primary zombie bloodline?

Shen Qing: Creation · Apex Level Bloodline.


The beautiful zombie leader’s bloodline characteristics are a bit strong?

Shen Qing: Creation·Alienation and Violence!


One day.

Over the largest camp of the zombies' biggest enemy, the Enforcers, ten large mushroom clouds lit up the sky.

Shen Qing: Creation·Nuclear bomb rain!


Watching the High Level zombies charging into battle, all parts of their bodies turned into weapons? Doing whatever it takes?

Shen Qing picked his ears.

"The historical albums from five hundred years ago are not deceiving me!"

"Creation·Forbidden Spell·Super Magic!"

Many years later.

When people ask who is Shen Qing?

The insider looked at the super-dimensional battleship overhead.

She shivered and said: Are you talking about Qingshen? Did his forbidden curse explode again?

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Chapter 1 A World Without Humans, A Global Zombie Era!4 months agoChapter 2 Primary Bloodline, Bloodline Characteristics: None?4 months agoChapter 3 The Inherent Talent Of Blood: Creation, A Field That Has Never Been Touched Before.4 months agoChapter 4 Eastern Excavation Team, The Lowest Middle Level Bloodline Zombie?4 months agoChapter 5 Abnormal Zombies, Are All These Guys Abnormal?4 months agoChapter 6 Primary Bloodline, No Characteristics, But Agility Over 15?4 months agoChapter 7 Creation, Bloodline Characteristics, Unusual Calmness?4 months agoChapter 8 Exposed, Apex Level Bloodline, Unusually Calm!4 months agoChapter 9 Welcome To Officially Join The Eastern Excavation Team, There Is No Normal Zombie Here!4 months agoChapter 10 Awakening Value Increased By 03, Three Phases Increased By 5 Points Each?4 months agoChapter 11 Adult Zombie Beast King, Characteristics, Abnormal Rage!4 months agoChapter 12 A One-Month Appointment, Creation With Bare Hands, Mining Truck?4 months agoChapter 13 They Didn’T Lose It, We Didn’T Steal It, Hongyue’S Last Word!4 months agoChapter 14 Shen Qing’S Mother, Long Yue! The Relationship With Red Moon!4 months agoChapter 15 Abnormal Violence! Deal With High Level Zombies Alone!4 months agoChapter 16: Whole Body Enhancement Exposed? What Are Three Characteristics? I've Seen Five!4 months agoChapter 17 The Three Golden Principles, You Didn’T Lose It, I Didn’T Steal It, Who Did It Belong To? None Of Your Business!4 months agoChapter 18 Stalactite Cave, Zombie Beast King! This Body Type Is A Bit Too Much!4 months agoChapter 19: Fighting The Middle Level Zombie Beast Alone! Shen Qing Is In Danger And Unexpected Events Occur!4 months agoChapter 20 Xiao Qingzi Takes Hormones? Abnormal Violence Exposed.4 months agoChapter 21 Selective Amplification! Get Ready And Enter The Second Floor Of The Cave!4 months agoChapter 22 Three-Headed Zombie Beast King! Red Moon Abnormal Violence 150 Increase!4 months agoChapter 23 Being Treated As Trash, But Facing The Zombie Beast King!4 months agoChapter 24 Creation, Zombie Beast King!4 months agoChapter 25 The Guy Who Came Out From The Second Floor Is A Mastiff!4 months agoChapter 26 Abnormal Zombie Beast King Ape, Speaking Human Words, Terrifying And Intelligent!4 months agoChapter 27 Support Has Arrived, All Members Of The Eastern Excavation Team, Fight!4 months agoChapter 28 It’S Revealed That The Mastiff Is The Beast King!4 months agoChapter 29 Creation, Mastiff Characteristics, Extreme Body Strengthening!4 months agoChapter 30 Mysterious Zombies, Plan To Control Fissioners?4 months agoChapter 31 Contact, Zone 77 Zombie Army, A Group Of Profit-Minded Guys!4 months agoChapter 32 Attacked At Night, The Executioner! Dungeon Fell?4 months agoChapter 33 The High Level Executor Disappeared Out Of Thin Air?4 months agoChapter 34 When Her Ability Went Out Of Control, I Killed Her Brother!4 months agoChapter 35 The Ladder Of Life, The Only Passage From Area 65 To The Above-Ground World!4 months agoChapter 36 Responsible Office! Wang Yue Wants To Tear Hongyue Apart?4 months agoChapter 37 The Alarm Sounds In The Dungeon In Area 65 And The Executor Attacks!4 months agoChapter 38 The Underground City Fell, Shen Please See Tang Ling Again!4 months agoChapter 39 Tang Ling, The Tough Zombie Who Beat Up The Enforcer Is Shy?4 months agoChapter 40 Fissioner? ! A Large Number Of Executors Emerge.4 months agoChapter 41 Extreme Violence, Tang Ling’S Suitor Mo Yu4 months agoChapter 42 Tang Ling Is About To Die, Please Come!4 months agoChapter 43 Rubbish Shen Qing? Apex Level Bloodline? Strengthening The Whole Body?4 months agoChapter 44 Separation Again? Shen Qing Refuses To Join The Zombie Army!4 months agoChapter 45 New Humanity! The Other Enemy Of The Zombie Army!4 months agoChapter 46 Shen Qing Was Kidnapped And Became More Powerful Than Ever!4 months agoChapter 47 The Mysterious Male Zombie Insists On Taking Him Away, And He Will Die!4 months agoChapter 48 Qiqi Is Dead? Get Ready To Leave Area 65!4 months agoChapter 49 He Zhenhuang, Commander Of The Zombie Army In Area 65!4 months agoChapter 50 Hong Yue And Other Zombies Were Taken Away, Shen Asked Lao Qi!4 months agoChapter 51 Lao Qi Was Shocked And Picked Up A Strange Zombie Beast King?4 months agoChapter 52 New Humanity, The Dead Qiqi Is Alive Again?4 months agoChapter 53 Xiao Qingzi Robs Prison? Lao Bai Was Shocked!4 months agoChapter 54 Heading To The Earthly World, He Zhenhuang Reappears!4 months agoChapter 55 Creating Primary Fissioners!4 months agoChapter 56 Creates A Zombie Called Red Moon Who Is Unusually Calm!4 months agoChapter 57 Area 77 Dungeon, The Aftermath Of Creation!4 months agoChapter 58 Lao Qi’S Excessive Demands Are Wanted By District 65!4 months agoChapter 59 Hong Yue Wants To Covet Shen Qing’S Body?4 months agoChapter 60 Long Qianyang, The Top Of The Clouds, The Veteran Of The New Human Race?4 months agoChapter 61 Tang Ling Goes To Area 1 For Special Training To Find Shen Qing?4 months agoChapter 62 High Level Corpse Crystal Vein, Apex Level Production Volume!4 months agoChapter 63: Killing Sheep And Disemboweling Them In District 77! Bounty From Four Major Areas!4 months agoChapter 64 Creation, Primary Fissioners, If They Dare To Come, They Will Become A Hornet’S Nest!4 months agoChapter 65 12 Primary Fissioners On The Cliff!4 months agoChapter 66 The Mysterious Male Zombie, Revealed In One Sentence, Created!4 months agoChapter 67 Core Development, Extreme Body Strengthening!4 months agoChapter 68 Creation, Including Extinct Humans?4 months agoChapter 69 The Second In Command Of The New Humanity, Long Qianyang, The Top Of The Clouds!4 months agoChapter 70 Shen Qing, Can You Help Me Create A Bloodline Trait?4 months agoChapter 71 The Leaders Of The Three Major Districts Gathered In District 77 And The Plan Began!4 months agoChapter 72: A Reminder Of The Codename Mio!4 months agoChapter 73 Hundreds Of Core Weapons? Shen Qing’S Cellular Plan!4 months agoChapter 74 It’S A Dark And Windy Night, 400 High Level Zombies In Area 774 months agoChapter 75 Desperate Situation? Create A Zombie Mo Wudi Who Ages Rapidly!4 months agoChapter 76 Shen Qing Disappeared, And Mo Wudi In District 16 Died!4 months agoChapter 77 Shen Qing Wakes Up, And Mio Tells Hongyue And Others That They May Be Dead?4 months agoChapter 78 Mio, You’Re Done. Can’T You Hide The Illegitimate Child?4 months agoChapter 79 Am I Your Long-Lost Father? Call Daddy And Listen!4 months agoChapter 80 The Situation Is Serious, The Zombie Army And Its Leader Are All Dead!4 months agoChapter 81 The Most Dangerous Place Is The Safest Place!4 months agoChapter 82 Deputy Commander Of The Zombie Army In Zone 1, Murong Tian!4 months agoChapter 83 Awakening Value 31, Area One? Can You Enter With Your Eyes Closed?4 months agoChapter 84 Liang Tiantian, Deputy Captain Of Zone 1 Zombie Army Team 35?4 months agoChapter 85 Shen Qing Tang Ling, Meet In The First Area! Murong Tian, ​​The Little Emperor?4 months agoChapter 86: So Murderous? Do You Want To Bloodbath An Area?4 months agoChapter 87: You Are The One Who Said It Was 500 Yuan!4 months agoChapter 88 Find An Enforcer Camp To Try The Water?4 months agoChapter 89 Small Executor Camp!4 months agoChapter 90: The Strength Is Exposed, And The Awakening Value Is Only 31?4 months agoChapter 91 Bai Feng! A Good Seedling In Murong Tian's Mouth.4 months agoChapter 92 Self-Purification? Small Fissioner Camp!4 months agoChapter 93 Hunter! Special Enforcer?4 months agoChapter 94: Great Transformation Cannon? Was Shen Qing's Secret Discovered?4 months agoChapter 95 Courage Is Commendable? Attack The Zombies In Charge!4 months agoChapter 96: Bloodline Awakening Value 321, Terrifying Increase In Speed!4 months agoChapter 97 Tang Ling Recognized His Identity!4 months agoChapter 98 Mio Is Back, Join The Organization And You Will See Your Parents!4 months agoChapter 99 Those With The Ability To Create Are Known As The Gods Of Creation!4 months agoChapter 100 Female Appearance High Level Executor? Belongs To New Machine!4 months ago