Everyone Changes Their Job: Is The Deathsinger A Rubbish Job?

Everyone Changes Their Job: Is The Deathsinger A Rubbish Job?


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This is a world where games and reality merge, where beasts run rampant!

In this world, in order to resist the invasion of beasts!

Everyone will change their job, and once a good job is successfully awakened, they can soar into the sky!

Ye Xu, on the day of the job change, awakened the job [Death Chanter]!

This is a job that has never appeared before!

Just when Ye Xu released his first skill [Death Ingestion]...

This skill is just to search the corpses to find useful items?

Others will have several skills when they first awaken, even in weak jobs.

Everyone thinks this is a ** job!

But how could they know that as Ye Xu's level increases, every time he upgrades, he will have a chance to gain a skill...

[Requiem] [Death Prologue] [Undead Slavery] [Dragon Bones] [Death Sigh] [Purgatory Guards]...

When one heaven-defying skill after another is thrown out of Ye Xu's hands...

Who dares to say that [Death Chanter] is the best job?

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001. After Eighteen Years, You Are Finally Here!26 days ago002. It’S Going To Crack. It’S Really Going To Crack!26 days ago003. If You Dare To Touch Lin Ran, You Are Seeking Death!26 days ago004. I Am Just Standing Up For The Injustice26 days ago005, Shenlong Academy26 days ago006. Exploding Fireball26 days ago007. The Goddess Awakened A Rare Profession26 days ago008. Heavy Shield Warrior, Another Rare Profession26 days ago009. Hidden Profession, Death Chanter!26 days ago010, Grandfather And Grandson26 days ago011. Novice Leveling Area26 days ago012. Steel Bones!26 days ago013. The Skeleton Sword Soldier26 days ago014. Kill Monsters With A Group Of Skeletons!26 days ago015. Clear The Novice Area!26 days ago016. Admission Letter From Shenlong Academy26 days ago017. The First Pot Of Gold!26 days ago018. Chen Yanyi26 days ago019. Agreement Reached!26 days ago020.Will You Take Me With You?26 days ago021. Filial Piety Comes First Among All Virtues26 days ago022. Entering The Wild Area26 days ago023. Black Iron Level Leader!26 days ago024. The Horrifying Death Intake!26 days ago025. Powerful Skeleton Knight!26 days ago026. Opportunity To Upgrade The Golden Egg26 days ago027. Ye Xu’S Melee Form, Hell Walker!26 days ago028. The Fighting Ability Of Hell Walker!26 days ago029. The School Beauty Being Chased By A Monster26 days ago030. Can I Trust You?26 days ago031.Try My Medicine?26 days ago032. The Injured Iron-Armored Earth Dragon26 days ago033. The Powerful Armored Earth Dragon!26 days ago034. Bury The Armored Earth Dragon!26 days ago035. Separately26 days ago036. The Domineering Commander Of Death!26 days ago037. Thunder Beast, Pikachu!26 days ago038, Enemies Meet On A Narrow Road26 days ago039. One-Sided Crushing!26 days ago040. Ye Xu's Determination26 days ago041. Come Back To [Nine Blessings]!26 days ago042. With A Billion In Hand, You Don’T Have To Worry!26 days ago043. Lamborghini Ff439626 days ago044. Sister, Bring Me The Contract26 days ago045. Senior Schoolmate Or Dragon Tamer?26 days ago046. Ye Xu’S Ambition!26 days ago047, On The Eve Of The Big Exam26 days ago048. Written Test!26 days ago049. Top Scorer In The Literary Examination!26 days ago050, Martial Arts Examination Begins26 days ago051. A-Level Copy, Frost Wasteland Dragon Mausoleum26 days ago052. Staff, Jade Staff!26 days ago053. Attitudes Of Various Colleges26 days ago054. Bone Dragon. Holvis26 days ago055. Ye Xu, Has The Potential To Be Emperor Wu?26 days ago056. Lin Ran’S Situation26 days ago057. How About Recognizing Me As Your Grandpa?26 days ago058. Stay In Tianhai District26 days ago059. Golden Objects And Extremely Dark Robes!26 days ago060. Arrived At Shenlong Academy!26 days ago061: First Time Entering Shenlong Academy26 days ago062. Zhang Muhao’S Cousin, Zhou Jin!26 days ago063. Freshman Competition Begins!26 days ago064. Battle Against Wu Xuebing And Vajra Monk!26 days ago065. Since It Is A Monster, There Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of!26 days ago066. Sealing Master!26 days ago067. Gilded Canary26 days ago068. Parading In Public?26 days ago069. Does The System Include Upgrades?26 days ago070. After The Upgrade, The System’S Capabilities Have Been Comprehensively Increased!26 days ago071. System Mall26 days ago072. He Is Probably Attracted To Her26 days ago073. Dongcheng Yue, The Sharp Holy Light Harmonizer!26 days ago074. A Tide Of Beasts Breaks Out!26 days ago075. Seven People Are Participating In The Battle!26 days ago076. In Front Of The Canyon, Everyone Shows Off Their Skills!26 days ago077. Domineering Li Changfeng, Chopping Down The Leader-Level Monster With One Sword26 days ago078. Prologue To Death, An Army Of Millions Of Bones!26 days ago079. Push The Monsters Aside And Rush Into Tiandang Mountain!26 days ago080, Ye Xu's Fierce Younger Brothers26 days ago081. Silver Wristband!26 days ago082. The Sorrow Of The Hyena Queen26 days ago083. Ye Xu’S Despair, The Extremely Powerful Demon!26 days ago084. You Are Not Qualified To Question Him!26 days ago085. The Strongest Man In Dragon Country, Hong Tian!!!26 days ago086. Grow Up As Soon As Possible26 days ago087. Primary Life Potion, Ten Years Of Life!26 days ago088, Ss, Flame Tyrannosaurus!26 days ago089. Another Dragon Egg, Rockhorn!26 days ago090. Rockhorn Egg, Throw A Stone To Ask For Directions!26 days ago091. The Vice President Came Forward And Awarded A Gold Item!26 days ago092. All Of You Combined Are Not As Good As The Seven Of Them26 days ago093. The Establishment Of Special Classes And Tianyuan Classes26 days ago094. The Seven Of You Are A Team!26 days ago095. The Tycoon And The European Emperor Of Tianyuan Class26 days ago096. Auction!26 days ago097. The New Function Of Dragon Blood Potion26 days ago098. The Value Of The Stone Giant26 days ago099. After Being Gone For So Long, Are You Constipated?26 days ago100. Stone Giant Egg, Everyone Is Moved!26 days ago